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When Mengying Lin returned home with Ying Tao, it was so quiet that no one knew where the family members who sounded the night watches were and how they hide and be lazy.

It's snowing in three shifts.

In the most remote courtyard in the mansion, Ying Tao added some hot water to the barrel, and her eyes fell on the bare back of the barrel. She could not help sighing again.

"Ying Tao, stop sighing. This is the eighteenth time. If it goes on like this, my ears will be cocooned."Mengying Lin closed her eyes and had no painful expression. It was such indifference that made Ying Tao more and more unbearable.

"Miss, your back is covered with bruises. I'll go to the city tomorrow and get a doctor to come to see you" Ying Tao, The young woman couldn't stand looking at that green and purple shin, and almost any intact skin was left.

Mengying Lin opened her eyes and smiled sweetly. "Ying Tao, in order to buy over the procuress of the Spring Moon Tower, the only gold hairpin left by my mother had just been sold by us? Not to mention a doctor, the kitchen is still empty tomorrow."

Ying Tao remembered this and couldn't help but sigh.

Mengying Lin shook her head helplessly, gestured and pulled out her ears. "It's really long."

"What about the injury of you?" The Prince's hands are really cruel. She didn't believe it when she heard that the dignitaries played with girls. Now she saw it with her own eyes. She really thought there were few good people in those dignitaries.

"It's all skin injuries. It will recover soon if keep them well." Mengying Lin did not care, and closed her eyes. She went to his bed as a brothel woman, and how could she expected him to treat her in the way he treated a woman in a good family?

What most ruthless, isn't the man in indulgence?

Despite a young teenager's face, she is still the 26-7-year-old woman who hates to marry.

The girl's jealousy, which was the expectation of the male and female love?

She has already passed that childish age.

The atmosphere of Xuanwu Wang Fu, east of Fengqi City, was very depressed in the early morning. The guards stared at each other and dared not breathe too loudly for fear of provoking the master in anger.

"Your Highness... You didn't let those women stay overnight before, so the subordinates thought that you allowed her to go..." The Commander guard of Prince's Palace, Tie Lu, bowed his head and half knelt to the ground.

"Oh, you mean it's my fault?" Liancheng Mo wiped a wicked smile and played with the jade ring on his finger. He acted gracefully and calmly. He seemed that he did not have the slightest anger, but the chill radiated from his body was enough to make people fear.

"Subordinate dare not!" Tie Lu buried his head lower.

Liancheng Mo snorted coldly. His eyesight fell outside the window. The snow was still very heavy. He couldn't help thinking of the picture of snow falling on her fair and skin at the open-air bathtub last night. The smooth skin which was full of water was lined with glittering white snow.

No woman can play with her tricks!

There was no woman who had been more anxious to leave than he was.

"Your Highness... What was wrong with that woman yesterday?" Tie Lu saw the prince's thoughts drifting away and couldn't help looking up and asking.

Liancheng Mo returned to his mind and glanced at him coldly.Tie Lu was scaring unconsciously with a half step.

"Tie Lu, have you been with me for several years? You didn't notice anything unusual about her before she left?

"This..." The heart of Tie Lu trembled and he suddenly remembered the cloak that the woman had worn. "What she was wearing was the cloak of Prince, Your Highness!"

"Since you know that, why don't you stop her?" Liancheng Mo's tone was colder than the snow outside the window.

Tie Lu hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth with a hard scalp. "We did cross-examine her, but the woman said..."

"What did she say?"

"She said that it was Your Highness who tore her clothes, so you compensated her for all her clothes and it was natural and proper!" Tie Lu finished this sentence quickly, and the whole people breathed a sigh of relief.

The air seemed to be stagnant, and the repressive atmosphere became more and more intense.

The long silence of Liancheng Mo made the back of Tie Lu suddenly cool. When a cold sweat fell from his cheek, the sound of Liancheng Mo's cool voice came from his head.

"Natural and proper, hum. Tie Lu, did she look good in my clothes?"

Such a sloppy sentence, come out from the unpredictable people who was the Prince of Xuanwu, actually let Tie Lu squat for a while, but he did not dare to lie. "Good, good-looking, that woman was small, but she was in excellent shape. The cloak wrapped her up completely, and the curve outlined was just right, especially the curve revealed. A pair of legs was thin and long..."

"Tie Lu" Liancheng Mo's finger-pulling action stopped suddenly and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised. "You looked very carefully..."

Tie Lu suddenly stopped talking and realized what he had said. Before he had time to fear, Liancheng Mo had begun to give orders to the guards outside the door.

"Pass on my order. Urgently invite Commander Duan Fei to back to capital, so that Tie Lu will replace Duan Fei to go to the Northern Xinjiang!"

Tie Lu was stunned. When he responded, he asked for mercy with a bitter face. "Your Highness, I know I was wrong, I know I was wrong!" Where in Northern Xinjiang, was deserted all the time. If he comes there ....

Unfortunately, Liancheng Mo's eyes were cold and unmoved. He got up slowly, stepped out of the door and stood under the corridor, stretched out his hand. Snow fell on his palm, and melted instantaneously, "Woman, wearing my clothes, you still undisciplined."

Just after noon, the front hall of the General's Palace became lively.

The sound of gongs and drums spread to the inner courtyard. Ying Tao, who was lighting a campfire in the middle of the courtyard took a look at the front courtyard and looked anxiously at Mengying Lin standing under the corridor. "Miss, it seems that the people who send betrothal gifts are coming."

"The coming will always come. Didn't you know that long ago?" Mengying Lin has the same complexion, only a cold touch hanging in the corner of her mouth.

"But if the general knows what happened last night, I'm afraid..." Ying Tao's face was a little white. "Miss, do you remember how Miss Two died?"

Mengying Lin sneered, "How can't I remember that after the death of my second sister, no one in this house dared to bury her dead body, and finally I carried her body to the back hill and buried it."

Ying Tao still had a lingering palpitation when she recalled that picture. It was also at that time that she realized her young lady had changed a person. In the past, she was a person even a mouse would frighten a half-dead .She walked ten miles with the dead body of Miss Two on her back.

"At the beginning, Miss Two was spoiled by her lover for stealing from him. She was killed by the master himself." Ying Tao was so afraid that it had no mood to ignite the fire.

Mengying Lin was silent for a while, and she was sad. Yeah, if she hadn't seen the cruelest scene of the feudal society that time, how could she believe that there would be such a thing in the world that a father killed his daughter by himself in order to maintain his reputation?

So she was also gambling with her life today.

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