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In the past, Jian Ran had dated many times with Gu Nanjing. She was blissful and sweet at that time, but now, there was only one feeling in Jian Ran's heart -- Disgusting!

She didn't want to see this man again at all, but she had no choice but to come see him. Jian Ran took another deep breath, trying her best to calm his emotions.

After going upstairs, Gu Nanjing waved to her. "Of course, I'm here."

In the past, Jian Ran liked this man's tone and tone when calling her name, but now ...

Jian Ran shook her head, she did not want to think about the heart-wrenching things that had happened in the past, so she walked towards his opponent and sat down.

After she sat down, she subconsciously glanced at Gu Nanjing's forehead. Seeing that it was still wrapped in gauze, how was his wound?

Gu Nanjing laughed: "Of course, you're worried about me."

Jian Ran did not deny that she was concerned about his wound. It was only because she had caused it, but she did not want to be involved in a life and death lawsuit because of a man that was not worth it.

Jian Ran looked at him, and could no longer find that heart-wrenching feeling from yesterday. Her heart was unexpectedly calm, and even she herself did not expect that.

She was silent. Gu Nanjing didn't mind and waved for the waiter to bring a cup of coffee. He said: "This is your favorite latte."

Jian Ran said calmly: "Young Master Gu, say what you want to say. I don't have time to waste here with you. "

In the past, she always stayed up late to draw the blueprints, she just drank coffee when she was tired. After a long while, Jian Ran finally left the coffee, but after she stopped, she would not touch it unless she was tired.

In these three years, many people and many things were changing. She, Jian Ran, was naturally no exception, but she did not want to explain, because there was no longer a need.

Gu Nanjing then said: "Of course, let's drink a cup of coffee and talk slowly."

Jian Ran pursed her lips, and said: "Young Master Gu, since you invited me over, let's get this straight. Please don't ... "

"Of course!" Gu Nanjing did not want to hear her reject him, so he interrupted her and said, "This time, I came to Jiangbei to find you, and it was from the bottom of my heart. I hope you can calm down and listen to what I have to say to you. "

"Go ahead." Jian Ran raised her coffee and took a sip, she wanted to hear what he had to say.

Gu Nanjing reached out to shake her hand, but before he could do so, Jian Ran immediately retracted his hand and glanced at him coldly.

Gu Nanjing's hand that was extended out missed and was bitterly pulled back before he said with a stern expression: "Of course, come back with me. We'll start again. "

"Heh ..." Jian Ran felt that after hearing the most absurd joke in the world, Gu Nanjing really had the face to say these kinds of words.

He felt that she, Jian Ran, was as shameless as he was, that nothing had happened after all that had happened, so how could nothing have happened?

"Waiter, please give me a cup of hot milk."

A low and sexy voice suddenly came from behind, causing Jian Ran's body to tremble slightly. Maybe Gu Nanjing and the others did not notice it, but Jian Ran knew it was Qin Yue.

She hadn't seen him when she came. When did he come? How long had he been sitting behind her? How many conversations had he heard between her and Gu Nanjing?

In an instant, Jian Ran's mind was completely muddled. She could not hear what Gu Nanjing had said in front of her, and her mind was filled with thoughts of how Qin Yue would view her.

She subconsciously clenched her fists and bit her lip. She was so nervous that her face turned slightly pale.

Gu Nanjing saw that Jian Ran's expression was different, he thought that her words had moved her, and said: "Of course, you have to believe me, I have never changed my mind about you."

Jian Ran did not react, but continued to speak with deep love, "Of course, as long as you are willing to come back with me, I can guarantee that Madam Gu's position will be yours."

"Mrs. Qin asked me to bring this cup of milk to you." Xu Huiyi handed a cup of milk to Jian Ran and laughed, "Mr. Qin still has some things to discuss, he asked me to come over and tell you, please wait for him for a while."

"Thank you!" Jian Ran understood that it was Qin Yue helping her.

"Then I'll leave first. If you need anything, just call me." Xu Huiyi greeted, and laughed and left.

Jian Ran pursed her lips, turned her head, and saw Qin Yue, who was dressed in a silver grey suit, talking about something with Liu Yong. Seeing her look over, he looked towards her as well, and nodded lightly towards her with a smile.

Jian Ran also nodded at him, her heart suddenly calmed down, the haze that was above her head just a moment ago disappeared in the blink of an eye, she gently released her fist, and her face gradually returned to normal.

She turned her head to look at Gu Nanjing and saw that his face had darkened. Hearing her words, he asked coldly: "You're married?"

In the past, Jian Ran thought that Gu Nanjing was good-looking, but when compared to Qin Yue just now, whether it was appearance, temperament, or how he treated people, Gu Nanjing was completely lacking.

At this moment, Jian Ran really wanted to thank Gu Nanjing for his kindness of not marrying him back then. That was why she met such an outstanding man three years later.

With just a small action by Qin Yue, an indescribable sense of security filled Jian Ran's heart, and he spoke with confidence, "Young Master Gu, just as you have heard, I am already married. Please do not disturb our lives in the future."

Gu Nanjing raised his eyes and looked at Qin Yue, who was in front of him, but was too focused on talking, and did not even pay attention to his gaze.

Gu Nanjing didn't want to believe that Jian Ran was already married. In his heart, he believed that Jian Ran still loved him.

Jian Ran might still be blaming him for doing wrong in the past, but he believed that if she worked even harder, he would definitely be able to save her heart. But she absolutely did not expect Jian Ran to say that she was already married.

"Of course, do you think that I would believe you just because you picked a random person on the street to act?" Gu Nanjing was definitely not willing to believe that Jian Ran had truly gotten married.

Jian Ran said: "I don't need to explain anything to you, believe it or not, just remember not to disturb my life again."

"Jian Ran, how dare you?" Gu Nanjing gritted his teeth and said a few words, his face was filled with a frightening malice that had never been there before.

Jian Ran said: "Gu Nanjing, my marriage is my freedom. What right do you have to say this to me? Don't forget how disgusting what you did was. "

Could it be that after he did such a disgusting thing, she, Jian Ran, would still be in love with him, and would have to get his permission to marry?

She, Jian Ran, had never been such a silly woman. She would not be stupid enough to wait a lifetime for someone who was not worth waiting for.

Gu Nanjing's face darkened. Gritting his teeth, he said: "Of course. I gave you a chance before, but you didn't know how to cherish it. No matter what happens in the future, you're the one looking for trouble. "

Jian Ran looked at him, and said in a low voice: "Gu Nanjing, you're still a man, if you have anything to say, come at me, if you dare to hurt him, I will definitely not let you go."

Gu Nanjing raised his eyebrows, and said arrogantly and arrogantly: "To dare touch my woman, I want to see what abilities he has."

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