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Jessica was panicked.

"Christian, what are you saying? Why would I lie to you?" Jessica pretended nothing had happened, dodging his question.

"Really? Professor Lewis seems to know you very well." Christian curled his lips in disdain. It was the first time he ever hated her.

His words came as a thunderbolt for Jessica. He had seen through her scheme. There was nothing she could do now.

"Fake pregnancy? Fake miscarriage? And you lied to me about your heart disease? Jessica Joseph, you are quite an actor. You had fooled me for so long."

Christian held Jessica's chin to force her to look up at his eyes.

She looked so delicate and her eyes looked so pure. He had been obsessed with those eyes. Whenever she looked straightly into his eyes, he would fall in love with her again.

Now, he found them filthy and repulsive.

Jessica frowned. Her chin hurt so much. She racked her brains and quickly came up with a reasonable explanation.

"Christian, I am sorry."

Jessica knew very well how her charm worked for Christian. As long as she was delicate and beautiful, Christian would give in to her.

"Christian, I've loved you so much. I can't bear the thought of you and my sister being together. Do you know how painful it was for me to hear others call her Mrs. North every day? You had promised to marry me." Jessica cried bitterly, which made Christian feel sorry for her.

"I've wanted to be your wife, to have you baby. Christian, I shouldn't have lied to you, but I hated the fact that my sister had took you away from me."

Jessica cried even louder when she saw Christian's hesitation.

"Besides, my sister pushed me downstairs and I was so desperate. How could I ever have a baby with you?"

"My sister had been ruthless with Grandpa. She certainly wouldn't go easy on me. Christian, I was so frightened. I feared that she would treat me the way she had treated Grandpa. She probably would force me to leave you. But I couldn't do it."

"If I hadn't told you that I had heart disease, my sister would certainly be ruthless with me too. Christian, I couldn't bear to leave you. I am so sorry; it was all my fault..."

Jessica buried her face in her hands and cried in desperate. Her fragile body kept twitching, as if she was being severely tortured.

Listening to Jessica's explanation, Christian thought of things in the past.

Whenever Vivian showed up, Jessica would instantly feel sick and he would always be there to look after her and care for her.

On multiple occasions, he would completely ignore Vivian's feelings, leave her alone in the wilderness and ask her to be Jessica's servant and do chores for her, just because he knew Jessica felt a little uncomfortable.

He recalled Vivian's desperate eyes. Actually, he hadn't seen Vivian play any tricks at all. He had been brainwashed by Jessica since the very beginning. He hadn't even given her a chance to explain.

He started to become confused, to question everything he had known. Maybe he shouldn't have been so reckless. He shouldn't have trusted Jessica or emotionally sentenced Vivian to death so easily.

Christian's silence was upsetting. She tried to lean her trembling cold body on Christian, but only to be pushed away by him.

"Christian..."Jessica was surprised that her words hadn't affect Christian at all, because Christian would have believed every word she said in the past.

"Christian, if you are angry, please hit me. Just don't ignore me, okay?" Jessica tried to raise Christian's hand to slap her.

Christian shook off her hand and looked at her in disgust.

"I don't blame you. After all, your lies didn't hurt me, did they?" Christian said with a weird smile. He wouldn't allow Jessica to lead him by the nose this time.

"You just hurt your sister. So you should ask her for forgiveness."

Jessica was shocked by his words.

"Christian...what, what do you mean?"

Jessica looked at him in disbelief. The man who had adored her for years was now a totally different person. He was terrifying.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything to you." Christian smiled banteringly.

"But I will have to look after you for your sister's sake and wait for her to come back to forgive you, won't I?" Christian gestured the maid to come in. Now, he was cold as usual.

"Lock her up. She can't leave without my permission."

"No, Christian, you can't do this to me! Christian!" Jessica cried hysterically.

Christian found her scream disturbing. He walked out of the room and gave the maid a new order.

"Take her away and lock her in the backyard."

He couldn't bear the sight of her or the sound of her. Thus he left home after that.

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