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"The body is so unbearable that it seems that we need to practice more in the future." Liancheng Mo resumed his cold face and suddenly clipped the horse's belly. The horse ran to Mengying Lin. It was about to hit her body. Liancheng Mo threw her in front of him on the horse's back.

This series of actions scared Mengying Lin into ecstasy, and finally managed to slow down, but the ears of horse hoofs came up one after another.

On the official road, dozens of fast horses were on their way with all their strength. Dust and sand were diffuse and horseshoe shocked the sky

Mengying Lin was placed in front of Liancheng Mo as a cargo. There was no meaning of pitying the jade at all. Even the soldiers behind them did not seem to have any doubts about it. Even in their eyes, such a prince of Xuanwu was normal.

After several hours of running, a horse was changed in the middle. When it was getting dark, a group of people finally came to the border town. The town was close to the border, though small, but it was very popular. Even at night, there were still many pedestrians on the street, and more salesmen were still shouting.

When the party of the prince of Xuanwu stopped in a courtyard of the town, Mengying Lin had completely fainted.

Liancheng Mo turned down and grabbed Mengying Lin's collar and threw her in the direction of Tie Lu. "Look for someone to clean up her."

The men and women were not close to each other, and Tie Lu reluctantly caught her. In order to avoid suspicion, he flattened his hands and let Mengying Lin lie on his arm for fear of other physical contact with her.

Tie Lu also had a lingering fear. Last time he just commented on this woman, his highness almost threw him away to the bitter and cold land of northern Xinjiang. Now, he dared not to overstep.

His movements made Liancheng Mo look funny. "She was just a plaything. You're a little bit less daring," he said coldly.

Tie Lu's face muscles pumped, he did not answer with clever, but when he found the face of Mengying Lin looked pale and purple, he hesitated and asked, "Your Highness, do you want to find a doctor to come to see her?"

Liancheng Mo did not turn around and took the lead in entering the courtyard. "Why come to see? She will not die."

Tie Lu was stunned and did not say anything, but followed Mengying Lin into the yard with his stiff arm. In the courtyard, there had already been a servant girl who took care of everything. The old housemaid saw that Tie Lu came in with a woman. Her face did not show any abnormality. Even the servant girl behind her did not show any surprise or curiosity.

However,the courtyard of a small border town, where people were well-trained, seemed to have the style of a large family.

The old housemaid took Mengying Lin from Tie Lu and went into the bathroom with two maids. Although Mengying Lin was pale from beginning to end, they were not moved at all, but numbly cleaned her up as cargo.

Winter nights were always so cold that people's teeth tremble.

In the bedroom, there are three heating stoves. The charcoal fire was burning and making a noise. The window opened a crack and a little cool wind entered the room. Instead of lowering the temperature of the room, the air in the room was refreshed.

Mengying Lin was frozen awake. She opened her eyes and saw strange surroundings. She did not panic, but looked calmly.

She was wearing a thin silk dress like a cicada's wing, and her perfect body was looming under the silk dress. The quilt was neatly folded aside, but no one kindly covered it for her.

She shivered and was about to reach out to pull the quilt. She wanted to cover her body with the quilt for warmth. Before her fingertips touched the quilt, the door was opened.

In an ink-colored vest, Liancheng Mo came in with a fox cloak on his shoulders. His eyes fell on her seductive silk blouse, and the pupils shrank for a moment, with a mocking smile on their lips.

But instead of saying anything, he took off his cloak and left it at will. Then he went to the stove in the middle of the room and reached for the fire elegantly.

After several hours of tossing on the horseback, Mengying Lin's whole body was disorganized. Especially when she woke up, she was dressed like this. Needless to say, she knew what the people who dressed her wanted to do.

Looking at Liancheng Mo, the swelling on his face has completely disappeared, leaving only a perfect to suffocating face.

"What do you want to do?" Mengying Lin pulled over the quilt and covered herself with a fine silk quilt, after a while she felt warm.

Liancheng Mo looked back at her in a cool and leisurely way. "Has I ever said that your body makes me very satisfied?"

At this time, he claimed to be the prince. For a moment, Mengying Lin felt that he was something different from him when they first met in the forest. It seemed that he was getting colder and colder.

"So? Are you going to imprison me? Mengying Lin didn't expect that he spoke so directly. In this society with strict etiquette, men would only talk flippantly to two kinds of women. One was a wandering woman in the place of carnal pleasure. The other was a plaything they raised.

So she was a plaything in his eyes?

"Imprisonment" Liancheng Mo picked up his eyebrows and disliked the word, "Are you worthy of being imprisoned by me?"

"What do you really want to do?" Mengying Lin rarely calm down. She has some uncontrollable expression on her face. Of course, she knows that he was the prince of Xuanwu. Just because she knew it, she was afraid. With this man's power, he could not waste any effort. Let her live in this society was not as good as death.

Liancheng Mo calmly went to the bedside and sat down at will. "I just said that I am very satisfied with your body, so before I am tired, your body was mine."

He spoke lightly. It seemed that such a thing was normal, but unfortunately it fell into Mengying Lin's ear, which was inconceivable.

"You mean it?" It was just too domineering!

Liancheng Mo smiled softly. He reached out and lifted Mengying Lin's quilt. The perfect body was reflected in his eyes. He could feel that for a moment, his breath was much warmer. "It's not just you, for anyone else, if I said that something belong to me and no one dared to say on."

"You" Mengying Lin was so angry that she couldn't speak, but she couldn't help it. She sat up angrily and tried to get past him. As soon as she moved, she was hooked by him. And then the whole person was crushed by him under his body.

"Liancheng Mo! You can't do that!" Mengying Lin was so angry that he regarded her as someone who would come when he wanted to play.

Liancheng Mo bowed his head and buried it gently between her hairs."Why not? I like your body. So many people pursue such good thing but can't get it. Moreover, the woman who has been with me has never been treated badly. Don't you like wealth? My wealth can be an enemy country. When I am tired of you, no matter how much do you want that I will give you? "

As he spoke, his fingers slid down her cheek to her lips. His throat was tight and he said in her ear, "And I like you here."

Night, lingering melancholy, cold wind, mixed with men's low roar and women's pain.

That night, in the courtyard vigil maids pale, when the prince of Xuanwu came, they still have some admiration and joy, and this moment, they are quietly happy, fortunately, the prince of Xuanwu did not took a fancy to them.

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