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Xu Huiyi was startled at first, but quickly recovered. "Jian Ran has experienced that kind of injury and betrayal, and has no one to rely on for the past three years.

Just as he was speaking, Qin Yue stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her gloomily.

Xu Huiyi immediately added. "But she will feel sorry for you in the future."

The meeting room was on the 23rd floor, Operations Department was on the 19th floor, and when the elevator reached the 22nd floor, the door opened. Ma Dannuo from the PR Department walked in.

Jian Ran did not like people like Ma Dannuo, so she stood to the side a little, and did not want to greet them.

Ma Dannuo glanced at Jian Ran, then turned to face the elevator door and raised her head high: "Some people, don't think that no one would know of the ugly things that they did in the past in a different city."

Jian Ran listened and decided not to waste her energy on a woman like Ma Dannuo who could cause trouble.

Jian Ran's indifferent attitude angered Ma Dannuo, she turned and glared at Jian Ran: "Jian Ran, don't you know that our CEO is married?"

Jian Ran pursed her lips and smiled. If she didn't know that Qin Yue was married, then who else would?

Ma Dannuo wanted to hook up with Qin Yue, so sshe decided that it would be the same for Jian Ran as well. Thus, he said, "CEO will get Hutt's aid to send an internal email this morning to announce to everyone in the company that he is a married man."

Jian Ran was so busy with the matter of Starlight Corporation's tender today that she didn't even look at the internal mail of the company.

Now that he knew, he couldn't help but feel a tinge of sweetness in his heart.

Qin Yue said that when he saw other men being close to her, he would be jealous.

Thinking of this, Jian Ran laughed in her heart, and couldn't help but laugh.

Ma Dannuo had unrealistic fantasies about Qin Yue. When she saw that Qin Yue was married this morning, her heart turned cold.

After being depressed for the better part of a day, he wanted to invite someone to be depressed along with him. As soon as he thought of it, he thought of Jian Ran.

She wanted Jian Ran to have a taste of what she had tasted, but who would have thought that Jian Ran would have such a carefree expression, making her angry.

Ma Dannuo angrily stomped her foot. Gritting her teeth, she thought that she couldn't do anything to Jian Ran now, but there would be a day when she would catch hold of Jian Ran's weakness, making him unable to act so arrogantly.

Because of yesterday's lesson, Jian Ran did not waste even a moment after getting off work today. She rushed home as quickly as possible, hoping to make dinner before Qin Yue got off work.

While going to the supermarket to buy ingredients, Jian Ran dialed Qin Yue's number.

When Jian Ran called, she found that Qin Yue was having a temporary meeting with a few higher-ups.

He raised his hand to indicate for everyone to quiet down before he answered the phone. "Is something the matter?"

Jian Ran said: "I'm in the supermarket, do you have anything to eat?"

Qin Yue said calmly: "I am not picky with food, you can decide."

When Qin Yue said this, Xu Huiyi and Liu Yong were already beside him. Hearing his words, the two of them exchanged glances at the same time.

If their CEO was not picky with food, then there was probably no one in this world who was picky with food.

When Qin Yue returned home, he found Jian Ran busy working in the kitchen.

She was wearing an apron, and her long black hair was tied up in a random bun, revealing her fair neck.

It wasn't hard to imagine her doing well at work, seeing her like that.

Qin Yue looked at it in a daze for a while before walking into the kitchen. "Jian Ran, I'm back."

Jian Ran turned around and smiled lightly: "Go and change your clothes first, we will start eating soon."

Qin Yue stood there and did not move. "Jian Ran ..."

Jian Ran's hands did not stop moving, she turned around and looked at him: "What's wrong?"

"I'm going to change." Qin Yue had initially said that he wouldn't need her to busy himself with cooking after work, so he only asked Auntie Rice Boiling to prepare the dishes. However, he felt that eating the personally cooked food by his wife wasn't bad.

The way he looked at his home in his heart was that when he returned home from work, he would be able to eat hot food personally cooked by his wife, not everything was prepared by his cooking auntie.

Three dishes and a soup were prepared. There was a white chicken, a fried onion, a fried lotus root, and a broth of golden mushroom.

Seeing that Qin Yue was only eating light dishes at noon, Jian Ran guessed that he liked light food, and cooked some of these common dishes.

Qin Yue changed his clothes and came out, the dishes were already on the table. Seeing the onion on the table, his brows slightly knitted, but very quickly, nothing happened.

Jian Ran brought the soup up and scooped a bowl for Qin Yue. "I've been busy all day, let's drink a bowl of soup first."

"Alright." Qin Yue took the bowl and took a sip.

Jian Ran picked up another onion and placed it into Qin Yue's bowl. "Onion is very healthy, eat more."

"Alright." Qin Yue nodded.

However, he did not immediately eat. Instead, he slowly drank the soup.

He finished one bowl and added another. He also ate a few pieces of White Chicken and Lotus Root Starch, but he did not touch Jian Ran's bowl of food.

When Jian Ran realized this, she started to eat big mouthfuls with her head down, feeling a little sour in her heart.

Jian Ran did not speak anymore, and Qin Yue also did not like speaking from the table, so the atmosphere was extremely quiet.

After finishing his meal, Qin Yue was in charge of washing the dishes. Without saying anything, he turned and returned to his room.

She clearly knew that the relationship between her and Qin Yue wasn't that close, but if she saw how much despised her food, she would still feel sad.

But on second thoughts, their marriage was a marriage without any basis in feeling, only for the sake of marriage.

Although they were already husband and wife, neither of them understood the other. Neither of them was close enough to help each other with food. She had been careless.

In the future, she would try to respect him as much as possible and would never go out of line again.

After thinking it through, Jian Ran no longer bothered about the matter just now.

She turned on her computer and prepared to take a closer look at the Starlight Project's proposal. Friday was the opening date. With so many people busy for so long, they definitely could not afford to make any mistakes.

Just as Jian Ran opened the folder, her phone rang.

Jian Ran saw that it was her best friend, Ling Feiyu. When she picked up the call, she heard Ling Feiyu shouting in anger: "You damned girl, where did you die? Why didn't you tell me about the move? You want to scare me to death? "

Ling Feiyu was a high school and university classmate of Jian Ran's. Back then, when Jian Ran had betrayed her family and friends, she was the only one standing by her side.

Jian Ran decided to come to the Jiangbei to develop herself. Ling Feiyu did not even think about it, and dragged a simple luggage with him as she left the bustling capital city and came to the Jiangbei City.

She was worried that Jian Ran would do something stupid by herself. She originally wanted to accompany Jian Ran for two months, and only turned back to look at the capital after Jian Ran had calmed down.

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