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In the swaying of the tree shadow, the faint smell of new buds could be recorded by chance. The ambiguous atmosphere under the tree became an ultimate temptation.

The pupils of Mengying Lin were shrunk for a moment.

She wanted to slap Liancheng Mo in the face and yell at him, "Are you a pervert?"

But, she knew, she couldn't! In his eyes, she was a plaything for venting, and playthings were always exciting for fun, just like those men and women who loved each other, always found some exciting places to do those sex making things.

And Liancheng Mo, obviously, was looking for stimulation. She remembered that in her dormitory, the woman pointed to the abnormal movies in the island country and made her unforgettable remarks. She said, "Look, the more dangerous the place is, the more dangerous the situation is, the more stimulating the hormone secretion and the AIDS. These abnormal tricks can be figured out, and they are also popular with people all over the world. People like it, which means that even normal people have crazy side in their hearts."

In the daytime, Liancheng Mo saw that her elder martial brother was protecting her tightly, which stimulated the hormone of Liancheng Mo, he was touched in the evening.

"Take off your clothes." Liancheng Mo's hands kept moving, he was burying his head beside her neck and smelling the fragrance of her hair, but his voice was a little urgent and mute.

Mengying Lin could feel the heat from his mouth around her ear. She bit her lower lip and forced herself to relax. Then, in the next moment, two small hands took the initiative to climb up his neck, "Your Highness, are you sure we doing in here?"

"Isn't it good here? The sky is the quilt, the earth is the bed." When Liancheng Mo spoke, his thin lips fell on her earlobes, which made Mengying Lin's whole body bristle.

There was a flash of resentment in Mengying Lin's eyes, but she obediently began to take off her clothes. She knew that if something could not be avoided, it was better to end as soon as possible. Only in this way could she protect herself.

The clothes fell on the ground. At that moment, the beautiful scenery of skin and snow fell into the eyes of Liancheng Mo. He smiled with satisfaction. His fingers raised her chin, and then kissed her. "Little goblin, I'm afraid that I can't leave you."


The biggest lie in the world was the sweet words that men said when they indulged.

It was late at night, even if it was already spring, it was a little chilly.

In the yard, on the stone table under the tree, the cakes were cold. Mengying Lin, who had arranged her clothes, sat quietly on the stone bench, but her eyes were darker than before.

Three furtive figures came in from the gate and were stunned to see Mengying Lin sitting in a daze in the yard.

"Younger martial sister, it's so late. Why are you still here? Are you waiting for us?" Wu Xiao took off the black towel on his face, went to the stone table and sat down, took a bite of the cake on the table and vomited out, "It's cold. It's terrible."

Mengying Lin turned her head and forced herself to get up. Only when she wanted to talk, she made a sound. She even found that her voice was hoarse. She coughed a few times to ease the embarrassment.

Lu Yi also sat down with her. Seeing she was uncomfortable, he asked with concern, "What's the matter with you? Have you been suffering from the cold for too long?"

"Cold" Elder Yan, who was walking at the back, followed him and reached for Mengying Lin's wrist."Why are you so careless? Let me have a look."

Mengying Lin cleared her throat again. She wanted to pull back her hand, but she saw that Elder Yan was already starting to pulse. Then she took it back in time, but elder Yi's expression was still weird.

"Master, that is all right. I'm ok. I just have a little cold. After getting a good sleep, I will be fine when get up tomorrow." Can she say that this kind of cold weather she took off clothes and blew the wind here for half an hour and not getting cold is a miracle?

"Oh." Elder Yan took back his hand angrily, but his eyes were confused, and he could not help staring at his fingers.

"By the way, have you got what we want from the young pavilion leader this time?" Mengying Lin shifted the topic quickly.

She asked, and Wu Xiao clapped the table angrily. "Don't mention it, it's basically broken books. That guy is very good at hiding. I don't know where he took it. We haven't looked for it in the study all the time."

"Oh, maybe I'll borrow it tomorrow." Mengying Lin sighed and said, "Master, elder martial brother, it's getting late. You've worked hard for me all night. You'd better go back to your room and have a rest earlier."

Wu Xiao yawned and said it with a good voice, then dragged Lu Yi away.

Elder Yan was still standing in his place. He moved his lips several times. He seemed to want to say something, but finally he turned around and went back to his room with a dry smile.

Mengying Lin also got up, cleaned up the cakes on the stone table, and then went back to the room. However, when she closed the door, she couldn't help but think of the expression on elder Yi's face. There was a strong uneasiness in her heart. There was an answer, but she didn't want to believe that reality.

That night, Mengying Lin slept restlessly, and didn't sleep completely until dawn.

Originally, she was going to borrow books from Yunjie Tian. However, Yunjie Tian came here in person with those books in the early morning. His arrival was naturally not welcomed by Wu Xiao and Lu Yi. So they sat in the dining room with a bowl of noodles, even not politely asking Yunjie Tian to eat together.

Mengying Lin helped in the kitchen. As soon as she came out with a bowl of noodles, she saw Yunjie Tian standing at the door with a gentle smile, "Young cabinet leader?"

"Well, I'm here to send you books." Yunfei Tian has spread several books in his hand. His smile was warmer.

It's hard for Mengying Lin to be so impolite to the people who send books. She could only ask politely, "Did you have breakfast? Do you want to eat together?"

Yunjie Tian's eyes fell on the face of her hands, and his body leaned forward slightly. "Is this what you cook by yourself?"

"Yes, it is. Well..." Mengying Lin felt that he was too close to each other when he was talking, and he took an awkward step back.

Yunjie Tian didn't mind. He took the noodles in her hands with a smile. "Then I have to taste them to see if the technology of making noodles with you is as good as that of making weapons."

Mengying Lin hadn't responded yet. Yunjie Tian had walked into the dining room with her bowl of noodles. She took a breath from the corner of her mouth and turned to the kitchen. It seemed that she had to make another bowl of noodles.

"Girl" Elder Yan suddenly appeared behind Mengying Lin and scared her. Looking back, she saw elder Yan old staring at Yunjie Tian in the dining room with a serious face, but asked her, "Girl, is he the one you like?"

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