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But in the end, they felt that the Jiangbei, this new big international city, was not bad too. Ling Feiyu and Jian Ran settled down together, and the two took out all their money to open a bridal design studio.

Jian Ran needed money, accurately speaking, no matter how intimate she was, she couldn't rely on anyone. Only money could give her a sense of security, she needed an additional job to earn money, so she entered Innovation Technology Company. Thus, she didn't participate in the management of the bridal design room.

But Ling Feiyu knew that this was only one of the reasons, the real reason was because Jian Ran was no longer willing to draw a wedding drawing board with a brush, so Jian Ran chose to work in a job that was completely out of the field of painting.

It was a wound that Jian Ran had buried the deepest in her heart, and even now, no one had been able to help her heal it.

In front of Ling Feiyu, Jian Ran had absolutely no privacy at all.

She had wanted to ask Ling Feiyu out this weekend to discuss the matter of him marrying her, but unexpectedly, Ling Feiyu had gone ahead of time to find her at her rented place.

Jian Ran listened quietly, and after Ling Feiyu finished roaring, he said softly: "Fei Yu, don't worry, I'm fine. The work on the Starlight Project will end this Friday. I'll treat you to a meal during the weekend. "

Ling Feiyu shouted angrily: "Stupid girl, you scared me to death, do you think using a meal can compensate me for my mental loss?"

Jian Ran knew that Ling Feiyu had a sharp tongue and a rotten heart, and could not help but laugh: "Then, how about I sleep with you for a night to compensate you?"

When Jian Ran said this, the moment Qin Yue pushed the door open and walked in, his steps slightly paused. In his heart, he already knew who Jian Ran was talking to on the phone.

Don't look at how Jian Ran's smile was usually warm and gentle. She looked like she was close to anyone, but in reality, the only person that could get close to her heart was Ling Feiyu.

Qin Yue knew about all this, but Jian Ran did not know about it.

She quickly covered her cell phone and whispered, "This is a female friend of mine."

Regardless of whether or not she had feelings for him, in the name of husband and wife, she would not do something that would cause Qin Yue to be "jealous".

Qin Yue nodded his head and did not ask too much.

However, Jian Ran thought that Qin Yue did not believe his. She pursed her lips and laughed helplessly, maybe he thought that she was the type of woman with water personality.

"Jian Ran, Jian Ran..." She did not hear Jian Ran's words, but Ling Feiyu shouted out, "Give me the address, I'll go look for you."

Jian Ran knew that Ling Feiyu was worried about her. If she didn't let Ling Feiyu see that she was fine today, she would definitely call the police to find her and enlighten them.

Jian Ran smiled gently: "Stop messing around, I'll go find you."

After hanging up, Jian Ran packed up simply and prepared to stay over with Ling Feiyu for the night and honestly explain the matter of registering for the marriage.

She knocked on the door of the study and heard Qin Yue's promise before she pushed the door and entered: "Qin Yue, I'm going over to Fei Yu's place tonight, I'm not coming back."

Qin Yue immediately stood up: "I'll drive you there."

Jian Ran shook his head: "No need to trouble yourself."

Qin Yue stared at her: "It's too late, I can't be at ease going out by yourself."

His tone was very unyielding and her meaning very direct, making Jian Ran unable to refuse.

Qin Yue's car was a Range Rover. For someone like him, a car wasn't considered expensive, but it was spacious and comfortable.

Qin Yue drove the car very safely, giving off the same feeling as the driver.

Qin Yue asked for his address, and after Jian Ran gave him his address, the two of them did not have any other conversations.

After almost an hour, they reached their destination. Jian Ran thanked her and was about to open the car door, but Qin Yue reached out and grabbed her.

"Jian Ran..." His voice was low and sexy, always pleasant when he called her name.

Jian Ran glanced at his hand, then raised her head and met his eyes. She asked him softly: "Is there anything else?"

He released his hand and said somewhat uncomfortably, "Are you angry?"

Jian Ran laughed: "Why should I be angry?"

Qin Yue, "..."

Jian Ran opened her car door and got off, then stood outside and said: "Quickly go back, drive carefully."

Qin Yue nodded, started the car and left.

After watching her car drive off for a distance, Jian Ran turned around and walked towards the direction of Ling Feiyu's residential area.

When they first arrived at Jiangbei City, Jian Ran and Ling Feiyu lived together.

After that, Jian Ran went to work at the Innovation Technology company, and because she was too far away, she moved to nearby to rent a room.

After Jian Ran moved away, Ling Feiyu stayed in the house and especially left a room for him. Using Ling Feiyu's words, she wanted Jian Ran to go back to her parents' home and take a look anytime.

Seeing that Jian Ran was standing right in front of her, Ling Feiyu couldn't be bothered with her anymore. She hugged her IPAD and watched the series with relish.

Ling Feiyu ignored him, but with a "human" to deal with him, a snowball-like beagle pounced at Jian Ran's feet, kissing and wagging its tail. It was obvious that he was overjoyed.

Jian Ran casually threw away her bag, and picked up the little guy in one go: "Em, you miss your mother?"

She gave two cries as she crawled into Jian Ran's embrace with all her might, using her actions to show how much she missed her mother.

Ling Feiyu looked over in dissatisfaction: "Em, you little glutton! Even though you are her 'biological', I have raised you for more time than she has. It's fine if you don't want to kiss me, but instead, you have to show your love in front of me. "

Jian Ran walked to Ling Feiyu's side and said proudly, "Ruchang is a smart guy, and knows who's the mother and who's the stepmother."

"I'm a stepmother?" Ling Feiyu threw the IPAD into her embrace and said arrogantly, "Girl, be careful that I might poison your 'daughter' to death."

Jian Ran still did not speak, and continued to bark, using its language to express its dissatisfaction with Ling Feiyu.

Seeing such a cute girl, Jian Ran was overjoyed. She rubbed her face gently, saying, "My 'daughter' is still the most considerate of me."

Ling Feiyu rolled her eyes at Jian Ran: "If you want your daughter, then find a man to marry to, and marry her as much as you want to."

Jian Ran looked at Ling Feiyu and suddenly said seriously: "Fei Yu, I've registered the marriage."

"Get lost!" Ling Feiyu pointed at the door, but quickly realised that Jian Ran would not make such a joke towards her, her mouth was so wide open that it could even swallow an egg. It took a long time for her to say anything, "Of course, who is that man?"

Jian Ran said: "It's that man called Qin Yue that you introduced to me last time."

"Qin Yue?" Ling Feiyu scratched her head, and seriously recalled the name, thinking for a long time but not having the slightest impression, "The person I introduced you to, is not someone called Qin Yue."

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