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"Is she your new apprentice?" The two men roared out in unison.

The shy man said to Elder Yan in an exaggerated way, "Master, how long is it takes? Are you biased? Just now I want her to be responsible for me. Now you say I don't deserve her? Do you dare to be more partial?"

"Why cannot I do that? Listen to me, you two little bunnies. Whoever dares to bully your little younger martial sister in the future, I will punish him." Elder Yan put his hands on his hips and warned them severely. Then he turned to Mengying Lin and said, "My good little apprentice, come to see your elder martial brother Wu Xiao and your second elder martial brother Lu Yi. If you feel bored later, you can bully them at will and I will support you!"

Elder Yan's words caused Wu Xiao and Lu Yi to howl even louder immediately.

Mengying Lin smiled and nodded. She knew who Elder Yan was. It seemed that he didn't need to talk about any reason here. He just needed a short guard."Thank you, master. Can I eat now? I'm a little hungry."

"Yes, you can." Elder Yan turned and slapped Wu Xiao on the head again."You are the elder martial brother. Why don't you get a leg for your younger martial sister after the deer is baked? Didn't you hear your sister say she was hungry? You really are not a sensible man."

"Master..."Wu Xiao looked at Elder Yan wrongly. Elder Yan rolled his eyes and pointed to the roast deer coldly.

Wu Xiao shook his head helplessly, pulled on the shy Lu Yi and sat down again. At the same time, he took the dagger cut off a piece of venison, and complained, "Younger martial brother, it seems that in the future, we are both in a cold house."

"Oh, life is hard." Li Yi also shook his head for a while, but was it the illusion of Mengying Lin? When they talked, although they complained, they were excited clearly in their eyes. Where was lost?

At that time, she didn't know what it meant to be favored here.

However, she liked this kind of impersonal and warm feeling. Here, they were not one family, but they were better than one family. She had to feel that she had made a wise decision. These fourth elder, Elder Yan, was really suitable teacher for her.

Several people gathered around the roast deer to eat. Elder Yan had no shelf. Wu Xiao and Lu Yi were also very casual. Mengying Lin was not a pretentious woman in her bones. So after a chat, several people got to know each other quickly.

When they were talking happily, Wu Xiao also encouraged Elder Yan to contribute the fine wine he had collected. Several people ate meat and drank wine, and they didn't leave until late at night with intoxication.

Although Mengying Lin didn't drink much, she was moved by their free and easy attitude towards life, so when she came to the room which Elder Yan pointes with his fingers, she lay in bed for a long time and could not sleep.

A gust of cold wind blew bringing up the unclosed windows to creak.

Mengying Lin looked at her side and saw a person standing in front of the window.

"Were you drinking?" Liancheng Mo's slightly displeased voice came out.

Mengying Lin turned over and sat up, put on a thin coat, took out a torch and lit the candle, "Why you come here? It is so late."

Liancheng Mo went to the bedside and sat down. He reached out and pulled her to his arms. She stumbled and sat on his legs. They became the most intimate and ambiguous posture immediately. "You haven't answered my question yet."

"Drinking a little, master and they all are happy."Mengying Lin shrank cleverly in his arms. His breath was full of light fragrance.

"Master... It seems that you are very satisfied with Elder Yan." Liancheng Mo put his arms around her, but his hands were not idle, rising from her waist slowly.

Mengying Lin's body was stiff for a short time. Then she relaxed again." Elder Yan and two senior brothers look very simple people."Yes, it was very simple. Just like the guys in her former studio, they devoted all their energy to weapon manufacturing, so there was no spare time for intrigue.

This kind of working atmosphere was what Mengying Lin wanted most. She didn't expect that she would have such a chance in her next life.

"Elder martial brother, it's so intimate." Liancheng Mo sneered, made a strong hand, brought slight pain and made Mengying Lin frown.

"What should I call them? Your Highness, are you jealous?"Didn't you say it's only for six months? Is this naked deception?

Liancheng Mo smiled quietly, but the strength on his hand was relaxed. He went deep into it along her collar. "I think I really like your body more and more."

"Yeah..."Mengying Lin laughed awkwardly and he liked her body. It was very pleasant to say, "Your Highness, don't you said give me half a year?"

"Aren't you out of Fengxi City? I gave you half a year to leave, but I didn't say that I can't come with you. Besides, I didn't come for you, but since our destination is the same, it's good to be a coincidence." When Liancheng Mo spoke, he had taken off Mengying Lin's clothes.

When the cold wind came, Mengying Lin could not help shivering. She bit her lips slightly, but her body was so excited. Since when did she learn to make sex with him happily?

"Your Highness..." She gave a low cry, and then was overwhelmed by Liancheng Mo.

Deep in love, she just couldn't help sneering. He liked her body and only stopped at it. It was just the greatest gift to him, but to her, it was the most cruel torture.

At daybreak, Liancheng Mo got up and left. When he left, he only glanced at Mengying Lin lightly.

When his figure disappeared at the door, Mengying Lin opened her eyes, and her eyes fell on the closed door. She smiled. When the smile bloomed to the extreme, there were tears in her eyes.

To him, she was just a tool to warm the bed.

Mengying Lin came to the yard after washing. The trees in the yard gave birth to new buds. The green buds let people know that spring was near. Although it was still cold, it was not cold in winter.

She stretched out a little and did exercise in the yard. Hearing the direction of the kitchen, Elder Yan came out with a big pot of porridge in his apron. She saw a kind smile on his face. "Girl, how early do you get up?"

"You are earlier than me. Mater, is this porridge you cook?" Mengying Lin pointed to the porridge in his hand and looked surprised.

"If I don't cook porridge, you all will be starving."Elder Yan rolled his eyes and sighed, "Well, your second senior brother is not good at cooking. Your eldest senior brother has cooked a good dish, but he seldom does it. Only I can do it."

"No, I mean are there no other disciples here? When I came, I heard brother Zhao said that there were disciples from other schools who were in charge of sundries specially."Mengying Lin said that she was going to help serve porridge, but elder Yan shook his head.

"Don't mention that those disciples are as stupid as pigs. They also say that I have a strange temper and don't conspire against each other in different ways, so I won't let them come to the yard to get in my way. By the way, I'll put the porridge on the table. Hurry up and tell your two elder martial brothers to get up."

That was so. Mengying Lin nodded and answered, "OK."

Wu Xiao's room and Lu Yi's room were in the corner of the yard. Mengying Lin came to the door and knocked, but there was no echo.

"Why, girl, what's the use of knocking like that?" Elder Yan, who had put the porridge in place, came over and took out a paw sized gadget from his arms and threw it over.

Mengying Lin took a look at it. It turned out to be something like a bamboo tube. She was wondering, so she listened to elder Yan saying, "You can just throw this thing in through the crack of the door to make sure that he will come out right away."

"Does it so magical?" Mengying Lin laughed and threw it into Wu Xiao's room without hesitation according to the words of elder Yan.

A few seconds later, a loud bang came from the room. Then the door opened, and Wu Xiao and Lu Yi rushed out with their quilts wrapped around. They roared, "Dead old man, didn't you say that we can't be tortured with suffocating grass?"

As they ran out, a strong smell came out of the room.

Mengying Lin covered her nose and retreated hurriedly. It turned out that the gadget was filled with something like poison gas, but it was not really poison gas, it was just the gas with fascinating taste.

"You two can get up if I do not use the grass to dissolve wine. Well, don't talk nonsense. Come to have breakfast quickly. Don't forget that it's the day when elder Yi explained the array to you. Although that elder Yi is a little hypocritical, he's still good in the array. Hurry to learn!"

Elder Yan beckoned Mengying Lin to come over and sat down for dinner while Wu Xiao and Lu Yi shrugged their heads and wrapped their quilts.

"Master, on the first day when you see younger martial sister, you let us completely destroy our image in front of younger martial sister. What can we do to support our elder martial brother's face later?" Wu Xiao stretched out a hand from the quilt and pulled the porridge into front of him.

Lu Yi was shy at first. Seeing Mengying Lin beside him, he was so embarrassed. He blushed with shame again. He wanted to drink porridge but was embarrassed to reach out.

"What is your image? If you want an image, go back to your room and get dressed."Elder Yan took a look at them and sat down to have porridge.

Wu Xiao was not convinced, "Elder Yan, you are so unreasonable. The smell of suffocating grass can't be dispelled for a while. Do we want to be suffocated when we go in now? I see, you mean it. You just don't want younger martial sister to have good feelings for us."

"I did it on purpose, so what?" Elder Yan drank most of the bowl of porridge and shouted with a wide stare, "Now she is my most precious female apprentice. She is not a short time for me to be the teacher's escort. Of course, she must be protected, but you stinky men can't cheat her away."

Wu Xiao and Lu Yi look at each other, and their faces were written with the same expression.

Mengying Lin was giggling all the time. It was a real joy for these three people to get along with each other.

During the meal, Elder Yan explained some rules of the sect to Mengying Lin. It turned out that the way of cultivating disciples in Tianji Pavilion was also very scientific. Because every elder was different in what he was good at. In order to improve his disciples, every elder would take turns to guide the new inner disciples. Today, for example, it was the turn of the third elder who were good at array came to guide the inner disciples.

So the three people came to the residence of the third elder after they had eaten.

The residence of the third elder was under a waterfall ten feet high. From a distance, you could see the mist filled with smoke, which gave people the illusion of being near the fairyland. The yard here was also very large. Plum trees could be seen everywhere. The plum blossom had come to the end. Every morning, the petals of the plum blossom wither and fell, and the mattresses were stained with paintings on the ground.

"Younger martial sister, follow me, don't look at the plum blossom. But if you lose it in the plum forest, you won't be able to come out."Wu Xiao walked in front of her and turned to tell her.

Mengying Lin nodded and followed, "Is this plum forest a formation?"

"Of course, elder Yi is good at array. Ten years ago, he used a stone array to trap 50 thousand troops of neighboring countries for three days and three nights, until the reinforcements came and defeated them."When Wu Xiao was talking, he shuttled between plum trees in a natural and unrestrained way. The only pity was that he was wearing the little small clothes of elder Yan, which seemed a bit different.

Unable to go back to the room to change clothes, he and Lu Yi had to wear the old clothes of elder Yan to go out.

Lu Yi walks behind Mengying Lin, and at the same time, he was awkward to pull the clothes. He always wanted to lengthen the clothes to block the exposed half arm. "Although he is the most powerful elder among the elders, elder Yan is really good at array. However, younger martial sister, you can't admire that elder Yi. You must always remember that elder Yan is the best."

"Well..."It seemed that escorts were not the patent of elder Yan. The four elders were escorted who helped their relatives or not. "Have we ever compared them with the third elder?"

"Why need a contest?" Wu Xiao shook his head wildly. "In front of absolute power, array is nothing. It's like this plum forest. Although the array is powerful, it can be cut down in a moment with the continuous harvest whip we made. There is no array without plum forest."

"What elder martial brother said is reasonable!" Mengying Lin gave a thumbs up thumbs up. She never grudgingly praised the children who were competing for favor. "What's that chain harvest whip? It sounded so powerful."

"That's a thing we made together with our master last year. It is a lot more powerful iron whip than a whip. The whip is embedded with a ring of blades. Every time we throw a whip, we can cut off a block. Of course, this block can also be a human head." Wu Xiao smiled smugly.

It was a good idea to embed a blade in the whip. Mengying Lin's eyes brightened, admiring these three casual looking but really capable peers.

Several people had passed plum blossom forest when they spoke. After plum blossom forest, there was the water pool where the waterfall fell. There were a dozen small square tables beside the water pool. Most of them were full of people.

Wu Xiao took Lu Yi and Mengying Lin to choose a small square table in front of him and made it. There was a table in the front. There was a ruler and tea on the table. It should be the old seat of elder Yi, the third elder. But now it was empty after table. Obviously, no one had come.

Mengying Lin arrived at the hot tea for the two elder martial brothers, and then began to look around the crowd. Most of the people sitting behind these small square tables were young people, only a few of them were old. They seemed to have spontaneously divided the scope and separated each other by some distance.

Just as she was about to take back her sight, she heard the noise of the crowd. Several excited young people began to shout, "Miss is back!"

"Is Miss Yunting back? Where is her?" The other roared, and then almost everyone looked in the direction of the plum blossom forest, as if they wanted to see something through the plum blossom forest.

Hearing the word "Yunting", Mengying Lin frowned unconsciously, but Wu Xiao was also a little excited. He patted Lu Yi and said with a smile, "Do you hear me? Yunting is back!"

Lu Yi's face flashed unnatural red, "She just go back, it will be OK."

Four words seemed to have revealed too much information. Mengying Lin's eyes widened in surprise and asked Wu Xiao, "Big brother, does second brother like Yunting?"

Well... Was this plot too bloody? If Lu Yi knew the relationship between her and Yunting, what would happen?

"Younger martial sister, don't listen to his nonsense. It's nothing."Lu Yi said, he seemed nervous to drink hot tea, but the eyes were not consciously to the direction of the forest.

Mengying Lin smiled and didn't continue to ask this question. It was very clear, wasn't it?

Deep in the plum blossom forest, two people appeared gradually. The woman in red walking in front of them was Yunting Tian. She walked through the plum blossom forest without looking at other people. She came straight to Mengying Lin.

Behind her was Yunjie Tian, who looked ordinary but had outstanding temperament. Today, he was no longer a little guy's equipment, but a noble young man's posture. He seemed to have the momentum of the superior. He also looked towards the direction of Mengying Lin at a glance.

"Little cabinet leader! Miss Yunting!" Where they went, all the inner disciples said hello politely, and they just nodded slightly.

Wu Xiao saw the two people come over and turn Lu Yi with his arms. "Look, younger martial brother, Miss Yunting will come to see you as soon as she comes back. It seems that you are not low in her heart. It seems that the drawing of the crossbow you sent her last time was not in vain."

"What is crossbow?"Mengying Lin looked at Lu Yi in shock, some of whom were unbelievable."Did you draw the drawing of the crossbow?"

"Younger martial sister, have you heard of the crossbow?"Wu Xiao asked with a smile.

"I've heard of it." The muscles on Mengying Lin's face couldn't stop twitching. Not only did she know, but she had also improved it herself. However, she really didn't expect that Lu Yi, who looked so shy that he didn't look like a man, was the designer of the continuous firing crossbow. The man of elder Yan taught was really a genius like pervert!

Wu Xiao said again, "Well, you don't know what hairpin and jade are given to you for your birthday gift, younger martial brother. It's better for him to send a drawing. Although it took him half a year to make the drawing, how can it please women when it's sent out? Besides, just she, who knows how to make weapons..."

"Elder brother" Lu Yi was a little embarrassed and interrupted Wu Xiao, "Miss Yunting says she likes it very much! She is someone who appreciates."

Wu Xiao sighed helplessly, shook his head and said no more.

When several people were talking, Yunting Tiam and Yunjie Tian had come to the small table, and Yunting Tiam snorted to Mengying Lin, "Oh, don't you think you are great? You are going to worship under the gate of Tianji Pavilion, Well, junior sister, why don't you say hello to me?"

Wu Xiao and Lu Yi were stunned. They stared at Yunting Tiam with poor tone, which reflected that Yunting Tiam came to find Mengying Lin.

There was a flash of disappointment in Lu Yi's eyes, then he bowed his head shyly, and Wu Xiao sighed again.

"Tianqing, speak well." Yunjie Tian followed her and pulled Yunting Tian behind him. Then he said to Mengying Lin, "Miss Lin, my sister is spoiled. Don't care about her."

"Brother, how can you help her? Don't you really want her to be your wife as others say?" Yunting Tian was not satisfied with this, but she had left Yunjie Tian's hand.

Yunjie Tian was embarrassed by her words, "I'm not helping her, she is willing to join our Tianji Pavilion. If you don't speak politely, you will go to the study!"

"Brother!" She was angry and snorted to Mengying Lin, "Wait, you'll see it in the future." Then she turned around and left, looking for a small table in the distance to sit down.

Mengying Lin held a cup of hot tea from the beginning to the end, so she watched YuntingTian's complete performance, YuntingTian's aim and Yunjie Tian's rescue. But her client, even the chance to open up and play, was not over?

After YuntingTian left, YuntingTian did not follow her, but sat down on the empty mat beside the small table. He politely said hello to Wu Xiao and Lu Yi, and then he said to Mengying Lin, "These two days, are you still used to it? It's said that some accidents happened during the selection of disciples. Are you OK? "

"I'm fine, Thank you." Mengying Lin was holding a teacup and cherishing seldom words.

Yunjie Tian said with a smile, "That's good. If you are not used to anything, come to me. As long as I can do my best, you can't fail what you entrusted."

"Thank you, cabinet leader." Mengying Lin smiled and answered, without any polite excuse.

"Don't always call me of cabinet leader. Since you are a disciple of Tianji Pavilion, Miss Lin can call me elder martial brother" Yunjie Tian had a gentle smile.

Mengying Lin was about to speak, but Wu Xiao next to him was discontented. "No, Tianji pavilion has the rules of it. The leader of Pavilion is the leader of Pavilion. How can you scream? Younger martial sister, you can't do that. Otherwise, when you go out, you will be told that the people of our four sects are not sensible."

"Well..."It seemed that Wu Xiao didn't like Yunjie Tian very much. She nodded and replied, "Well, you are right."

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