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Qin Yue sat perfectly straight and continued to eat earnestly and gracefully as usual. He did not speak much and did not know whether it was delicious or not.

After getting along with him for a few days, Jian Ran knew that he didn't have much to say, so she didn't bother to argue with him about it.

The two of them were almost done eating. Jian Ran saw that Qin Yue's blushing face wasn't right and asked worriedly: "Qin Yue, what's wrong with your face?"

"I'm fine." Qin Yue got up, "I'm going out for a while, I might not be back tonight."

Jian Ran looked at him, and said dejectedly: "Then pay attention to your safety!"

Qin Yue returned to his room and took a jacket, then quickly left without saying a word.

After he went downstairs, he took out his phone and dialed a number. "Immediately drive me to the hospital."

On Monday, when Qin Yue did not return for the night, he called and informed Jian Ran that he was on a business trip, that Jian Ran had a new project to prepare.

According to Zhao Junqing, Starlight's leader liked Jian Ran's last project very much. For this project, he would let Jian Ran be responsible for it, and had her submit a preliminary draft of the project within three days.

In just three short days, it would definitely not be easy for him to submit a proposal that would satisfy the other party.

Jian Ran was also a person who treated his work extremely strictly. She couldn't get rid of his work the moment she entered it, and she was also one of those people who were too busy to even eat.

At noon, Wang Weiming walked over and looked at Jian Ran with a pained expression. "Jian Ran, let's go outside for lunch."

Jane said without looking up, "You guys go ahead. "When I'm done with my little business, I'll go.

He had worked with Jian Ran for three years already, so could it be that he did not know that Jian Ran had pushed the matter further? Thus, he reached out and pressed on the hand where Jian Ran was holding the mouse with her hand: "Jian Ran, go eat first, then come back and busy yourself after eating, okay?"

Jian Ran withdrew her hand and only then did she raise her head to look at Wang Weiming. When she saw Jian Ran, she felt that something was wrong, as if she saw some sort of emotion in her eyes.

Jian Ran's heart skipped a beat. It seemed that there were some things that she had to let Wang Weiming know about, and she couldn't let this misunderstanding continue.

She pressed the standby button and got up. "Let's go."

This was the first time Jian Ran agreed to eat together with him. Wang Weiming was secretly happy, and chose a shop with a relatively quiet environment, wanting to take the opportunity to talk to Jian Ran.

Sitting down, Wang Weiming took the initiative to order a few expensive dishes, but did not ask whether Jian Ran liked them, and then looked at Jian Ran with a smile.

Jian Ran understood, but pretended not to understand. She thought that it would be great if Qin Yue could call her at this time.

Just as he thought that, Jian Ran's phone rang.

Jian Ran smiled apologetically at Wang Weiming before answering: "Hubby, I'm eating outside with my colleagues, you don't have to worry about me."

"Jian Ran, you are truly showing off in front of me, right?" Ling Feiyu said unhappily on the other end of the phone.

Jian Ran smiled even more gently: "Mn, I know, I have already done what you said, I won't not eat. If you don't believe me, I'll take a picture and show you when the dishes are served. "

Ling Feiyu and Jian Ran had been friends for so many years, the two of them seemed like the same person. If she still couldn't hear anything, then she wouldn't be Ling Feiyu.

Therefore, Ling Feiyu also cooperated with Jian Ran and said: "Then, my darling, come home earlier tonight. My husband is waiting for you to warm your bed."

Jian Ran smiled shyly again: "Don't make things so awkward with your words."

With that, Jian Ran hung up, but just as she hung up, another call came in, this time it was her real husband, Qin Yue!

Jian Ran was slightly shocked in her heart. She looked at Wang Weiming, then laughed embarrassedly before answering: "Hello?"

Qin Yue's low and sexy voice came out from the phone: "I had someone prepare lunch, why didn't you go over?"

Jian Ran couldn't reply that he was already eating, because the moment she said that, the scene that she acted out in front of Wang Weiming immediately became clear.

She clenched her teeth and said sweetly, "Hubby, I will take good care of myself, don't worry about me."

When Jian Ran said that, the other end of the phone went silent for a long time, so silent that Jian Ran thought that Qin Yue had hung up.

After a long while, when no one heard Qin Yue speak, Jian Ran finally realized that the situation was bad. He wondered what Qin Yue would do to her again.

After a long while, Qin Yue's low and heavy voice came out of the phone, "I need to go back on Thursday, take care of yourself."

"Alright." Jian Ran secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Qin Yue would be back in a few days, so he should have forgotten about this matter when he returned.

Wang Weiming had an injured expression on his face when he heard Jian Ran call him "husband", and only when Jian Ran hung up did he say: "Jian Ran, are you married?"

Jian Ran nodded and said: "Being married at my age shouldn't be anything strange."

Wang Weiming had prepared so much that he couldn't say anything, he could only laugh dejectedly: "Bless you."

Although he was interested in Jian Ran, but he felt that she was not worthy of him. He comforted himself that Jian Ran had a good home, and it was a good thing.

Jian Ran smiled and said thanks, but in her heart, she also praised her cleverness.

Let Wang Weiming know that she was married before he could even finish what he wanted to say. In the future, everyone would be able to work as hard as they used to, and they wouldn't feel awkward meeting each other again.

However, that night, Jian Ran did not feel that she was very quick-witted.

When she slept soundly at night, Jian Ran felt that there was someone sitting beside him.

She was still very sleepy, but the moment she smelled the familiar clean and cold scent of a man, she was instantly scared awake.

She suddenly sat up, rubbed her eyes, and looked at the man sitting on the bedside with some surprise. "You ... didn't you say you wouldn't be back until Thursday?"

However, Qin Yue replied indifferently, "I have something to take care of here. I'll fly back to Xiao Shan in the morning."

His original work plan could only be completed on Thursday, but since Jian Ran had already hinted that she missed him, as her husband, he couldn't pretend that she didn't hear it.

After talking to Jian Ran at noon, he had her assistant book a plane ticket back home for the night, and then flew back home early in the morning to continue working.

Remembering the call at noon, Jian Ran scratched his head with a red face: "Then have you eaten dinner yet? Do you want me to cook some supper? "

When Qin Yue finished talking about work, it was 8 PM. After that, he rushed to the airport without stopping for a moment and took the 10 pm flight back to Jiangbei.

From Xiao Shan City to the Jiangbei City, they needed more than two hours to fly. It was already close to one in the morning when they arrived at Jiangbei City's airport and then arrived home. It was already two in the morning.

At nine in the morning, there was still a very important meeting that had to be hosted by him. The secretary booked Qin Yue to fly to Xiao Shan from Jiangbei City at five o'clock, and an hour later, he would be setting off for the airport.

Time was running out and Qin Yue had never eaten anything provided by the plane, so he had not eaten since noon yesterday.

He was so busy that he rushed back without even eating because Jian Ran had hinted that he missed him. Jian Ran wanted to act as a supper for him, so she was sure that she wanted to spend some time with him.

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