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"It's no wonder Charlie has a soft spot for you. If it were other women, they must not allow Mia to be here."

When the car arrives at the University of Zurich, Robert carries her luggage and says, "Let me help you."

"OK, thank you."

The two walk side by side in the direction of the dormitory building. The light in the room is on. She is a little surprised. Billie should return home.

Taking the key and preparing to open the door, the door is opened from inside, "Karin !!"


Karin never thought that Billie is still there.

"You don't tell me you come back in advance. I'll pick you up at the airport?"

"I don't know you don't go home."

"Oh, yes..."

Billie smiles awkwardly, and looks at Robert behind her, greets enthusiastically, "Hi, Robert, long time no see."

Robert politely nods, "Well, long time no see."

"Come in."

"No, I have something else to deal with. I have to go"

As soon as he leaves, Karin asks, "Why don't you return home?"

Billie's eyes follow closely behind Robert's back, and she thinks for a few seconds, "I'll talk to you later."

In a blink of an eye, she disappears.

Karin is stunned and takes the baggage to the house. At the beginning of summer, the house is a little stuffy. Opening the window and letting the cool breeze rush in is very pleasant.

After a wile, Billie returns.

"Where have you been?" She asks.

"See Robert off."

"Send him off?"

Karin's eyes widen in disbelief,. When did you become so kindhearted.



"You ask me why I don't return home?"

"All right, why don't you return home?"

"I have also applied for a doctoral degree."

"What? Why is this again?" Karin is completely shocked.

Billie lowers her head, and seems a little embarrassed. After a long while, she answers, "I want to stay for one person."

"Don't you tell me it's Robert?"

"It's him."

"What? You stay for Robert? Does he know?"


"So it is secret love?"


Karin rubs her forehead, "This problem is a bit serious. According to my understanding of Robert, he may not like the kind of girl he likes."

"What kind of girls does he like then? You?"

"Of course not."

She smiles sweetly, and crisply answers, "I am Charlie's girl."

"Well... you shameless woman."

"You have crush on him. That's interesting."

"I believe this crush will soon end!"

"Oh, don't you just go and confess to him?"

"No, just a few casual conversations, but I am confident that he can't escape my love."

"Don't be too confident. I don't know if he is interested in you."

"As long as it's a normal man, how could be he not interested in me? A man who is not interested in me is not a man!"

At night, Karin couldn't sleep, and asks softly, "Billie, have you slept?"

"No, you can't sleep, how could I sleep."


"In this world, there are only two types of people who have insomnia. One is the person in love, and the other is someone like me who has a crush."

"Then shall I go to your bed to sleep?"

"Come on, baby..." Billie turns on the lights.

Karin jumps onto her bed, hugging her shoulders and says, "Do you really decide to like Robert?"

"Of course."

"But like Charlie, he settles in Zurich. If you are really together, you must be prepared to stay here."

"Then I will stay. I'm not the same as you. I still have an elder brother and an elder sister in my family. I am not the only one in my family. So distance is never an issue for me."

"So great." She signs sincerely.

"How about you? Have you decided to stay in Zurich for Charlie?"

She signs heavily, "This is where I'm upset. I'm the only daughter. If I'm gone. No one is taking care of my parents."

"Don't worry too much, maybe they will figure it out in the future, and they will emigrate here."

"This possibility is too low."

Grandma still needs someone to take care of. Grandma is not willing to leave the small building where she lives. If grandma does not leave, it is absolutely impossible for her mother to leave.

"It's really annoying. Who makes you fall in love with a man like Charlie."

"So I am very envious of you and don't have to experience helplessness like me."

"Then I still envy you, at least you and Charlie are in love with each other."

Billie grabs her hand, "Follow me."

"Where to go?"

She follows her out of bed in doubt, and walks to the window.

"Let's shout at the sky to cheer each other up and believe that everything will be fine."

Billie takes the lead in shouting, "Come on, Karin..."

Karin smiles, facing the vast sky, "Come on, Billie..."

"We will have a happy ending."

"We will have a happy ending."

The two shout at the same time, "We will be happy!!"

Early in the morning, the two are still sleeping, and someone knocks the door.


Billie pulls the blanket over her head in annoyance, muttering, "Karin, open the door!"

Karin rubs her sleepy eyes, walks to the door in her nightdress, and when the door opens, a charming man stands in front of her, and she is so shocked that she is completely sleepless, and slams the door again.

"Billie, get up."




She turns over and sits up, "Where? Where?"

"Outside the door? You haven't gotten up yet, and I will not open the door."

"Get him in soon."

Billie quickly changes her pajamas and wears a beautiful long dress on purpose.

Karin also changes her clothes, opens the door slowly, but Charlie walks in.


She is dumbfounded, "Where's Robert?"

"He helps in the company, why? You ask for him?"

Charlie asks in confusion.

With a stun in her heart, she immediately understands that she is fooled.

"No, just ask."

"Pack up, I'll take you somewhere."

Karin is surprised, "Where can I go? Why pack up?"

"Pack luggage, quickly."

Charlie leans in her ear and says softly, "Don't live here anymore."

What he means is so obvious that he is going to live with her...

"It is pretty good I live here."

"You are good. I'm not."

Billie pouts and chuckles, and Karin flushes, "Nonsense, Billie is still there."

"Oh, then I'll go."

Billie quickly quits and thoughtfully closes the door for them.

There are only two people leaf in the room, and there is no longer any concern. Charlie hugs her, "Do you want to be with me?"


"Then why?"

"Because... I don't want to live with Nanny May. She hates me so much. If I live in it, how will life would become."

Charlie smiles, "Relax, I won't let you live with May."

"You won't fire her, right?"

"Of course not. Keep it secret for now. Pack it first."

"But I still feel that this is not appropriate."

"Then I'll ask the principal and get me a dormitory alone. I'll move over?"

"How can this..."

Karin rubs her forehead and says the biggest concern in his heart, "Actually, I am afraid Mia would come to me again."

"Don't worry, I've made it clear to her this morning. The day after tomorrow I will hold a press conference to officially announce the termination of the engagement."



"Will she agree?"

"Whether she disagrees or not, and I can decide unilaterally."

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