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Her cleverness made Wu Xiao proudly raise his neck, and his arrogant appearance was almost to face Yunjie Tian with his nostrils. At that time, she did not know that in Tianji Pavilion, among the young generation, only Wu Xiao dared to talk to Yunjie Tian like this, because Wu Xiao was also a genius, and he had the courage and capital to be arrogant.

Being blocked by Wu Xiao's words, the smile on Yunjie Tian's face became a little stiff, and he could only held the tea in embarrassment and kept silent.

The atmosphere was embarrassing, and suddenly the crowd became a little noisy again. Several people looked towards the plum blossom forest and saw an old man with two disciples coming. The old man had a white beard, bent back, and no wrinkles on his long shirt. It could be seen that he was a very exquisite old man.

"This is elder Yi, the third elder." Wu Xiao explained to Mengying Lin, "His big apprentice and his second apprentice follow him. Do you think they don't look like a horse's face?"

Mengying Lin was stunned. Looking carefully, the two men had a square face. They couldn't help but chuckled and said, "Elder martial brother, your nickname is very appropriate."

"Isn't that right? The two men are two wastes. They can't make weapons, and they are not proficient in array. The only thing they can do is to flatter them, especially the big apprentice. Here is the one who looks like the ox. He is also lustful. Many servant girls in Tianji pavilion have been harassed by him. You are so beautiful. I can't guarantee that he won't bother you in the future. But don't be afraid. If he dares to come, your second elder martial brother and I will make him cry. "

"Well... OK."Mengying Lin nodded and smiled softly and peacefully. At the same time, she also had a warm feeling in her heart. In her heart, she became more and more fond of the people in the fourth elder' sect. He was a master who was not respected but extremely short. He was a handsome elder martial brother and a shy but kind second elder martial brother.

Wu Xiao thought that she was too calm to laugh. He thought that she didn't take her words to heart, and then he told her, "Younger martial sister, don't think that elder martial brother is joking. Now Tianji pavilion has only one female disciple besides Yunting. In case he hits your attention, you can't bear to say it."

Mengying Lin smiled, put down her teacup and said, "Don't worry, elder martial brother. I know. If he dares to harass me, I will tell you right away."

"That's good." Wu Xiao nodded with satisfaction.

With the help of the man, elder Yi sat down at the front table. A busboy came to warm his tea. He asked one man to hang a map under a plum tree. Everyone knew that he was going to start his lecture, so they were quiet.

Mengying Lin frowned and couldn't help looking around, but he didn't see Liancheng Mo. He was also a new inner disciple. He should have come at this time, but he didn't.

Without waiting for her doubt, elder Yi's old voice had come from the front.

"Last month, I left this array. After a month, did someone come up with a solution?" Elder Yi asked the people who were doing it with a wisp of beard. His eyes swept over their faces one by one. When they fell on Mengying Lin's face, the disdain in his eyes flashed away.

At that moment, let Mengying Lin knew that this was another old man who despised women in his bones. She was also glad that she made the right choice yesterday, and did not let Dahai Zhao meet the third elder with bad temper.

Several disciples sitting near the plum tree were ready to move. One of them took the lead to stand up and saluted elder Yi. Then he began to talk about his understanding of the array. He said, elder Yi nodded at the same time, but when he said all, elder Yi only waved his hands and snorted, "The front is OK, but the back is a feasible way, but the dead way."

When the disciple heard this, he sat down in shame, as if he was not convinced.

Then two more disciples stood up and said their ideas, but elder Yi was not satisfied. When they finished, he suddenly slapped the table and shouted, "It's all rubbish. In one month, no one can come up with a way to really break the array?"

This temper was as bad as it was said. This roar made some timid disciples shiver for a while.

Mengying Lin was surprised that he could become an inner disciple. There was no ordinary person by reason. How could someone tremble by elder Yi? However, the reality did not surprise Mengying Lin for a long time, because in the next moment, she was surprised to see that elder Yi took over the whip sent by the boy.

He stood up with a whip and pointed at one of them from the table at the entrance of the plum forest."Come on, you can say it first. If you are right about the whip, you will be free. If you are wrong, I will be impolite."

The disciple got up trembling, and the cold sweat dripped from his forehead. The people beside him even dared not to say anything. After a while, he couldn't speak a word.

Elder Yi sighed, raised a whip and fell on the man.

"Pa" a clear sound made Mengying Lin return her mind. She swallowed saliva, and turned to ask Wu Xiao quickly, "Elder martial brother. Is this how these third elder teach his disciples? Are we going to be beaten in that moment?"

She didn't know anything about the array. She couldn't even know the most easiest array so that she couldn't answer this question.

"Younger martial sister, don't be afraid. He won't hit us." Seeing that she was worried, Wu Xiao explained immediately, "Who the third elder fight, all of them are disciples in his family. They are disciples taught by him in a real sense. The other tables are all his disciples, and then the disciples of the cabinet leader and the second elder. Except for his own disciples, he will not really beat the disciples of other families. The most likely is to scold a few words"

So, Mengying Lin felt a lot more relaxed and drunk tea to slow down her dry voice.

Lu Yi heard what she said, and he also came up and said, "Don't worry, younger martial sister. Besides, I will help you if elder Yi asks you about the array in that picture."

"Second senior brother, do you know the array?" Mengying Lin asked in surprise.

Before Lu Yi could answer, Wu Xiao rolled his eyes and answered first. "Of course, he can. Not only he can, but I can. Well, the little cabinet leader beside you can. It's not such a big deal "

"You can, but in terms of the speed of breaking the array, the most powerful one here is the young pavilion leader, then me, and finally you, senior brother."Lu Yi shook his head and told the cruel truth.

"Lu Yi, are you letting me down deliberately?" Wu Xiao laughed and punched Lu Yi, but the light blow was obviously not strong.

Lu Yi rubbed his chest shyly, and laughed innocently to stop refuting Wu Xiao's words.

The young pavilion leader who had not spoke a word laughed, and then asked Mengying Lin, "Do you know it?"

"Ha ha..."Mengying Lin smiled awkwardly and replied, "No, I don't. I really know nothing."

"It doesn't matter. You can't learn from the beginning. I have some books on array introduction. I will send them to you later. If you do not understand anything, please come to ask me." When Yunjie Tian spoke, he stared at Mengying Lin's face. Since he knew that she was a woman, there was a kind of appreciation in his eyes that he didn't even realize.

When several people were talking, two more disciples were whipped by elder Yi. Seeing that most of them were about to be beaten, elder Yi's temper became more and more grumpy. Another disciple could not answer as well. He held up the whip to fight again. All of a sudden there was a bright voice from far and near, he stopped his action.

"Elder Yi, why did you fight your disciples in your lessons again?" From the entrance of the plum blossom forest, the leader of Tianji Pavilion, Yunfei Tian, followed by Liancheng Mo with Li Huan's face behind his back.

Elder Yi put down his whip and sighed, "I'm ashamed. I'm good at the array, but none of the disciples in this sect are good at it. Look, it's only an intermediate array. They can't think of a way to solve it in a month. I'm so angry."

"You should teach them if they can't. Why are you angry? You and I are both going to be old people. If you don't teach what you can, will you feel at ease in the future?" Yunfei Tian said.

Elder Yi shook his head."Yeah, I want to teach, but how can these stupid students learn? Well, leader, is this your new disciple behind you?"

Yunfei Tian nodded happily, "Yes, he is. I haven't had any disciples for many years. When I met someone with talent, I couldn't help accept him. Come here and say hello to Elder Yi, Li Huan. "

Liancheng Mo came forward with a fist. "Nice to meet you, elder Yi, I am Li Huan."

His voice was deep and charming, and his face was very beautiful. For a while, everyone was stunned, especially Yunting Tian, who was sitting in the distance, and her eyes fell on him for a long time. She didn't even notice when she was blushed.

Mengying Lin chuckled at the corner of her mouth. She noticed the appearance of Yunting Tian, and she was speechless. This Liancheng Mo wearing a mask could still attract women's eyes. No wonder so many women took the initiative to get together with Liancheng mo.

"Li Huan?" Elder Yi said his name, and asked, "Since cabinet leader said you have talent, I'm here to test you. Look at the array over there, which can be solved by it?"

"Here..."Liancheng Mo looked at what he pointed to, frowned slightly, and was about to speak when he saw Yunting Tian coming quickly.

"Elder Yi, other people can't come up with the array to solve it in a month. Do you think it's unfair for him to answer now?" YuntingTian came to the front of several people, dissatisfied with the way, a pair of eyes were unconsciously nailed to Liancheng Mo.

Yunfei Tian saw Yunting Tian standing up and talking. He was not happy. "Yunting, how can you talk to elder Yi like this?"

"Dad, I'm afraid younger martial brother will be bullied." YutingTian came to Yunfei Tian's side, coquettishly shook his arms and turned her eyes.

Yunfei Tian shook his head helplessly and said to Elder Yi . "I've spoiled her, and you forgive her." Without waiting for elder Yi's reply, he turned to Liancheng Mo and asked, "Li Huan, can you come up with a solution?"

Liancheng Mo smiled and nodded, "Yes, I can."

After that, he walked gracefully to the array chart, picked up a branch on the ground and pointed to one of them, saying, "This array seems to have three array doors, but in fact, it's one true and two false. The false array doors are very obvious, which can be found at a glance. If you start to crack the array here, it's OK at first, but it must be a dead end at last. The real array door seems to be insignificant, but once it is found, there is a line of vitality. If you start to break the array from this array door, there are 18 ways to break the array, but if you want to break the battle with the least loss, you can only start from here..."

As his branches moved, people held their breath unconsciously. Even the two disciples who had explained the wrong way but were not convinced heard his explanation, they all looked shocked. When they looked at Liancheng Mo again, almost all of them wrote unbelievable on their faces.

Mengying Lin didn't understand the array and what he was talking about, but from the reaction of the people around her, she also knew what great method Liancheng Mo must have used.

Even Wu Xiao could not help but put down the tea cup and listen to him.

"It seems that another pervert man has come to Tianji Pavilion."Wu Xiao's face was dissatisfied, but his eyes were admiring."Even I can't think of so many ways to break the array, and the best way he said, I can't think of it. Lu Yi, can you think of that way?"

Lu Yi just returned to his mind, frowned and shook his head."I can't, either. I don't know if it's possible for the young pavilion leader."

The ball was kicked to Yunjie Tian, but Yunjie Tian was also sad, and then he shook his head helplessly.

And Yunting Tian, who was standing beside the cabinet leader, had become a narcissistic state of him. Seeing Liancheng Mo's eyes from shy at the beginning to worship at the end, a girl's heart was once again attracted by Liancheng Mo.

When the wind blew, the petals of plum blossom fell on Liancheng Mo's shoulder. He raised his hand, and his slender fingers flicked a little, and the petals flew down.

His movements, his looks, were like the most beautiful landscape painting.

It was not only Yunting Tian, but also Mengying Lin. she remembered that when he came to her room last night, he was so shameless and rogue in bed. In the daytime, he could pretend to be such an elegant man.

When Liancheng Mo finished explaining his method, elder Yi stared at him with pleasant surprise, "Your guy, have you t just came the Tianji pavilion yesterday?"

"Yes, I have."Liancheng Mo replied with grace.

Elder Yi clapped his chest and cried to Yunfei Tian, "You are not kind. You haven't accepted disciples for so many years, so you should not accept him. It was not easy that such a person who knows the array coming here and you steal it back to you! You want me to have no successor."

"Well, elder Yi, what do you mean? Isn't my disciple your disciple? What do you say such words? Besides, my apprentice is not good at array, so of course, I have to choose his strengths."

"What are his strengths?" Elder Yi thought about it carefully and said doubtfully, "What you are good at is martial arts. So that is he still a martial arts wizard?"

"That's right." Yunfei Tian laughed proudly, put his hand on elder Yi's shoulder, and took him to the previous small table." It's his fault that he can do everything. Unfortunately, there was something unexpected in the selection of disciples, or there might be some talents left."

"That's all. I have only a few more years to wait."Elder Yi sighed and sat down at the small table again. Then he asked people to take out another array chart. But this time, he didn't test everyone. Instead, he began to explain the array slowly on the array chart.

Yunfei Tian took Li Huan to sit aside. In fact, he won't come on this day. It's just the first day Li Huan come here, so he took him to meet people and showed off by the way.

Liancheng Mo just glanced at the array and didn't seem to be interested in it, so he quickly looked away, but in a moment when he turned around, he saw Yunjie Tian pouring tea for Mengying Lin. He frowned and took back his eyes.

After a half day's teaching, Mengying Lin had been completely trapped. She had no foundation. Listening to the array explanation was similar to listening to the heavenly book what she couldn't understand.

So when she came back to the yard, her face was wrinkled. Even when elder Yan cooked a meal for her, she was discouraged.

At the dinner table, Elder Yan picked a drumstick into her bowl. "Girl, don't be discouraged, isn't it the array? I'll let your eldest brother and second elder brother teach you first. If they can't teach you, I'll kill them!"

As soon as Wu Xiao and Lu Yi heard this, they immediately agreed, "That is, little martial sister, we will take turns to teach you from tomorrow."

Mengying Lin was in a better mood. "Well, thank you all."

"Well, having dinner first."Wu Xiao comforted her a few words, and suddenly thought of something. He said awkwardly, "Oh, I forgot that I just received the assigned work the other day. I need to make a weapon to deliver the goods these days. Otherwise, Lu Yi, could you teach her first these days?"

Lu Yi nodded, "OK. From tomorrow, I will start to teach my sister's array. By the way, master, I remember that you have several array books before. I will find them for me later."

When elder Yan heard this, he directly knocked Lu Yi on the head with chopsticks. "My array books are all advanced arrays. Your younger martial sister has no foundation. How can she understand them?"

"Then what to do with it?" Lu Yi looked embarrassed and thought, "Otherwise, how about go to ask the young pavilion leader? Didn't he say today that he had several basic books?"

"No way" This time, elder Yan and Wu Xiao even shouted in unison.

"Why?" Lu Yi did not know why.

Eder Yan took chopsticks and knocked again. He had some meaning of anger. "You silly boy, you just can't learn well. Just like the story that the weasel pays a happy New Year's Eve to the chicken. Yunjie Tian's purpose is not simple. I heard from your elder martial brother. He was so excited when he saw our girl. Do you understand his desire? Hum! I don't want him to get along with my girl."

In this one day's work, Mengying Lin had automatically risen to the status of a girl in his family.

"Just borrow a book, it is not important..."She said. Are they over nervous? She was a person. She couldn't be cheated as soon as others want to cheat her.

"Isn't it important?" Elder Yan raised his voice and said, "Borrowed and returned books, you will connect with each other. When you borrow, you have something to do with it. When you have something to do with it, you have to connect with him well. At that time, I also relied on this method to solve it...In a word, you can't find him."

"Then what shall I do?" Mengying Lin sighed. When she met these extremely short-term teachers and senior brothers, she also had a headache.

Elder Yan was banging his chopsticks on the table, as if trying to find a way. For a while, his eyes brightened and he said with a smile, "We can't borrow it. We can steal it!"

"..." Mengying Lin was speechless. There was no one else who thought of this way.

But when Wu Xiao and Lu Yi heard this, they thought it was quite reasonable. After a total of three people, they immediately finalized this method and said that they would go tonight.

The muscles on Mengying Lin's face twitch ceaselessly, but her heart was melting and warming unconsciously.

That night, elder Yan's three men prepared their stealing tools, put on their night clothes and set out bravely watching by Mengying Lin.

Mengying Lin came to the yard with the lantern, hung it on the crooked neck tree in the yard, then sat down on the stone bench under the tree, prepared some snacks specially, and waited for a few people to come back and reward them.

In the spring night, there was no chill, just a little cold touch. In the sky, tonight was full of stars. A few stars were like shining diamonds. Each one carried a dream of a girl's heart.

Unconsciously, she began to hum and tap her fingers to the beat. At the thought of the exaggerated appearance of the three people who had just gone out, she could not help laughing again.

"It looks like you're in a good mood." A sudden voice interrupted her humming.

Mengying Lin looked up and saw a figure in front of her. She didn't panic because the voice was so familiar to her.

"Why did you come here?"

"Can't I come here?" Liancheng Mo came to her with a smile, pulled her up from the stone bench, sat down by himself, hold her in his arms, and put his hands around her waist.

Mengying Lin was forced to sit on his body intimately, and she smiled with a little stiff. "No, I just feel that you are hiding in Tianji Pavilion, so it will damage you in case of being found."

Liancheng Mo chuckled and fumbled up her waist with his hands. His lips reached her ears. He said softly in a charming voice, "But I am used to your body. Without you warming my bed, I can't sleep."

Fuck! Wasn't it just the beast that thought about making-sex again? So implicit he was! Beast!

Mengying Lin was shouting in her heart, but her face was still smiling. She just held his hands and continues to act, "Your Highness, I'm afraid it's not good in this yard..."

"Didn't your master just go out? Yunjie Tian, after all, is the young pavilion leader. His place is not so easy to go and come back." Liancheng Mo waved her hand and kept on touch her body. "Besides, you said, what do you think if your master and elder martial brothers who were escorts knew that the people they were desperately protecting had long been my playthings?"

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