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"But I don't think it will be that easy..."

"Karin, whether it is easy or not, it is my problem. You and me don't need anything, the only thing you need is courage."

"I know." She nods.

"Then you clean up, shall I wait for you outside?"


Courage, yes, whether it is the past, the present, or the future, to love Charlie, the most needed is courage.

Not long after Charlie leaves, Billie comes back. She sees Karin packing her luggage and rushes forward, "Dear, do you really want to abandon me for the sake of a man?

Karin smiles, "What abandon you, I'm not Robert."

"But you're gone. I'm alone in this huge dormitory. How lonely and desolate."

"Well, let me tell Charlie that you live in his house too?"

"No, I live in his house and serve as a light bulb ?!"

"Otherwise, I won't go."


"Of course I don't want to leave you alone."

"Oh, forget it, you can go! If you don't go, Charlie runs here every day, watching you two so sweet, I am looking for abuse."

"Then I really go?"

"Just go."

Karin opens her arms, "Come on."

The two hug fiercely, Billie lies on her shoulder and says, "If you quarrel, remember to run to me, I will keep you for free."

"Go, don't curse me."

Karin smiles and lifts her luggage, "Take care."


Billie grabs her by the arm, "I haven't finished talking yet, what's the rush?"

"What? What else do you say?"

"One important thing."

"What's up?"

Looking at her serious expression, she is serious as well.

"Remember to have contraception."

Karin is speechless for a long time, and says, "I know."

Billie sends her out of the school, and tells Charlie's, "I give you my girlfriend, take care of her."

She gets into the car, thinking that the car would drive directly to Charlie's Mansion, but gradually seeing that the road is not right, and suddenly she is confused, "Where is this going?"

"Take you home."

"But this is not the way to Charlie's Mansion."

"Another home."


She is more confused, "Do you mean to go to another place?"


So it is no wonder that she will not live with Nanny May.

The car continues to drive to a mountain road, looking around, it is all turquoise.

"Why are we on the mountain?"

"The house is on the mountain, so it's going to be on the mountain."

"What? The house is on a hill?"

"Any question?"

"The problem is very serious. There are very few people on the mountain. You can't find anyone to chat with. If there are some ferocious beasts in the middle of the night, there will be no escape.

Charlie smiles, "Do you think this is a wilderness?"

"Is not it?"

"Which wilderness has wide road?"

The car drives to the top of the mountain before stopping. Karin sits in the car, staring dumbly at the villa in front of her, and is so startled that she can't speak a word.

"You come down?"

Charlie knocks on the window.

She hurriedly pushes the car door and jumps down, quickly runs to the villa door, staring at the house in front, she has a feeling of reaching heaven.

"Vineyard Garden..." What a beautiful name.

"Go forward."

Charlie suddenly stands behind her and reaches out to cover her eyes.

"What are you doing?"

"A surprise."

She smiles, fumbles to open the door, and moves forward slowly.

After walking for more than twenty steps, his hands covering her eyes are loosened, and what is in the eyes is a sea of purple flowers.

"Wisteria ..."

Karin screams in surprise. She usually researches various kinds of flower language. Naturally, she also knows the varieties of flowers very well.

"Is it beautiful?"

"It's very pretty!"

She closes her eyes and goes round and round in excitement. This is the most beautiful place she has ever seen since she was born.

Beautiful scenery, beautiful houses, beautiful flowers, and beautiful moods.

However, after a few laps, the smile on her face disappears, replaced by a solemn dignity, "Charlie, you tell me honestly, this will not be the place where your loves have lived in?"

He smiles, "What are you thinking about?"

"How do I know?"

"Yes, here, once lived a woman..."

Karin's heart goes cool.

"What woman?"

"For me, a very important woman."


She kicks him fiercely and turns to run outside.

Charlie reaches out and stops her, "Let me finish my words."

"Okay, you say!"

"I bring you here because you are just as important as that woman..."


Karin is going to be mad at him. Is he forcing her to jump over the cliff?

"I don't like you bring me here!" She snorts and lets go of his hand.

"Are you curious about who that woman is?"

"Not curious! Not curious at all!"

Charlie sees she is really angry, and hugs her from behind, "Okay, no more teasing you, let me tell you who she is. She is... my mother."

Turning swiftly, Karin stands still.

"Your mother?"


"But how could your mother..." She points to the villa in front of her, "Why would she live here?"

"My mother 's favorite flower during her lifetime is this wisteria. Wisteria garden is a 30th birthday gift given to her by my father. She will move here for a period of time when the vine flower blooms in April and May every year. At that time, I was still young. Every time my mother lived on this mountain, I would follow her. "

Charlie says here, pauses, his voice becomes hoarse, "So this wisteria garden is a very important place for me, because it contains the best memories of my childhood."

Karin instantly understands the significance of this mountaintop villa, and also understands Charlie's thoughtfulness.

"Sorry, I misunderstood you..."

He smiles lightly, "It doesn't matter, your jealousy means that you care about me, I'm happy."

Reaching out and holding up a bunch of wisteria flowers, she breaths deeply, with a special fragrance, like... mother's smell.

"Now it is the season for flower in blossom. I want to give you the beauty of this garden."

Charlie comes to her and says affectionately, "You know, no one has lived here for more than a decade."

"Such an important place, would it not be suitable for me to live here..."

"Fool, the more important the place, the more important people are to live."

Karin smiles and leans on his chest, "The most important place for you should be here." She points to the location of his heart and the villa in front of her, "Not there."

"Whether it's here or there, I can only have you."

Charlie drags her into the villa, takes her to visit every room, and walks every with different surprises. Admittedly, Karin liked\s this place very much, not just because it is the most important place in Charlie's heart. It's because he has the memories of his childhood.

To participate in his future, she must know his past.

"Your dad is so kind to your mother, and sends such a sweet present."

She stands at the window, looking at everything she could see, watching red and green from afar...

"Yeah, this is the best gift my mother has ever receives. Since then, she has never receives a better gift than this."

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