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Charlie's eyes sink, "Ten years ago, if my parents doesn't decide to travel, she would not be an orphan."

"But it doesn't mean that the killer must have come to your parents? It may also be to the Mia's family."

"Mia's family is just a small business family. No one will think of them. The Charlie's family is different."

"So, you promised to marry Mia just for the atonement?"

"It can be said like this."

"You stupid boy!"

Karin pushes him angrily, "What is marriage? Marriage is of two people who love each other living together for a life. If they don't love each other, how will they survive the marriage?"

"What about you? Haven't you thought of living with Barry for a lifetime?"

Suddenly... She is speechless.

"Actually, I decided to marry Mia at that time was not only for the atonement, but I didn't meet the one I love, nor did I would."

"And now?"

"If I don't meet now, would I be a sinner in the family?"

She smiles, and rests her head on his shoulders, closes her eyes happily.

It is dark when they arrive at Charlie's Mansion. Getting out of the car, Karin stiffens.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing her holding still, Charlie asks in confusion.

"I don't want to go in."

She points to a red sports car ahead, which she knows is Mia's.

Of course, she knows, so does Charlie.

"It's okay. Don't be afraid. I'm here."

"I'm not afraid. I just don't want to face the situation of three people."

"If you want to be with me, you have to have the power of being the hostess here."

He looks at her with a very serious expression.

Karin thinks for a while, and compromised, "All right."

Following Charlie into the magnificent hall, she glances at the woman sitting on the sofa, who is looking at her with a pair of resentful eyes.

"Karin, haven't you gone? Why are you back!"

Mia questions her almost hysterically.

"I bring her back."

Charlie says and turns to the woman behind him, "Wait for me upstairs. I will solve it."

Karin nods and goes upstairs.

She walks back and forth in the room, and from time to time comes the down floor have fierce quarrels. She realizes that the relationship between Mia and Charlie is really as Milan said, "It is not so easy to end."

She wants to find something to do to divert her attention, and shifts her eyes to the messy bed. When she left at noon, Charlie specially explains that his room doesn't need to be cleaned up today.

Stepping forward and gently lifted the quilt. The center of the white sheet is reddened, like a plum blossom in the snow.

This is the evidence of the passion last night, she blushes immediately.

She finally finds something to do. She tears off the sheets, ready to wash in the bathroom.

With a loud bang, the door is pushed open, Mia rushes in with tears, and grabs Karin's arm, "I beg you, give me back my man, okay?"

The sudden action scares Karin, but fortunately Charlie arrives in time.

"Mia, don't make trouble."

"My man is robbed by this woman, why am I not making trouble?!"

Mia cries and asks Karin to answer her. She glances down at the bed sheet next to her feet, and for a second, she cries even harder. She is completely stimulated, "What is this? You... What did you do!"

Karin bites her lips so hard that she could not speak.

"I'll send you back."

Charlie is afraid that if she goes on like this, her chest tightness would start again, and she winks, and Karin quickly takes the sheets into the bathroom.

"I won't go back! I want to live here, starting today, I want to live here!"

"Don't challenge my patience."

Mia turns sharply, "Charlie, do you have to be so cruel to me? You don't even kiss me, but you go to bed with this woman. You have to make it clear who is the real mistress here! "

"You have to figure out whether I love you or not."

Once again stimulated, Mia covers her chest, and the whole person lost gravity and falls to the ground...

Charlie is most afraid of this. He angrily hugs her to the bed and quickly helps her take the medicine.

"What's going on here?"

Karin stares at Mia's pale face, frightened.

"She has a tight chest and can't be overly excited."

Maybe she is really too exciting. She usually takes the medicine, and wake up quickly. But she falls asleep tonight.

Charlie signs helplessly, "See? Every time I talk to her a little bit, her chest starts to feel stuffy, which really makes me annoyed."

"Did you take her to the doctor?"

"Yes. Many times, but none of them could cure her."

"Why? Is it that serious?"

"She isn't congenital.. The doctor says that this is a neurological disease that originates from a severe stimulus, which causes her to get sick every time she is stimulated.

"It isn't because of her parents that caused her severe irritation?"

Karin feels uncomfortable in her heart. If that is the case, then the burden on Charlie would be even heavier.


"She used to be an apple in her parents' eyes. She is carefree and lives like a princess. Since the family's great accident, she has become an orphan."

"Isn't her mother alive?"

"Her mother is alive, but her crazy appearance is no different from death."

"If it's that, we... seem to be hopeless."

She lowers her head sadly, and there is only loss in her eyes.


Charlie holds her shoulder, "Although there are some difficulties, I will try my best to solve them. I would rather lose the world than lose you."


Karin nods her head. Every time when she is about to lose her confidence, Charlie's affirmative look could give her infinite strength.

She glances down at the person on the bed, "Then I'll go back to school tonight?"

"No, there are many rooms here."

"But you have to take care of her at night, I don't want to stay here..."

"It's okay to have Nanny May to take care of her."

"No, no."

"Then what do you want?"

"I go back to school."



He signs, "Well then, I'll send you."

"No, just ask Robert to help me. Just bring my luggage over."

Charlie rubs her face, "Well."

After making a phone call, Robert drives over and is about to enter Charlie's Mansion with her luggage. Karin comes out of first.

"Robert, don't take the luggage."

"What?" Robert doesn't understand. Charlie just calls and asks him to bring her luggage over, but he doesn't say anything else.

"Send me back to school."

"What happened?

He opens his eyes in amazement, wondering if the two are arguing.

"It's okay, this is not my home. What's weird when I go back to school."

Charlie stands beside her, grabbing her waist and lowering his voice, "I'll pick you up tomorrow."

"Well. Talk then."

She waves, "Bye bye..."

Robert asks in confusion, "Why are you going back to school so late?"

"One mountain cannot bear two tigers."

He asks indefinitely, "Mia comes here?"


She nods helplessly.

"Why did you leave when she comes Shouldn't she leave?"

"She's unconscious."

Robert signs, "This is her skills, but it is also Charlie's fatal injury."

"I know."

"Do you mind then?"

"What's the matter? It's tricky. I always give him time to deal with it slowly. As long as he doesn't disappoint me, I will wait as long as I can."

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