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Pushing open a wooden door and entering was a large patch of grass. Further in were pavilions, rock formations, fountains, and sea of flowers ...

Jian Ran followed Xu Huiyi and walked for a long time before she finally saw a three-story French style building.

The interior of the building was simply decorated, it was a decorative style that was close to nature, and it fit perfectly with the style that Qin Yue knew.

Along the way, Jian Ran couldn't help but sigh deeply. This place was as beautiful as a paradise, if she could live here often, she should be able to live for a few more years.

Xu Huiyi did not enter the room and instead stood at the door and said: "Since Boss Qin is here, he will not make it hard for you to stay in those normal rooms."

Jian Ran thought, those guest rooms were also very expensive, okay? How is it ordinary? However, compared to this isolated villa complex, the guest rooms were nothing.

Xu Huiyi then said: "Mrs. Qin, this is a private area. If others cannot enter, you don't have to worry too much."

Mrs. Qin?

This was the first time someone had called me that. Jian Ran blushed slightly as she heard this, "Hutt's aid, you can just call me Jian Ran."

Xu Huiyi laughed: "You are Boss Qin's wife, I can't find a better form of address than 'Mrs. Qin'."

Xu Huiyi meant what she said, but even now, Jian Ran and him had not even held hands, and their faces were burning even more.

"You go in and rest, I'll go first." Xu Huiyi laughed and left politely.

Jian Ran stood in the large hall, and looked around, and was at a loss as to what to do.

At this time, Qin Yue walked in from outside and took the backpack that Jian Ran was carrying on her shoulder, and took the lead to walk upstairs: "The room is on the second floor."

His legs were long, but he purposely slowed her pace so that Jian Ran could catch up.

Jian Ran followed behind him and said: "Qin Yue, can I discuss something with you?"

Qin Yue opened the door and entered the room, placing Jian Ran's backpack on the luggage platform.

Jian Ran, "..."

Alright, it's better to take care of this as soon as possible.

Qin Yue walked over to the window and pulled open the thick curtains. From the wide window, he could see the endless ocean, even the ocean and sky seemed to be the same.

Occasionally, the sound of waves lapping against the rocks could be heard, as if it were a pleasant piece of music.

Jian Ran sincerely exclaimed: "What a beautiful place!"

Qin Yue said, "If you like it, you can come often."

Jian Ran shook her head: "I don't really like it."

It was not that she didn't like it, it was just that Jian Ran couldn't bear to spend all the money she had painstakingly earned on this kind of place, so she didn't want to spend Qin Yue's money either.

Although Qin Yue had already given her a bank card, she had no intention to use it. If two people divorced one day, she would be able to walk a little more easily.

Qin Yue would definitely not be able to tell that Jian Ran was not telling the truth, but he did not ask any further, and said: "Let's go eat first, after eating and rest for a while, in the afternoon you still have to participate in department events."

Jian Ran nodded: "Ok."

After a while, Qin Yue said awkwardly: "Jian Ran, if you want to soak in the hot spring tonight, you can come back and soak in the private hot spring pool here."

Jian Ran instinctively shook her head: "I'll just go and bathe with everyone."

Qin Yue spoke in a righteous tone, "No man would want to see his wife wearing that much for other men to see."

"Ugh ..."

Jian Ran suddenly felt that Qin Yue's masculinity was beyond normal. Even if he did not love her, if others looked at her twice, he would still have an opinion.

After a nap, Jian Ran finally joined the group. Lin Mei said enviously: "Jian Ran, to be able to live in a luxurious villa district, your luck is really too good."

Jian Ran said: "It's not that convenient to live together with the Leader."

The leader she was referring to was Qin Yue, but Lin Mei nodded in agreement for Xu Huiyi's sake, "You are right, it is more interesting to play together with familiar people. Why don't you squeeze in with us tonight? "

"Forget it." Jian Ran did not dare to agree. What if Qin Yue himself came in the middle of the night to carry him?

In order to have a good time, the HR department has prepared a lot of fun activities. They were divided into red, blue, yellow, and green teams according to their respective departments.

The first activity was a beer contest.

Fill a large two-liter glass with beer. A man and a woman each drink a straw. The last group to drink up received the punishment of taking a big risk.

Each team took the initiative to invite their department manager to accept the challenge.

In the first match, Jian Ran's Red Team won first place in the tournament, and after the Yellow Team finished drinking the wine, their members accepted the punishment of taking a big risk.

As Captain Huang was receiving his punishment, the cold and aloof CEO arrived and for a while, he became the focus of everyone's attention.

Qin Yue indicated for everyone to continue playing, while he sat down by the side, quietly watching the competition.

With CEO here, everyone's actions became more restrained. However, when the host announced the second game, everyone let go of their worries.

The second is the apple nibbling game.

Hanging an apple on a rope, the four groups selected a man and a woman, starting from the two sides of the apple, the last group was subjected to the cruel punishment of being drenched in ice water.

Jian Ran had contributed greatly to this project, so the members of the Red Team pushed her out to accept the challenge.

Jian Ran could not help but glance at Qin Yue guiltily. His expression was unfathomable, and he could not help but turn fat, then he walked over.

Wang Weiming from the Red Team also took the initiative to stand out, wanting to fight with Jian Ran.

At this time, Xu Huiyi also looked at Qin Yue, but what she saw was different than what Jian Ran saw. She immediately clapped and said: "Does anyone want Boss Qin to come and play as well?"

Everyone wanted to, but no one dared to cause a ruckus. Since Hutt's aid had spoken, then everyone would have more guts.

Everyone shouted out: "Boss Qin! Boss Qin! Boss Qin! "

Amidst the shouts from the crowd, Qin Yue finally stood up after a long while. Looking at his cold expression, it was as if he was forced to accept the challenge.

Seeing him walk off the stage, Jian Ran kept praying in his heart, hoping that he wouldn't pick her, and definitely not choose. However, Qin Yue just happened to walk in front of her.

"Wow!" The crowd screamed in excitement.

The girls were all regretful. If they had known that the Boss Qin would participate, even if they were to be drenched, they would have fought with all their might to obtain this challenge.

Different from the excitement of the crowd, Jian Ran lowered her head, not even daring to look at Qin Yue.

The host shouted, "Get ready!"

The other three members immediately approached, their eyes glued to the apple that had fallen between them.

Jian Ran kept her head down, thinking that she should just be an ostrich and admit defeat. However, Qin Yue suddenly whispered: "Do you really want to lose?"

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