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Troy Charlie takes over the coat in Robert's hand, and thoughtfully, his expression is abnormally solemn.

"It's her."

Robert raises an eyebrow in surprise: "You mean the girl who saves you on the boat two years ago?"


"But why didn't she give it to you in person, but instead mail it?"

Troy Charlie couldn't figure it out. He tells her very clearly that she could come to him at any time when she is in trouble. The only regret is that he forgets to ask her name. For the past two years, he asked Robert to check many times, but just based on the vague appearance description, it is not easy to find a person in a city as large as Zurich.

After hearing the disappointed answer again and again, Troy Charlie thinks about many kinds of speculations. The most reasonable one is that she was just a tourist. She has left here two years ago.

At this moment, the dress in his hand makes him overthrow all previous speculations, and he quickly orders...

"Robert, let's go to the University of Zurich."


After Robert leaves, Troy Charlie is lost in thought again. He suddenly thinks of something, and hurriedly reaches out to his jacket's pocket. Sure enough, he finds out the jade he has given her, the heirloom treasure of the Charlie family. Willing to abandon chastity to cover him, this truthfulness is not measurable by a piece of jade, he just handed it to her, and just wanted to prove that he was truly grateful, but obviously, this girl is of good character, and she doesn't want to let him pay back...

In the evening, at the University of Zurich, the leaves of the Platanus tree are rustling in the wind.

"Karin, the headmaster informs all students from Britain to come to the playground!"

Billie pants to the dormitory and conveys the message to Karin who is reading.

"To the playground? Why?"

"I don't know, just go!"

"I have no class this afternoon, so I don't need to..."

"Aren't you from Britain?"

Billie couldn't help but pulls her arm and runs out. When Karin comes to the playground, there are already dozens of people standing by the team, and all of them are from Britain. Feeling puzzled, she had been studying in this school for three years, and for the first time, she hears a gather. It is incredible...

When the school headmaster sees that everyone has arrived, he started his speech:

"Hello everyone, we call you here because one of our school's investors, Mr. Troy Charlie of the Charlie Family, is looking for his old friend. Don't have any pressure. It will not affect everyone's learning and life. "

Karin suddenly heard the words Troy Charlie and is stunned. She only sent him things today, and now he has found the school. What should she do next...

If the classmates knows that she is undressing with a strange man on the cruise, she would be shameful...

"Mr. Troy, all British students are here."

The school headmaster makes a respectful gesture, Karin bows her head, her hands tangled with ten fingers, but Billie, who is beside her, exclaims continuously: "Wow, there is such a beautiful man. Karin, look, he looks so handsome...!"

Billie pulls her arm and does not notice the sudden change in her friend's face.

"Oh my god, this man looks so handsome"

Billie keeps talking in her ears, and all of the female classmates are talking, except Karin, she is bowing her head and not saying a word.

Billie suddenly laughs. Karin looks at her with confused eyes, "What are you laughing at?"

"He is like a king looking for concubines..."

Karin raises her eyes slightly, and watches in front of the team with vigilance. Sure enough, she sees a handsome face, and he is gazing at the rows intently. Seeing that he is looking the last row, she quickly lowers her head and prays silently in her heart. "He can't recognize me. He can't recognize me. He can't recognize me..."

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