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"I did not escape from you. I am your slave and missed you so much that I came out to look for you." Mengying Lin's back was cold and sweaty. Her face was not half smiling, but her mind was thinking desperately about which way to solve the current dilemma.

"My slave..." Liancheng Mo smiled happily. "You know you're just my slave..."

Mengying Lin pulled out a smile awkwardly and felt that the hand on her throat seemed to be tight, and cold sweat gushed from her back immediately.

The indifferent and merciless of the prince of Xuanwu, for someone like him, her life was nothing but mustard, as long as he moved his fingers, he could easily harvest it.

By the way, in the former employee dormitory, the macho woman of her roommate once said to her, "When a man wants to quarrel, the most useful thing is to block his mouth with your mouth, then, there is no more..."

But plug the mouth of Liancheng Mo with her mouth?

Mengying Lin unconsciously moved her eyes to his lips. His lips were moderately thick and warm. She swallowed her mouth water unconsciously, took a deep breath, and then took a deep breath again. Finally, she bit her teeth and imprinted the past on his lips.

Three inches, two inches, one inch, one finger...

Seeing that the red lips were about to meet, she finally stopped and asked her to kiss a man. It was still too far-fetched.

"Women, do it thoroughly if you want to do!"

Liancheng Mo's tone was full of discomfort. The next moment, he bit her lip with one bite. His action was very fierce. At one bite, her lips were bloody, but he broke in with her red lips without any consideration of her feelings.

The bloody taste in her mouth became more and more intense. At that moment, Mengying Lin had a blank in her mind. When the reaction came, the whole person was forced to be under the pressure of Liancheng Mo.

There was a ripple in the carriage.

Outside the carriage, a little noisy made Tie Lu could not help but took a puff from his lips, sighed with a sign of fate, and then ordered all the guards to disperse for ten feet.

The motorcade of dozens of carriages parked in the street in such a strange way that there was no one in ten feet around the first carriage, but the guard was close step by step beyond ten feet.

In the carriage in the middle of the motorcade, ShuPing Xiao, dressed in red, raised the curtain and looked ahead. When the motorcade stopped, she asked the guard beside her, "What happened in the front? Why do you stop to go? "

The guard shook his head to show that he didn't know, but even if he knew, he didn't seem to answer her question.

ShuPing Xiao did not move, so she had to pull YueLing Xiao beside her. "YueLing, why don't you go ahead and see what happened?"

"OK." YueLing Xiao responded and got out of the carriage and went ahead with the help of the maid.

But after a while, YueLing Xiao came back, but when she came back, her pace was obviously faster than when she went, and her face was completely black.

"What has happened to make you so angry?" ShuPing Xiao frowned, and her tone of voice showed two points of urgency.

YueLing Xiao got into the carriage and spoke a few words close to ShuPing Xiao's ear. Then she saw the muscle on ShuPing Xiao s face gradually twisted, and finally became a little fierce.

"No, it is impossible! How could he do that? This is the street, so many people around he, how dare he..." ShuPing Xiao was trembling with anger. She clasped her hands on the edges of her fingers so fiercely that her fingers were pale and bloodless.

"I don't think it's possible, but he just did it. It's really the end of the world! It's shameless..."

Before YueLing Xiao spoke, ShuPing Xiao covered her mouth. "Don't talk nonsense!" And don't look where it is!"

YueLing Xiao's mouth shut up, but she was still angry in her eyes. She just didn't know how sincere the injustice was. "So what are we going to do now?" It's hard not to watch the woman as like fox do that with our Highness in the street?'

ShuPing Xiao did not speak. It took a long time for her to grind her teeth and opened her mouth. "Let's go and have a look!"

Wind was not big, but cold.

A wisp of wind ran into the carriage along the crack of the curtain and blew a little sandalwood out of the carriage.

The man retreated from the woman and arranged his own robes without hurry, but after a while, he became the lofty prince of propaganda, Liancheng Mo.

Mengying Lin felt a little cold, so she sat up shrunken and her eyes fell on the fragmented clothes around her body. Her face was a little blue. The man had torn her clothes to pieces in deep affection. Now, she had no clothes to wear.

She gritted her teeth, sat up cautiously with pain, leaned back in the corner, but her face was not soft at all. "Your Highness, are you going to let me get out of the carriage naked like this?"

Liancheng Mo leaned lazily against the window. His expression was satisfaction after the desire was released. Perhaps it was because he was satisfied. So his grumpiness seemed to slow down a little. He looked at her, but suddenly frowned, and saw horrible bruises everywhere in her body.

But in a moment, his frown disappeared again. "You don't have to get out of the carriage. When you get to the post house, only someone will bring you clothes."

"Your Highness..." Mengying Lin cleared her throat and felt dry and uncomfortable when she spoke. "Can you do me a favor?"

"I do a favor for you?" Liancheng Mo was amused. "What qualifications do you have for me to help? Why do I want to help you just because your identity of a slave?

Although Mengying Lin had no choice but to seek help from Liancheng Mo, she had no choice. "As long as you promised to help me, I will be your woman. Henceforth, I will never leave you unless you are tired of me!"

"Do you think you can escape?" Liancheng Mo hummed coldly.

Mengying Lin's face was white, but she did not shrink back. "I can't escape, I can die, or can't I even have the right to choose to die?" Or do you want to take possession of my body? I beg you to help me, Your Highness. I only want you to help me with one thing. From then on, I will be a slave! "

"Willing to be a slave..." Liancheng Mo muttered these words, but suddenly picked up his eyebrows and said, "Say, what's the matter?"

Mengying Lin could hardly hide her joy when she heard such a question. "It's only a small matter for you, Your Highness. In the house around the corner ahead, Yuanwai Wang bought a little boy. I think you can save the little boy."

"Little boy?" Liancheng Mo was indifferent, tapping his knuckles gently on the window lattice. "Who is that little boy of yours?" Is it worth saving at your own expense?

Mengying Lin wanted to say that she had been ignorant all her life, but when it came to her mouth, she changed her mouth. "It's my brother, my brother who has been lost for many years!"

Liancheng Mo was doubtful by nature. He will never believe that she will sacrifice herself for a strange child. Instead of creating more details, she should simply give him the answer she wants.

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