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At the end of the game, the hotel waiter comes to the billiard room and says respectfully, "Mr. Charlie, your dinner is ready."

Charlie raises his eyes slightly, "Great."

He puts down the cue in his hand and walks in front of Karin, with a gentle gesture in his eyes, "Let's go."

She follows him into an elegant box and sees a grand feast, and she says in surprise, "Is it too much for us?"

"Choose what you like and ignore the rest if you don't like it."

Karin sits down in a hurry, and secretly says to herself, this is the kindness of Charlie, it won't be great to refuse it.

"I left a number for you last time, why didn't you call me?"

Charlie asks as he pours red wine.

"Don't you say if I have any trouble, then I can call you? Besides, I'm fine..."

He smiles, "You can call me too if you're fine. Aren't we friends?"

"Well, yes." She nods.

"You live in Britain? The exact place is...?"

"Do you want to know?" Karin blinks. "If I tell you, can I ask you the same question?"

Charlie glances at her narrowly, "Of course."

"I'm from London, how about you?"

"Originally born in England, but my family have moved to Zurich."

"Have you ever been to Britain?"

"Seldom, so far just three times, and twice as England."

Karin nods, bows her head and stops talking.

"Are you free on Saturday night?" He asks suddenly.

"What's wrong? I have to do the part-time."

Charlie raises his eyebrow in surprise, "Part-time? Are you short of money?"

She shakes a little bit and thinks, don't he say he will give her some financial aid or something...

"Self-help is a manifestation of hard work, and it has nothing to do with lack of money. Of course, you can also understand it as lack of money."

He admires with appreciation, "You can rest assured that I will not use money to tarnish your virtues. I know you are not the kind of person who wants to get something for nothing."

Karin wonders, "Can you read the mind?"

Charlie shakes his head and teases, "I can't read the mind, but don't you think I am the kind of person who knows what you are thinking quickly at first glance?"

She is startles and grins then, "I honestly don't see it."

The nervous atmosphere seems to alleviate suddenly. Karin feels that Charlie is not as cold as he looks like, and she feels relieved a lot.

"You ask if I'm free on Saturday, do you need any help from me?"

"That's it. There is a large charity auction on Saturday. I want to invite you to join me."

"You mean, let me be your partner?"

"Well, would you?"

"It's not quite right. I'm still a student. I haven't participated in any commercial activities. Besides, you don't look like someone who lacks a companion..."

"I do, but it's not that closed."

"closed? But we... we don't seem to be that familiar" She smiles stiffly.

Charlie groans for a while, staring at her abruptly, his upper body leans to her, his lips close to her ears, "We have sex with each other, can it be the proof to show we are closed?"


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