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Charlie doesn't answer this question immediately, but sits closer to her, presses down the window, raises her hand to block the sun. Karin doesn't know his intention.

"See, your hands can't cover the sky."

She slowly retracts her arm, and utters a sound as to understand his answer.

"Do you have to work today?"



"No, we are in a two-shift system. This week I am in the afternoon."

"What time?"

"From four to ten. You can just stop the car at the intersection ahead."

The car arrives at the intersection, but Charlie does not let Robert stop. Karin tears his sleeve slightly, reminding him, "I..."

"I suddenly want to go for coffee."


Charlie looks at her and tickles his lips. She hurriedly looks away and says, "Do you have to drink coffee now?"

"Is there any problem?"

"No. It's just..." She is a little bit difficult to say, "Can you pretend you don't know me?"

"Why?" Charlie raises an eyebrow in amazement, "Do I make you lose face?"

"No, no!" She hurriedly denies, "I'm honored to meet you, but my female colleagues... like you. So... you know."

"Oh, you don't want to be their enemy, do you?"

"Not at all." She nods.

"Okay, no problem." Charlie agrees quickly, his eyes are bewildered, and Karin is frightened.

No matter how he looks, he is not the kind of person who is easy to compromise. Just like at the auction, she insists that she doesn't want the fragrant bowl, but he insists on getting it.

Karin is sincere and terrified, and she seems not to trust him..

Two hundred meters away from the cafe, she proposes again to get out of the car. This time, Charlie agrees.

She walks about two hundred meters for about twenty minutes, as she looks back at his car from time to time, which he parks at the most outstanding parking lot.

She lowers her head and goes in, changing into her working clothes, trying to pretend to be calm.

"Karin, have you found that everyone is very active today?" Lina jokingly comes to the checkout counter, and smiles brightly like a flower.

"Have they? I don't pay too much attention..." She pretends to know nothing.

"What?!" Lina motions with her eyes, "You look over there, do you see?"

Karin follows her, and sees Charlie's face, which could only be seen in perfume advertisements in fashion magazines. It seems to be inductive. He also sees them and smiles.

"Oh my God, he smiles at me, I finally understand how you idiots feel..." Lina is intoxicated.

After that, Karin deliberately avoids him, and even then, she could still feel a sharp look at her from time to time.

After an hour of embarrassment, Charlie is finally about to leave. Staring at the back of his handsome back, she is relieved.

What is unexpected is that at nine o'clock in the evening, there is still an hour before Karin leaves, and he comes again, but this time Robert does not accompany him.

Several waitresses scramble to serve him. He only orders a cup of black coffee, then picks up the cell phone. Because he speaks Russian, no one could understand what he is talking about.

Forty minutes later, he ends the call, looks at the time on his wrist watch, gets up, and slowly walks towards the cash register.

Karin almost wants to flee away. What is he doing? Why does he come over...

"Check your account today."

Charlie speaks warmly, and Karin's head is in a blank. Fortunately, Lina responds quickly. She steps forward and respectfully reminds him, "Mr. Charlie, aren't your accounts settled at the end of the year?"

"From today, the closing the bill at the end of the year is canceled."

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