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"I didn't see it clearly. Otherwise, if you let him take off, I'll have a look again. When I am looking carefully, I can consider responsibility. But since I'm in charge, I have to see it all." Mengying Lin never stopped talking, but her eyes fell on the man dressed in clothes in the distance. The man's face was red at one glance. How could he take off again in front of her?

When the old man in white robe heard this, he looked at Mengying Lin strangely. After a while, he looked up and laughed suddenly. Then he turned to his apprentice and said, "Hey, do you hear me? She asks you to take off again to show her, she sees clearly to be responsible. Don't you always say you can't find your wife? This is the one who comes here herself. Don't give up! Come on, take off your clothes."

"Master" The man was shocked by the conversation between old man in white robe and Mengying Lin, not only blushed, but also his neck was red, "Master! I'm sleepy. I'm going back to sleep. Play by yourself!"

The man said this angrily. He walked on, turned around and disappeared into another channel.

The old man in the white robe laughed for a while. "He is a good student. He is shy."

"Ha ha," Mengying Lin said with a dry smile, "It is good for shy and reserved."

When the old man in white robe heard this, he laughed again immediately, pointed to Mengying Lin and said, "You are so interesting. You are much more interesting than my stuffy apprentice. By the way, where are you from?"

This time, the answer for Mengying Lin was the young man who had never had the chance to speak. "Fourth Elder, this is the woman that brother Zhao brought. He said that he was the disciple selected by his disciples this time. The cabinet leader asked him to bring her to you to see if you want to accept her as an apprentice."

As soon as the old man in white robe heard this, the wrinkles on his face piled up immediately. I have not accepted apprentices for many years. I am too lazy to teach. "

"If you are not satisfied, I'll take her out at once." As soon as the young man heard it, he said immediately. Looking at his expression, he didn't seem to want to stay here anymore.

"So..." Elder Yan, the old man in white robe, seemed to be a little moved. He looked at Mengying Lin sideways. "But this girl is quite interesting. Otherwise, if you can guess out what I was doing just now. I'll take you as an exception."

Mengying Lin took a look at the corner of her mouth, but she still thought about it carefully, and then asked, "You are just doing body painting?"

"What is body painting? This word is quite new, what do you mean?" Elder Yan's eyes brightened, as if he was curious about this strange thing.

At that moment, Mengying Lin felt that she suddenly grasped the old man's temperament. It turned out that he was a strange old man with extremely strong curiosity.

"Human body painting is to draw on the human body and make rational use of the structure of the human body to achieve a magical visual effect." Mengying Lin explained briefly, and saw the expression on Elder Yan's old face getting more and more excited.

"Wow, you girl really has my appetite for me. Although I don't know what you mean by body painting, it's similar to what I think."

Mengying Lin added, "If I don't guess wrong, you always want to hide the big brother's figure in the environment by painting, which makes people think that he doesn't exist." To put it bluntly, it's like a chameleon changing its color to adapt to the environment and trying to keep its natural enemies from discovering it.

"Good, good. You are smarter than those boys who came here before." Elder Yan said to the young man who led Mengying Lin in, "Tell Dahai Zhao that I'll take this apprentice."

"Wow!" He showed an expression of surprise and took a strange look at Mengying Lin. It was said that birds of a feather flocked together. Things of one kind came together. How did this girl who looked good match the old man's temperament? However, he was only a disciple of the outside world. He didn't dare to ask too many questions, so he turned around and left.

Elder Yan was a little excited. He went to the small table beside him and put down the ink-stone and brushed in his hand. Then he took Mengying Lin's arm and went to another passage."Come on, come on, today, I've got a beautiful female apprentice. As a teacher, I'll take you to see your two brothers!"

"OK." Mengying Lin had a sincere smile on her face, which others didn't understand. As a former weapon manufacturing expert, she knew that it's a way to design the shape of the weapon as hidden as possible, and to enhance the value of the weapon, just like military weapons, which were always green and black camouflage patterns.

Therefore, Elder Yan seemed to have done strange things, but they had different ways to achieve the same goal. In the final analysis, Elder Yan had also improved the weapon manufacturing method. It was worthy of being the elder of Tianji Pavilion. He was an excellent craftsman who could consider the weapon pattern in this cold weapon period.

Perhaps because of her admiration, Mengying Lin also had some good feelings for the old man who looked very pinched. At least, compared with Yunfei Tian, the leader of the machine pavilion that day, she was more willing to be the apprentice of Elder Yan.

Through the passage, they came to another exit. Before they went out, she smelt a delicious fragrance. At dinner, Mengying Lin had not eaten a few meals. When she heard the fragrance, her stomach immediately cried out.

"Are you a little hungry?" Mengying Lin was surprised to see Elder Yan. She smiled awkwardly.

Elder Yan laughed again, "Eat when you are hungry. My big apprentice is good at cooking. Let's go, I'll take you to eat delicious food."

He took Mengying Lin out of the exit. It was a small bamboo forest outside the exit. There was a fire reflected in the deep forest. He walked towards the fire.

Mengying Lin followed him. There was a small open space in the middle of the bamboo forest. Two men were sitting around the fire. There was also an animal on the fire. It seemed that it was almost baked. The animal looked delicious.

One of the men was the shy man. He was facing the direction of the two people. When he saw Mengying Lin coming, he immediately shouted, "Master! Why did you bring her here? You really want her to be responsible for me." He blushed again as he spoke.

The man with his back to the two just came back to see the old man. When he saw Mengying Lin, he was stunned, and then he smiled, "Younger martial brother, I think this girl looks so good. It's a pity to let her be your wife. Otherwise, elder martial brother, I will marry her."

"Nonsense, you are a son of a bitch!" Elder Yan approached and clapped his head with one hand. "How can she marry you two evils? She is my beautiful new apprentice. In the future, I will choose an outstanding man to match her."

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