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The dancing hall does not cause any sensation due to the abnormality that occurs upstairs.

Karin is puzzled for a long time, and finally says. "Can I ask you a question?"

Charlie nods, "Yes."

"Why are you always being hunted down..."

He smiles, "I am a businessman, and the business is like a battlefield. If you do not fight back your enemies, you will be the next one to die."

After hearing that, Karin blurts out, "It's definitely not that simple."

Charlie looks at her in amazement and says, "You are very smart." He gets up and says to her, "Follow me."

She follows behind him in doubt, just before stepping out of the room, the thrilling gunfire comes. She grabs the man in front of her in panic, and leans unconsciously to him.

Charlie glances at her slightly, soothing her and says, "Don't be afraid." He takes her to a viewing room, pointing down somewhere and says, "Look there."

Karin looks at where he points, on a large field of grass is squatting five or six men in black, throwing a few masks on the ground. They are besieged by a dozen people who each hold with a gun.

"Well, I know that person!"

She points at one of the men holding a gun in amazement, and Charlie glances briefly, "He is my bodyguard, Robert."

"It is he who brought me in."

He doesn't seem surprised, "Then you've found the right person. He has always been a gentleman to girls."

"What are these guys doing?"

"Seducing my enemies." Charlie turns around and looks coldly, "The masquerade is just to find out some bad guys. All the plans today are under my control, except you."

Karin is a little confused. She says embarrassingly, "Then I won't bother you. I have to go now."

"Wait a minute." He gets a pen from the viewing room, grabs her hand, and writes a set of numbers in her palms, "This is my personal number. Few people know it. Whatever happens in the future, just call me and you will find me."

Karin stares at his slender fingers which is touching her hands, making her panic like a shy girl, as she rarely be in physical touch with men...

Thinking of that scary night two years ago, her face is flushed to the ears...

"Okay." She retracts her hand. "See you."

When she flees from Charlie Mansion in a hurry, she runs back to the University of Zurich, and shouts, "Billie, are you back?"

"Karin..." Billie cries on the bed. Karin steps forward and hugs her friend, and asks with concern, "How are you?"

"Nothing, just locked me in a small black room, I thought I would never see you again..." Billie cries loudly.

"Don't worry. It is fine." Seeing her friend returning safely, she wants to blame her, but couldn't say anything.

"Right, do you know how I was released?" Billie suddenly stops crying.

Karin shakes her head, "No... I don't know..."

"The people who kidnapped suddenly change their attitude today. They say something inexplicably like I have a relationship with Charlie. They said that if they knew it, they would never offend me. How can I have relationship with Charlie? I don't know him at all!"

Karin explains, "In fact, it is not surprising that you are a student at the University of Zurich, and Charlie is an investor in our school. Investors have an obligation to protect the safety of students..."

Billie is doubtful, "Ah? Is that so?"

"Well, that must be the case."

It is not intentional concealment, but she has to do so. If she lets Billie know the relationship between her and Charlie, she will become the focus of the school tomorrow.

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