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I don't want to!

Jian Ran's unyielding nature immediately lit up, she raised her head and looked at Qin Yue provocatively, who was afraid of him?

Host: "Begin!"

The other three members immediately took action.

Everyone on the side shouted: "Boss Qin, do your best! Boss Qin will win! "

Qin Yue said to Jian Ran: "Bite the apple and don't move, I'll eat it."

This was a tactic, and it was not like the two of them were going to eat an apple, but Jian Ran would be the one to stabilize the apple.

Jian Ran nodded.

But thinking was one thing, really doing another. Before Jian Ran's mouth even touched the apple, all of her olfactory senses were disturbed by Qin Yue's clean and cold breath.

Everyone shouted even louder: "Boss Qin, do your best! Boss Qin will win! "

"Don't panic, I'm here!" Amidst the thunderous cheers of the crowd, Qin Yue's low and sexy voice was still heard by Jian Ran.

Jian Ran took a deep breath quietly and bit on the apple. Seeing Qin Yue coming closer, she was so frightened that she immediately closed her eyes.

In the entire process, Jian Ran did not even dare to open her eyes to look at Qin Yue, she did not know what kind of expression she had.

Suddenly, Jian Ran's lips felt a warm sensation, it was Qin Yue's lips touching hers.

"Ahhh ..." The people beside him clapped and screamed.

Jian Ran was as though she had been electrocuted. Her mouth loosened and she took a big step back, her face red like the red apple they had just eaten.

At this moment, the host announced, "Blue Team, Yellow Team, Green Team's challenge is complete, Red Team loses!"

Since the Red Team lost, Jian Ran and Qin Yue would accept the punishment of being drenched in ice water.

However, the one to be punished was the cold and aloof CEO. No one had the courage to go up and splash ice water on him.

If that was the case, it would be too much of a waste of everyone's interest.

At the critical moment, CEO Big and Big Another assistant Liu Yong stood out and said: "Then let me offend Boss Qin."

This time, everyone applauded and shouted again.

Liu Yong raised the bucket as much as possible to avoid Jian Ran, and Qin Yue also pulled on his overcoat to protect Jian Ran. The final result is, Qin Yue's entire body was drenched, and Jian Ran wasn't even splashed by the ice water in the slightest.

Jian Ran looked at Qin Yue who was completely drenched, and was a little worried that he would catch a cold. However, he could not show it in front of everyone, so she could only look at him worriedly.

Qin Yue saw her worry, and took the towel the staff member brought for him to wipe his hair. He went over to Jian Ran's side and whispered: "Don't worry, I'm fine."

He casually wiped it a few times with a towel and then faintly smiled to everyone. "You guys play, I'll go change my clothes."

Qin Yue's act of protecting Jian Ran was only done by a man to a woman as a gentleman. Normally, males would protect females like this, but the way they looked at Jian Ran was completely different.

stared at Jian Ran and clenched her fists at her side, wishing that she could pinch Jian Ran to death.

She painstakingly dressed up for a long time, but not only did she not receive a single glance from Qin Yue, she was instead robbed of her limelight by this woman surnamed Ji.

She, Ma Dannuo, dared to call herself number two in the PR Department, so no one dared to call herself number one. However, in the eyes of her male colleagues, of Operations Department was even prettier than her.

Therefore, all along, Ma Dannuo had always treated Jian Ran as if she was a thorn in her eye, a thorn in her flesh, she could not wait to chase him out of the company.

After Qin Yue left, Ma Dannuo jumped out and said, "Jian Ran, seeing how red you were just now, will you be interested in our Boss Qin?"

Jian Ran coldly swept her gaze across Ma Dannuo, and Xu Huiyi stood out and said: "Boss Qin told me to send his married email within the company because I didn't want to cause any malicious remarks to misunderstand his wife. I hope that everyone will not discuss his private life behind Boss Qin's back."

Ma Dannuo relied on her cousin being the manager of the Public Relations Department, usually she felt that she was a level higher than others, but now that Xu Huiyi said it, she did not dare to refute him. They could only silently add this hatred onto Jian Ran.

Qin Yue was a little worried for him. After playing a few more games, she found a quiet place to send Qin Yue a message: "Remember to take a hot shower, you must not catch a cold."

"Some people really can't change their dog eating nature. If they don't hook up with a man every day, they'll feel uncomfortable all over." At this time, with no one around, Ma Dannuo's words were direct and vulgar.

Jian Ran normally did not care about Ma Dannuo, but she looked down on him from the bottom of her heart, which also proved that she was someone who could be easily bullied.

Jian Ran put her phone back in her pocket, got up and walked towards Ma Dannuo.

Ma Dannuo was terrified by the cold aura that suddenly emanated from Jian Ran's body. She timidly took two steps back, "Wha ... what are you trying to do?"

Jian Ran pressed on until she blocked Ma Dannuo's path to the corner, reached out to pinch her chin, and said with sinister eyes: "I haven't grown another tooth yet, but I've learnt to bite people like a mad dog."

Ma Dannuo ridiculed: "Heh, even a mad dog like me would be better than a shameless woman like you. Look at all the shameless things you have done in the past. Someone like you wants to crawl into the Boss Qin's bed.

Jian Ran laughed coldly: "I heard that you were dumped by your boyfriend last month, and you're still crying like hell. Now you want to go to CEO's bed again, you sure are shameless. "

Ma Dannuo said angrily: "What does it have to do with you that I am dumped?"

Jian Ran laughed: Then what kind of woman do you think I am has anything to do with you? Ma Dannuo, you are not the only one who knows how to use personal attacks. Don't use something that's broken from several hundred years ago as a gun, you would never be able to show off other people's scars even if they are ugly. "

Ma Dannuo arrogantly said: "Hmph, you still have the nerve to bring up those things. Do you believe that I won't reveal everything and let everyone in the company see who the ** you are?"

"She's mine!"

A cold voice came out, causing both Jian Ran and Ma Dannuo to tremble.

Jian Ran never expected that Qin Yue would appear here, and her heart was thumping a little. If Qin Yue saw her like this, how would he look at her?

Ma Dannuo was so scared that her face turned pale, "S-Boss Qin, this thing is not what you see. Jian Ran, she... "

Qin Yue did not even give Ma Dannuo a glance, and coldly spat out a word: "Scram!"

Ma Dannuo's face turned red and white. She still wanted to muster up the courage to explain herself, but she was scared speechless by Qin Yue's cold appearance. She gritted her teeth, stomped her feet, and ran away with a wronged expression.

Qin Yue walked towards Jian Ran and stared at her.

Jian Ran was a little perturbed by his gaze. She opened her mouth wanting to explain what happened just now, but before she could say anything, Qin Yue used his sexy voice and said: "I know you're not the one causing trouble."

Jian Ran raised her head and looked at him, and pursed her lips: "What if it's really me causing trouble, and I'm bullying others?"

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