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Thinking that they may never be able to do these things for their father and daughter again, Jane just felt that her heart was cut like a knife, and she did not know when the tears would fall from the corner of her eyes. Vv258z

she wiped her tears, took a deep breath and adjusted her mood. Instead of thinking so much, she could enjoy all the time with their father and daughter.

What's the matter with you, Jane? Qin Yue's voice sounded unprepared behind her.

I'm fine. Jane's back is stiff, but she doesn't have the courage to look back at him.

Didn't he go to the study?

Why are you in the kitchen again?

Okay? Obviously, Qin Yue will not believe that Jane is really OK.

What can I do for you?

But Qin Yue's hands, which were hanging down on his side, shook them. He said slightly crossly, would you not tell me anything?

Qin Yue, what do you want to hear? You tell me, I tell you. Jane was angry too, and roared back.

If you go on talking to her, the two may have another fight.

Qin Yue didn't want to quarrel with her. He turned around again and went back to his study.

He sat at his desk, lit a cigarette and took a few hard sips.

He always smokes, but seldom in front of Xiaoran and Jianran. No matter what he does, the first thing he takes into account is them.

But today, he's really angry.

Qi Jian hides things in her heart and says nothing to him.

He told her many times, something to say, he is her husband, she can rely on a lifetime.

But what about her?

She never seemed to hear him.

It's been a long time. //258z

How can she change a little, even if only a little, he will be satisfied.

But look at her. She doesn't even want to talk to him.

Qin Yue took up his cell phone and made a phone call after he finished smoking the cigarette he had clamped on his finger: did you see Xiao Qinghe?

When I called Jane today, he just received the news from Xiao Qinghe. He wanted to talk to her, but he didn't say anything in her voice.

Knowing that her mood was wrong, he put down his work and rushed to the kindergarten. Fortunately, he went to the kindergarten, but he failed to let those people continue to be arrogant.

Small ran hurt, he was distressed, but Jane put everything in his heart, let him more distressed.

More than once, he even thought, catch her and clean her up, let her understand from the heart, what is the husband.

However, he could not get angry with her.

Liu Yong's voice came from his cell phone: President Qin, Xiao Qinghe has gone home safely. This time, it's not someone who kidnaps him. It's the illusion that he was kidnapped by someone who wanted to. The purpose is to let his wife believe the evidence in his hands and let her leave you.

After listening, Qin Yue's face was calm and he didn't speak. Xiao Qinghe was usually such a smart man. He was just like a fool in this matter, being played with and applauded by others, but he didn't know anything about it.

However, Qin Yue can also understand him. After all, the dead man is Xiao Qinghe's own father. How can he not believe what his father said to him before he died.

Bring Xiao Qinghe to see me tomorrow. Qin Yue must let Xiao Qinghe know the truth and not let him make trouble for him again.

Finish saying, cut off the phone, Qin Yue lit a cigarette again to smoke a few.

After smoking a cigarette, he turned on the computer and prepared for the cross ocean meeting. After finishing the project, he was ready to take a big vacation for himself. He didn't care about anything and what to do.

While the meeting was going on, the door of the meeting room was pushed open gently. However, Xiao ran pushed the door open a gap, protruded half a round small head, blinked at Dad with big eyes: Dad, but I want you to play with me.

Hearing the voice of small ran, Qin Yue looked up, and his serious expression suddenly became gentle: Dad was in a meeting, but he came to sit with dad for a while, and then Dad would play with ran, OK?

Good. Xiaoranran walked to Dad's side with her, Qin Yue picked her up and sat on his leg, and continued the video conference.

In this case, it's no surprise that the people who held the trans ocean video conference with Qin Yue. In the past, when they held this kind of conference, their boss changed the diapers for the children to feed them.

It's no wonder that they are used to such things.

Xiao ran sits on his father's lap and listens to his father talking to many aunts and uncles in the video.

Although she didn't understand what they were talking about, she listened with relish and didn't quarrel with her father wisely.

Until the end of the meeting, Qin Yue turns off the computer and kisses on the little Ran's face: however, does the wound hurt?

But it doesn't hurt. But it seems unhappy to see my mother. She's small, but the mind is clear.

Mother has not spoken, she went to the kitchen to find her mother, and her mother is always distracted, so she knows that her mother must be busy.

It's just a matter of adults. Children can't help, so she came to see her father. I hope he can help her mother.

She doesn't want to see her mother unhappy. She wants her father and mother to be happy, so she will be happy.

Mom is cooking for Ranran and dad. She's not unhappy. We'll wait for her here and eat later. Qin Yue didn't want to let children know about things in the world.

Mom and dad are not unhappy, but they want to watch cartoons.

OK, Dad shows the cartoon to ran, but only for a while. It will hurt your eyes if you watch it too long.

But I know.

The little guy has always been so sensible and listened to his father.

We are the best.

Dad, will younger brother and younger sister look like Ranran or younger sister? Her eyes were on the floor.

No matter what her mother's brother and sister look like, she should be acceptable.

My mother's younger brother and younger sister are naturally like Ran Ran. They will be lovely children like ran, but will they like it?

But I like it. But ran also wants a Barbie like sister, so there are many lovely dolls to play with ran.

OK, mom and dad try to give Ranran a lot of sisters.

Dad, but I don't want to go to kindergarten. There are no children she likes in the kindergarten, and some children want to bully her. She doesn't like the kindergarten at all.

Well, if we don't like it, let's not go. Send xiaoranran to kindergarten. Qinyue just wants her to make more children and grow up as happily as other children.

Now Xiaoran is hurt, and she doesn't want to go. Of course, Qin Yue won't force her to go. He has always been such a man who dotes on his daughter with no principle at all. /p

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