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Everyone's words were fearsome, Jian Ran had experienced it firsthand.

If her colleagues in the company saw her sitting in the new CEO's car to work, they would probably smash her to death with all kinds of rumors and rumors.

So when Qin Yue asked her to sit in his car to work, she didn't even think about it before he shook his head and rejected him.

Although they were not in Qin Yue's car, they arrived at the company about the same time.

While Jian Ran and a group of people were waiting for the elevator, Qin Yue also arrived at the CEO's private elevator accompanied by two special helpers.

She wanted to pretend that she didn't see him, but she felt that it wasn't appropriate, so she greeted them politely: "Boss Qin, good morning!"

"En!" Qin Yue indifferently replied, his gaze sweeping around once before walking into the elevator, leaving everyone to gaze at his back.

Qin Yue's indifference did not extinguish everyone's enthusiasm, and they once again hotly discussed about the new CEO.

Jian Ran did not participate in the discussion, but she felt that it was kind of funny.

Qin Yue's public and private attitude was quite obvious.

At this time, she thought of a way to describe Qin Yue using the word "male god".

Once she entered the company, Jian Ran immediately threw the matter with Qin Yue to the back of her mind, and became fully immersed in her work.

Recently, Jian Ran and a few of her colleagues from the same department were busy preparing the bidding project for Starlight Corporation.

Seeing that the bidding was about to start, Jian Ran's work entered a state of nervousness, and she was so busy that she didn't even have time to eat lunch.

In the company, Jian Ran was famous for being a workaholic. It was common for people to not eat or work, and no one really cared about her.

But today, when Jian Ran was busy to the point of forgetting himself, he received a call from Qin Yue.

Jian Ran looked around to see that there was no one around, then carefully picked up the call: "Is there something wrong?"

The implication was that he should not randomly call her when there was nothing to do in the company, and should not let others know of their relationship.

Qin Yue obviously did not expect Jian Ran to say this, and paused for a moment before replying: "It's true that work is important, but one cannot go hungry."

His voice was still light, but it wasn't hard to hear a hint of concern in it.

Jian Ran's face turned hot, and said: "Alright, I understand."

Qin Yue, who was on the other side of the phone, did not speak anymore. Jian Ran did not know what else to say.

Qin Yue, who was on the other side, spoke at the last moment again, "I am in Room 1808 of the Lily Restaurant."

Jian Ran nodded instinctively: "Then when you eat, I won't disturb you anymore."

"Jian Ran!" Qin Yue's tone was clearly slightly heavier, and after a few seconds, he said, "I'll wait for you."

"No need ..." Jian Ran instinctively wanted to refuse, but before she could say anything, the other party had already hung up.

Looking at the darkened phone screen, Jian Ran frowned slightly before sighing helplessly. What reason did she have to refuse to have lunch with her new husband?

The Lily Hotel was a five-star hotel near the company. It was expensive, and Jian Ran would normally not come unless the company was inviting important customers.

When they arrived at the Lily Hotel, Jian Ran had wanted to avoid running into some familiar faces, but who knew that she would bump into Qin Yue's special assistant.

Jian Ran wanted to pretend she didn't see it, but the other party stopped her in her tracks, "Miss Jian, Boss Qin asked me to come and pick you up."

Jian Ran laughed awkwardly, and quickly caught up to Xu Huiyi.

She and Qin Yue were clearly a legal husband and wife, but now they were giving off a feeling of adultery. They were really embarrassed to the point of being ashamed.

Arriving at room 1808, Jian Ran saw Qin Yue's other special assistant, Liu Yong.

Qin Yue took the initiative to stand up and receive Jian Ran's jacket, hanging it on a hanger at the side. He then pulled out a chair for her to take a seat, and said: "Sister Xu and Liu Yong have worked by my side for many years, they already know about our matters."

Jian Ran nodded her head, she did not say a word, and only looked at Xu Huiyi and Liu Yong for a bit longer.

Liu Yong and Xu Huiyi nodded towards her politely and left the room in an orderly fashion without saying anything else.

Qin Yue personally scooped a bowl of soup and passed it to Jian Ran: "All these years, I have been doing some business, so I have followed a few people around me."

Hearing him take the initiative to explain, Jian Ran was very pleased in her heart.

In the morning, his aunty made breakfast and sent him over. She was also accompanied by capable people like Liu Yong and Xu Huiyi, whose background was even more complicated than she had imagined.

Jian Ran didn't want to investigate further. After all, she agreed to marry him because she felt that this person didn't look too bad. It wasn't because of his family background.

Jian Ran did not ask any further, and Qin Yue also did not speak much either.

Furthermore, Qin Yue had been taught from a young age that he could not eat or sleep, and was not used to saying too much at the table.

This meal was very quiet.

When both of them had put down their chopsticks, Qin Yue then said lightly, "No matter how busy I am in the future, I will have to eat."

Jian Ran nodded: "I will take note of it."

Upon hearing her perfunctory reply, the expression under Qin Yue's golden mirror darkened. It was obvious that she was dissatisfied, and she said, "Let's have lunch together from now on."

Qin Yue's tone was overbearing and forceful, but Jian Ran did not hate him. Raising her head, he smiled at him: "Thank you Boss Qin for your concern, but..."

"Boss Qin?" Qin Yue raised his brows, "Since you called me 'Boss Qin', then will you listen to what this new CEO has to say to you?"

This man had used his identity to suppress her so quickly.

Jian Ran had crawled and rolled in the Operations Department at the Innovation Technology for three years, she could be considered as an intelligent person, she didn't know how to deal with Qin Yue at this moment.

Qin Yue seized the opportunity and continued: "Then it's decided."

Jian Ran didn't want to meet Qin Yue in secret everyday at noon, but she couldn't find any excuses to reject, so she nodded and agreed.

She even found a reason to flee in a hurry, one that was as pale as it could get.

Looking at Jian Ran's hastily fleeing back, the expression in Qin Yue's eyes slightly sank. Her long fingers subconsciously tapped lightly on the table, as if she was planning something.

"Young Master." A woman around forty odd years old knocked on the door and interrupted Qin Yue's train of thoughts.

Qin Yue raised his head and looked over, his eyes filled with the usual coldness, "Is there something you need?"

The woman said, "Are these dishes to your liking?"

Qin Yue had a small obsession with cleanliness, he almost did not eat outside, but this Lilium Hotel was owned by him, the elegant private dining room of 1808 was arranged especially for him according to his preferences, his food was naturally prepared by someone else.

Since young, Qin Yue's diet had always been taken care of by this woman, so she was the one who understood Qin Yue's taste the best.

"From now on, I'll prepare two Sichuan dishes for every meal. Less spicy!" Qin Yue did not reply, but gave another order instead.

His eating habits were light, but Jian Ran was spicy. She had never told him about this, but Qin Yue knew of it.

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