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When Jian Ran returned to the office in Operations Department, she heard her colleagues in the same department discussing about the new CEO.

Everyone started spouting nonsense, as if they knew this new CEO very well.

When her colleague Lin Mei saw Jian Ran, she hurriedly came over. "Jian Ran, you're lucky to be able to stand by CEO's side and work as soon as possible."

Jian Ran smiled lightly: "It's all work, I don't care which side I stay at. If you think that working at CEO is good, in the future, when you encounter things like today, the manager will send you. "

Ye Mei quickly waved her hand, "Although our new CEO is very handsome, but those eyes and aura are not something that little shrimps like us dare to approach."

"The new CEO will come over later to conduct their routine inspection. All of you, return to your positions and work seriously." Operations Department Manager, Zhao Zhao Junqing walked into the office and instructed the people under him.

The new CEO was coming to inspect!

Hearing this news, Jian Ran couldn't help but to gulp down a mouthful of saliva, her heart tensed up to the point of her throat.

She still needed some time to digest the fact that his new husband, Qin Yue, was the company's new CEO, and wasn't ready to face him yet.

The other colleagues had all returned to their seats, but only Jian Ran was still standing there, stunned. She looked at Jian Ran: "Jian Ran, what else do you want?"

"I'm fine." Jian Ran came back to reality and secretly clenched her fists, she immediately went back to her computer to check her customer information.

Not long after, the elevator gave a ring and Qin Yue once again appeared in front of Jian Ran under the escort of a group of people.

But thankfully, Qin Yue had only greeted the department staff, and after hearing Zhao Junqing's simple report, he led the group of people away.

After Qin Yue left, the Operations Department became rowdy again. Even the normally calm Zhao Junqing could not help but gossip with everyone.

Everyone was talking about whether this extremely handsome CEO was unmarried or married.

Jian Ran listened to their discussion and did not say a word. She thought that if this group of people found out that CEO's marriage certificate had her name written on it, would she be skinned alive by this group of women?

The day's work time, under the tension and apprehension of the situation, finally passed. After her colleagues left, Jian Ran finished cleaning up.

Now that the work during the day was over, what kind of mentality did she have to face Qin Yue at night?

Jian Ran really did not know, and did not even know whether or not she should return to her "home" with Qin Yue.

After exiting the company, Jian Ran habitually turned right at the entrance B of the subway technology park. After walking for a while, she remembered that she was living with her new husband.

Qin Yue's apartment wasn't far from the technology park's area. The bus only had three stops, and after walking for about half an hour or so, they would arrive.

Jian Ran looked at the time. It was only five o'clock now, and she had not decided how to face Qin Yue in any case. She decided to walk home, and it just so happened that she could think about the two of them.

Returning back to the small district below, Jian Ran decided to buy some vegetables and meat from the fresh supermarket located at the side. No matter how big the problem was, filling one's stomach was the most important.

She didn't know what Qin Yue liked to eat, but she took out her phone to ask him, but since she was worried that he wouldn't be able to pick up the phone easily, she placed her phone back in place.

After choosing the ingredients, he carried them home.

She was still quite a distance away from the elevator when Jian Ran saw an unfamiliar yet familiar figure. He stood straight with her face towards the elevator, wearing a light gray suit that made him look extremely charming.

Qin Yue stood perfectly straight, his figure had a very good ratio. From afar, he looked like a beautiful scenery.

Jian Ran still couldn't understand. Such an outstanding man, and even the CEO of a large company, how could they meet each other?

"You're back." Jian Ran walked over and greeted him in the most normal way possible.

"Yes." Qin Yue turned his head to look at her, but he didn't see any different expression on his face.

Jian Ran returned a faint smile, and stood firmly by his side.

She only glanced at him once and felt that this man seemed to be different today. She couldn't recall exactly what was different.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he snuck a glance inside. It turned out that he was wearing a pair of gold-framed glasses today. He looked much more stable and reserved.

Jian Ran sighed silently in her heart. This man only spoke a few more words during their second meeting, and normally, they were as precious as gold. She wanted to take the initiative and build closer relations with the two of them, but she didn't know how to do it.

Now that she knew of his shocking identity, Jian Ran didn't know how she should approach Yun Che.

Just as he was thinking, Qin Yue suddenly extended a hand out towards her. Jian Ran instinctively took a small step back, opening up a distance between him and her.

"Leave it to me." He took the bag in her hand without a care in the world.

Jian Ran felt her face grow hot. He had only wanted to help her carry the bag, but where could her imagination have gone?

Looking down at Qin Yue's powerful palm that was holding onto a big bag of stuff, it was as if it was effortless for his to blow away all the dust.

Jian Ran was optimistic. Even if there was no love between them, even if he was the Great CEO of the company, as long as the two of them worked hard enough to manage this marriage, they would still be able to live a good life.

The two of them entered the elevator, and neither of them spoke for the duration of the elevator's operation.

Returning home, Qin Yue placed the items into the kitchen and said indifferently: "I don't really know how to cook, I'll be troubling you tonight."

"Go ahead. Just leave the cooking to me." Jian Ran put away his bag, took off her jacket and put it on.

"Thank you!" He said it lightly.

"You're too polite." Jian Ran forced out a smile, his smile somewhat awkward.

They were already husband and wife, but the way they were getting along was like two strangers.

She took it for granted that her wife would cook for her husband, and his manner of speaking to her unconsciously widened the distance between them.

Jian Ran thought that even if it was a marriage without love as the basis, they shouldn't get along in such a strange way.

Without further ado, she turned around and entered the kitchen. She neatly scooped the rice, cooked, washed the vegetables ...

After a while, Jian Ran caught sight of a tall figure standing at the entrance of the kitchen from the corner of her eyes.

"If there's anything you need help with, just let me know." Qin Yue stood there, straight and upright. His tone was still calm, but it was not hard to tell that he was a little embarrassed.

"Just wait a little longer, I'll be ready soon." Jian Ran looked at the clock on the wall. It was already 7: 30 in the evening, so he was probably hungry.

Tomorrow, he thought, he would come straight back from work. He would finish his meal early, and when he returned home, he would be able to eat the food she cooked herself.

No matter what kind of identity Qin Yue had, this marriage was a choice she made himself. He had to work hard to lead a good life.

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