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The conversation between the two servant girls did not make Mengying Lin angry. In her opinion, she never wanted to get anything here from Liancheng Mo.

She never thought of flying on the branch, because of no desire, so fearless.

However, it turned out that the purpose of this trip to the border of Liancheng Mo was to pich up a woman? Mengying Lin sneered, as a matter of fact, he was a romantic prince

For two days in a row, Mengying Lin was very peaceful. During the day, she strolled in the courtyard and never asked to go out.

At first, there were servant girls who followed her all day long. Later, maybe servant girls were also tired, so they stopped following her and left her alone. People who did not know martial arts could also escape from the courtyard?

Through Mengying Lin's observation, although there are only four servant girls, four retainers and two old housemaids in this courtyard, everyone here seemed to be a good foundation for kungfu.

At this point, Mengying Lin admires Liancheng Mo very much, but it was a courtyard of a border town, where people here were also so well tuned. It was thus not a coincidence that the prince of Xuanwu was able to command half of the sky in South Vietnam.

If she couldn't fight hard, she could only take wisdom.

Mengying Lin wanted to embroider square silk handkerchief to the prince on the pretext of asking the old housemaid for needles and threads. Although the old housemaid looked contemptuous, she seemed to feel her doing this was a little careful which could get on stage, but in the end she took a lot of needles and silk to her.

At night, Mengying Lin closed the doors and windows and embroidered in the room.

She was doing this embroidery by the whole night.

The next morning, the servant girl knocked on the door of the room with the wash water.

The room was silent and the servant girl startled, and then the force of knocking on the door was increased. The door was banging and banging, but the room was still no movement.

The servant girl finally couldn't help it. She kicked open the door with one foot and went into the room to see it. In the empty room, there was not a personal shadow.

"Impossible! She knows no martial arts obviously!" It's impossible to escape from the courtyard under their eyelids. The servant girl was shocked. But what surprised her more was still ahead.

"Are you looking for me?" Suddenly the voice appeared behind her, so Mengying Lin hid behind the door.

When the servant girl looked back, she couldn't see the person in front of her. She felt a little pain in her eyebrows, and the next moment the world fell into darkness.

Seeing the servant girl fall, Mengying Lin was relieved. Fortunately, because she has no martial arts, these servant girls don't take precautions against her. That gave her a chance to take advantage of it.

Mengying Lin did not dare to delay the time, quickly took off her robes and changed herself, She quickly took off her servant girl's robes and changed it for herself. She went out in a hurry. These two days, she had already written down the routes in the courtyard.

However, instead of heading for the exit, she headed for the warehouse.

But after a while, someone shouted from the direction of the warehouse, "No, it's on fire!"

Smoke billowing, the direction of the warehouse fired diffuse, maids and retainers quickly went to past the fire, but unfortunately this other yard was small, a few people tried their best to extinguish the fire.

"Well, how can it get on fire?" The servant girls and retainers were full of doubts. "Hey, where's Chun Yan? Why didn't she help with such a big fire?

"Chun Yan is not waiting for that woman to wash...Bad!"The old housemaid took the lead in responding. She took a few people to the inner room. When she saw Chun Yan falling on the doorway, the group had some feet soft.

They know their prince's temperament, if this person was lost from their hands, then their fate...

The old housemaid stooped to look at the corpse of Chun Yan. She found a tiny embroidery needle in her eyebrows. A woman who did not know martial arts at all killed Chun Yan with embroidery needles. It was their carelessness to think that a girl who could not do martial arts could not turn over any waves in their hands. Who knew that she had this means?

"What else are you stunned about? Chasing! "The old housemaid blushed with anger, but hated the cunning woman in her heart.

Winter wind was very cold, especially in the morning when the sun set.

Mengying Lin left the courtyard in disorder and went straight to the post station. With the only valuable item on her body, the jade given by Liancheng Mo, she changed a fast horse and ran without hesitation.

She still remembered the look of the horse merchant at the post station when he got the jade. His face was unbelievable. Perhaps the jade was more valuable than she had expected. But so what about that? On the contrary, value was not important when fleeing.

She had only such a valuable thing. As long as she could escape, it was worth it!

Mengying Lin rode on a fast horse for a while and saw a middle-aged man on the road carrying heavy burdens. She immediately pulled up the reins and stopped.

"Uncle, this horse is for you." Mengying Lin smiled and had clear eyes.

The middle-aged man was a rude man, stunned for a long time, but looked at her obliquely. "Don't kid, little girl. This horse has sold enough for me to eat for months and you sent me like this? "

Mengying Lin turned over and put the reins in his hands. "I tell you the truth, you can ride on it. Before I change my mind, hurry to go. You ride without losing money, don't you?"

The middle-aged man still hesitated, but on second thought, it seemed that he did lose something. He was in danger of seeking wealth. He took a quick fight and climbed on the horse's back. "You gave it to me voluntarily. Don't blame me for bullying your little girl."

"Let you go!" Mengying Lin patted the horse on the back, and the horse galloped away. She patted the dust on her hands, retreated to the side of the woods, hid behind a big tree, and stared silently at the post road.

However, after a while, a few fast horses came after them and rushed along the post road without stopping.

It was quiet in the forest. Mengying Lin did not rush out behind the tree. Instead, she waited for a cup of tea. Sure enough, she saw the girls who were chasing her running back.

This time, after they left, Mengying Lin finally walked out of the dense forest.

She stretched out her hand. The sun fell on her heart which made her feel a little warm. This is the feeling of freedom!

She laughed, but she dared not take it lightly, especially when she was penniless, it was not easy to survive.

The frontier wilderness was always a little bleak. In the wilderness, a convoy of dozens of carriages was moving slowly. Even though there were many people, it still seemed as small as ants in the vast wilderness.

An Eagle flew high and circled among the clouds, then swooped down and landed in a carriage headed by him.

In the carriage, a clean and powerful hand was stretched out, but it showed some elegance. The Eagle seemed to recognize the hand, and bowed his head to spit out the letter in his mouth.

"Sure enough, she's a restless woman."

The cool and leisurely voice came from the carriage, and the hearts of the Tie Lu who was walking in front of him clucked, "Your Highness, what happened to Mengying girl?"

"Well, she escaped." There was no fluctuation of tone when Liancheng Mo spoke, but the voice was a little cold in the open field for no reason.

Tie Lu was shocked. "How could it be possible that those girls in the village had martial arts, she could not do martial arts, but how could she escape?"

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