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"Yes." The PR Department that was in charge of receiving the guests and the colleagues that were sent to support them replied in unison.

Xu Youai's gaze landed on Jian Ran in the end, "Jian Ran, I heard that you are the best employee in your profession. In a while, you will follow beside the new CEO and take charge of his work. You don't have to worry about other matters. "

Jian Ran nodded her head, but before she replied, Ma Dannuo, a look of schadenfreude appeared on her face: "Jian Ran, if our new CEO is not married, will you get lucky?"

To put it nicely, there was a chance to get close to the new CEO, but everyone knew that this was a hot potato, and no one was willing to pick Jian Ran up.

Xu Youai said with a straight face as he glared at Ma Dannuo, "Today might be related to the rest of us staying and staying, you guys better be more serious."

After being scolded by Xu Youai, no one made a sound. Jian Ran took a deep breath quietly, trying her best to get into her best condition.

It couldn't be blamed that Xu Youai was nervous, since this matter happened so suddenly.

Just when everyone thought that the company was at peace, the board of directors suddenly released a message that the CEO was going to be taken over by a new person.

However, the incoming big BOSS was extremely mysterious. The people in charge of each department had tried to ask about it through various channels, but they hadn't found any information about it.

Jian Ran was not a person who liked to join in on the fun, so she could not help but stretch her neck out to look at the entrance, wanting to see who this big boss was.

"He's here, he's here! All the directors and new CEO s are here!" The receptionist's voice came from the walkie-talkie into the ears of all the staff.

The colleagues couldn't help but straighten their clothes and respectfully stood at their posts.

Jian Ran followed closely behind Xu Youai, welcoming the mysterious big BOSS that everyone was waiting for.

After taking a few steps, he saw a man wearing a silver-gray suit. He was escorted by a few men in black suits. The man walked with graceful steps in the direction of the publication hall.

It didn't matter if she looked, but once she looked, Jian Ran was stunned.

The tall man who walked right in front of the crowd and wore a silver grey suit was clearly her new husband -- -- Qin Yue!

"Impossible!" Jian Ran thought that she was hallucinating and immediately closed her eyes and shook her head to wake up.

But when he opened his eyes and looked again, that man's appearance still hadn't changed.

If it was someone else, she might have been mistaken, but this was her new husband, so she couldn't be mistaken.

His face was as perfect as a knife. He had a height of 1.8 meters, a muscular build, and an unwittingly noble elegance as he walked.

Either way, the man was exactly the same as her new husband.

"Q-Qin Yue?!" Jian Ran glared at the man and subconsciously called out his name.

As if hearing her voice, the man's gaze shifted to her.

Facing his gaze, Jian Ran was so nervous that she almost forgot to breathe.

She would never have thought that her 'ordinary' newlywed husband would suddenly become the new CEO of her company.

She looked at him, her head buzzing like a bloomed flower.

The man's gaze stayed on her for a moment before shifting away. It was so cold that it seemed as if he didn't know her at all.

In the face of his indifference, Jian Ran's heart quickly sank.

He was clearly Qin Yue, his new husband. Why was he looking at her with such a cold gaze?

In just a short moment, all sorts of thoughts had flashed across Jian Ran's mind.

The closest thing to reality was that she thought this moment was a dream. An unrealistic dream.

Qin Yue was always gentle and refined, his speech and actions were very polite, he would never pretend not to know him.

She quickly pinched herself, and the pain made her twitch her mouth. She then realized that this was not a dream, but what she had just experienced.

Since this wasn't a dream, then there was another possibility. It was that this man only had the same face as Qin Yue, but was actually completely different from him.

Xu Youai forcefully pulled Jian Ran and scolded him in a low voice: "Jian Ran, what kind of occasion is this, what are you doing?"

Jian Ran was like she had just awoken from a dream, and she was slightly annoyed herself.

Xu Youai scolded his in a small voice: "Hurry up and catch up."

Jian Ran nodded and quickly followed behind the new CEO. At the same time, he had already concealed his own emotions and was using his professional identity to face the BOSS who looked like her new husband.

Xu Youai quickened his pace to catch up to the group of the new CEO, and opened the door of the reporter reception hall for them: "Please welcome all the directors and new CEO!"

Just as Xu Youai's loud and passionate voice fell, the huge press conference hall burst into applause. Everyone stared at the entrance, waiting for the mysterious big BOSS to appear.

Jian Ran quietly took a deep breath and followed closely behind the big BOSS. When the big BOSS sat down, she neatly handed over the information she had prepared.

Even if she had professional upbringing, the impact of the company's new BOSS being her new husband was still too great. Her hands accidentally trembled and the data in her hands dropped off two books.

Just as Jian Ran was about to squat down and pick up the folder that dropped, Qin Yue bent down to pick it up before she could, and then heard him whisper in her ear: "Wait for me at home tonight."

If Qin Yue did not say this, Jian Ran could still forcefully take him as someone who looked the same as his husband. Upon saying that, Jian Ran's entire mind went blank, and he dumbfoundedly forgot what to do.

Fortunately, all of the reporters' attention were not on her, giving her some time to adjust her mood.

However, the reporters did not notice her, and the keen-eyed PR staff did not miss this small episode.

The PR Department was ready, all the departments coordinated well, and Qin Yue had enough power to intimidate the audience, so the newly appointed press conference this time would be very successful.

Just as the new CEO left, Ma Dannuo squeezed over: "Jian Ran, you 'accidentally' got rid of the document just now, and have successfully attracted the attention of our new CEO."

Jian Ran frowned, she turned and spoke to Xu Youai: "Manager Xu, I will head back to Operations Department after I finish my work in the PR Department."

Looking at Jian Ran's back, Ma Dannuo stomped her feet in anger: She ignored me, she actually ignored me. Why is she so arrogant? "

Xu Youai glared at Ma Dannuo: "Don't cause trouble every day. If you continue to mess around, the next person to leave will be you. Do your job well if you can. As long as you climb higher than her, you will be qualified to pull. "

Ma Dannuo glared at Jian Ran's retreating back, gritting her teeth in hatred: "Cousin sister, I know."

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