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Today is the last day of October in the Gregorian calendar. It's sunny and the weather is very good.

Tomorrow is the legal holiday. Before going out this morning, Qin Yue told Jianran that she would not go to work in the afternoon. At noon, she would go home to have lunch with Xiaoran.

As soon as Qin Yue left, Jane was busy with lunch.

She prepared two of Qin Yue's favorite dishes and two of Xiao Ran's favorite dishes. She also didn't forget to ask Xiao Ze, a new member of her family, what he liked to eat.

It's not far from lunch time to make several dishes.

Looking at the time, Jane went back to the room and changed into a long apricot skirt. The skirt was designed without waist, so she would tie a thin belt around her waist at will and immediately sketch out her thin waist line.

Although she is pregnant, she hasn't been three months, and her abdomen doesn't show at all. So if she doesn't say it, no one can see that she is pregnant.

Not only is she wearing beautiful clothes, but she also plans to make up for herself. She plans to let Qin Yue see her best.

Jane sat down at the dresser, looked down from the drawer for an eyebrow, looked up and saw another person in the mirror.

She looked at him in the mirror and smiled awkwardly: Why did you come back so early.

What are you going to do? Qin Yue looked at the simplicity in the mirror and asked softly.

I want to put on a light make-up to make myself look better. Jane is honest, because she wants to keep the best view of herself in Qin and Yue's heart.

Qin Yue lowers his head and kisses her: it's more beautiful without makeup.

Jane's skin is very good, and now she is pregnant. Her skin looks as smooth as the egg that just peeled the shell. Qin Yue says she looks better without makeup, which is absolutely from her heart.

Do I really look good? No matter how she looks, she doesn't care. She just wants Qin Yue's affirmation. Vv258z

do you think our kids look good?

Of course.

Xiao ran was born to you. Do you think you look good?

In fact, Xiaoran's appearance combines the advantages of Qinyue and Jianran, how to look beautiful.

Jane doesn't like to smear her face. Now Qin Yue is back, she doesn't want to make up for him.

She said: lunch is ready. Let's go to lunch.

Qin Yue nodded and led Jane ran down the stairs.

Jane set up Xiangxiu and other servants in the kitchen, and started cooking by herself.

When Qin Yue ate, she looked at him, as if to keep his appearance in mind. No matter how long time passed, she could not forget him.

After lunch, Jane lets Xiaoze take Xiaoran to play. She asks Qin Yue to stay and say something to him.

She said she had something to say to him. Qin Yue didn't seem to be surprised at all. She sat on her opposite side and waited for her to speak quietly.

Qin Yue, I'm tired. I'm really tired. Jane took a deep breath, one word at a time, slowly spewing out of her soft, pink lips.

Qin Yue picks eyebrows: what do you mean?

Jian ran said: Qin Yue, we are married by blind date, right? You said to me when you were dating, you don't believe in love, and I remember right?

Qin Yue is speechless and quietly looks at Jianran.

Simply said: you don't believe that there is real love in this world, and I don't believe that there is real love in this world, so we got married and lived a normal life together.

Qin Yue squints slightly and looks at Jianran. He doesn't interrupt. When she finishes speaking, see what she wants to say.

Jane continued: so our marriage, just to show others, there is no love in our marriage.

Qin Yue asked indifferently: what do you really want to say?

I want to say that I'm really tired. This is not the marriage I want. I don't want to pretend that I'm happy.

Qin Yue, I'm fed up. I'm really fed up with marriage without love. I want to pursue the love I want, the happiness I want, and the marriage I want. You can't give me any of these, so let's divorce.

Divorce is very short and simple, but it uses all the strength and courage of Jane's life.

From agreeing to get married with Qin Yue with a license, to so many years later, she never thought that one day the word "divorce" would come out of her mouth.

Divorce? Qin Yue repeats these two words gently, his tone sounds light, as if it is not affected by her saying that she is going to divorce him at all.

Yes. She nodded her head, seemingly a simple word, but he didn't know how hard it took her.

You think about it? Qin Yue's tone was still calm, as if he was asking Jianran if the weather was good today.

Yeah. Simply nod.

OK. He said.


Qin Yue agreed.

Jane did not think that Qin Yue would agree so readily. It seemed that he had been expecting her to put forward this idea for a long time.

Jane clenched her fist quietly. After a fierce psychological campaign, she said, "I won't ask for your property.".

Her eyes looked at Xiaoran, who was having a good time with Mianmian in the distance: Xiaoran belongs to you too, and I will not rob you.

Qin Yue looks at her, his face seems to be smiling, and his sexy thin lips are open. He still spits out a simple and clear word: OK.

Anyway, we both agreed, so we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow morning to handle the card. Every word is like tearing a piece of meat off Jane's body, but no matter how painful it is, she must say that no one has given her a second way.

She also tried to find a second way for herself, but she did not find it, so she could only follow the way designed by others.

OK. Qin Yue looks at her with thin lips and gentle smile. It's the best time that Jane has seen Qin Yue smile for so many years.

Then I'll see you tomorrow, Miss Jane.

Miss Jane has just called her Miss Jane. She has just filed for divorce. Their divorce procedures have not been handled yet, but he has changed his name to Miss Jane.

How can he wait for her to leave?

Mingming's divorce was said by her, but when she saw Qin Yue's promise so readily, she didn't even ask why, and Jane still felt heartache.

Because she knew that once Qin Yue's hand was released, he would never belong to her again.

He will belong to another woman, and that woman's name will never be Jane. /p

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