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There were some things that had already happened, and he was always worried that it wouldn't help either. Jian Ran simply didn't want to think about what Gu Nanjing actually wanted to do, and could live life as she wished.

After exiting the dog food shop, Qin Yue asked Jian Ran: "Where else do you want to go?"

Jian Ran knew that Qin Yue was very busy, but she also wanted to be reckless once more, wanting to be a willful little girl in front of her husband.

She pulled Qin Yue's arm and shook it: "I want to go to the duty-free district's shop, are you willing to accompany me?"

Qin Yue did not say whether he was willing or not, he opened the door and said: "Get in."

Jian Ran thought that there was no hope, but she saw that the destination that Qin Yue had entered was the duty-free area shop pingmall.

In the past, Qin Yue would never take time to go shopping in a place like this, all he was wearing were the clothes made from the personal workshops of Qin Family designers.

Even if it was made from the material of a set of underwear, it had gone through thousands of selections and went through all sorts of meticulous procedures before finally being delivered to his wardrobe.

So when they saw Qin Yue accompanying Jian Ran to the shopping mall, Liu Yong and Xu Huiyi who had been following them this whole time were so shocked that their eyeballs almost popped out.

Liu Yong was the first to calm down, and said: "Sister Xu, the Crossing Ocean Video Conference is about to begin in a critical moment, Boss Qin heard that Jian Ran had called Jian Ran away, and immediately abandoned the American side of the upper echelons and ran to the cafe. Now he had to accompany her to buy dog food, and also accompany her shopping. Do you think that our Boss Qin, who never rest during the four seasons of the year, would do such a thing? "

Xu Huiyi sighed helplessly: "This is not what our desperate Boss Qin would do. However, he's been busy for so many years, it's good to have someone who can give him time to occasionally take a stroll around. "

Liu Yong looked over: "Sister Xu, why do you think our Boss Qin would suddenly decide to marry Jian Ran?"

Xu Huiyi shook her head. "How would I know what Boss Qin is thinking?"

Qin Yue had always been deep in his heart, and if he was willing to let them understand, they would understand. What he didn't want them to understand, they couldn't see.

The matter of him marrying Jian Ran was something that Xu Huiyi and the others couldn't figure out.

Liu Yong said: "When Boss Qin decided to marry Jian Ran, you were by his side. I think you should know. "

Xu Huiyi said innocently: "When he decided on this matter, she asked me to start something else. When I returned, they had already registered the marriage and were living together."

Liu Yong thought for a while, then said: "Do you think we should greet the old man first? The old tutor was too old to be frightened, just in case ...

Xu Huiyi looked at Liu Yong, and said solemnly: "The Boss Qin has his own plans for this matter, so it is not up to us to meddle in his private affairs. You and I have been by his side for so many years, so I don't need to remind you about his bottom line. "

Liu Yong also knew that he shouldn't care so much, he immediately shut his mouth and did not bring up the matter of him talking to Old Man Qin earlier. He then looked at Jian Ran: "From my observations during this period, Jian Ran is indeed a pretty good girl, but Boss Qin has met even more outstanding girls before, and did not have any intention of marrying those women, why did he marry Jian Ran?"

Xu Huiyi faintly said: "I guess it's pity."

Three years ago, when Qin Yue met Jian Ran, it was at the time Jian Ran was at her most miserable state.

They had thought that they would never meet again in this life, but who knew that they would see Jian Ran on the first day they returned to the Jiangbei three years later?

At that time, Xu Huiyi did not recognize Jian Ran. A person she met once three years ago was really not someone she could easily remember. But the Qin Yue who never remembered anyone could recognize him with a single glance.

They had agreed to meet the person in charge of Innovation Technology that day to discuss the purchase of Innovation Technology and coincidentally met Jian Ran on a blind date.

The man who went on the blind date had a normal appearance and a vulgar temperament. As he spoke, he wanted to make a move on Jian Ran. Jian Ran was extremely hot-tempered, she raised her hand and slapped the man.

Who knew who not only didn't know to repent, but also cursed some very nasty words, said what a whore and wanted to build a chastity memorial arch. He even told them about the matter that had caused an uproar in the capital three years ago.

Liu Yong did not think so, "There are so many women in the world who are worthy of being pitied, why have I not seen the Boss Qin being pitied another woman?"

Xu Huiyi said: "Maybe this is what we call fate."

Liu Yong thought for a moment and asked again, "Tell me, why is it that our Boss Qin's ability to recognize people is not ordinary at all? We only met once three years ago, so how can you recognize me so easily three years later?"

Xu Huiyi said: "Boss Qin is a germaphobic person, to be vomited all over by a drunkard, do you think he won't remember?"

Speaking of Qin Yue being vomited all over with this matter, Liu Yong was somewhat gloating.

Jian Ran had vomited all over Qin Yue's body when she was drunk. This was probably the saddest thing that happened to Qin Yue in the past twenty odd years.

Liu Yong and Xu Huiyi who were following behind Qin Yue and were constantly chatting, while Jian Ran and Qin Yue who was walking in front did not say a word.

Qin Yue returned to his normal state and looked extremely cold and aloof, as if he did not want anyone to get close to him. However, it was not that he did not want strangers to get near him, it was just that he really spoke too little.

Along the way, Jian Ran was the one who talked. She asked once, he answered once, but if she asked too much, Jian Ran wouldn't be able to find a topic to talk.

Qin Yue did not speak, but he did not let go of Jian Ran's hand.

Jian Ran was not a person who liked to stroll around, and did not have much time to do so. Usually, she would buy whatever she needed, and go straight to the shop to buy them before leaving.

Today, she didn't have anything she wanted to buy, so she naturally wandered around aimlessly.

After strolling for a while, he walked over to a brand name scarf shop. This was a brand that Jian Ran would normally like to buy but would not want to buy.

The cheapest scarf in this store costed at least several thousand yuan, and the several tens of thousands yuan that was newly listed on the market were all considered luxury goods.

A few days ago, Qin Yue gifted Jian Ran with gloves, but Jian Ran was just worrying that she would not be able to think of a way to gift it to him, and so the chance came.

It was almost winter, and the scarf was very practical. Buying this kind of scarf to Qin Yue wouldn't embarrass him.

She pulled Qin Yue back: "Let's go in and take a look."

Qin Yue nodded.

"Welcome, Light ..." Before the word could leave his mouth, the passionate expression of the staff member froze and he stuttered, "S-Boss Qin."

So this staff member was the one who was recently fired, Ma Dannuo. After innovation, she chose the sales industry.

"You know me?" Qin Yue looked over, he completely could not remember if he recognized this woman.

Ma Dannuo's somewhat excited expression instantly dimmed, especially when she saw how intimate Jian Ran and Qin Yue's fingers were tightly clasped together. It made Ma Dannuo's heart burn with anger.

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