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During the conversation of the two people, Mama Liu, the steward, entered the hospital door. She took two maids coming along with her. All three of them were full of joy on their face. "Oh, Miss Four had got up. That's a coincidence. The people who send betrothal gifts are coming. They were waiting in the front hall."

Mengying Lin smirked at the corner of her mouth and smiled. She did not take care of Mama Liu, but took a step to the front hall.

"Miss, wait a minute. I'll give you an umbrella. It's snowy today." Ying Tao came on at a quick pace.

Mengying Lin fell at a pace, looking up at the flying snow, and pushed aside the oil-paper umbrella stretched out by Ying Tao, "That's all, don't hide it, it's not cold."

No matter how cold the snow was, it couldn't compare with her bitter and cold mood at the moment.

She wore a festive pink gown today, wrapped in the fur cloak she had brought from the Prince of Xuanwu last night. Her little figure seemed so lonely in the sky.

Seeing her indifferent expression, Ying Tao couldn't help grinding her teeth with a sour nose. She threw away her oil-paper umbrella and chased her up.

"Little Four is here. Come here and see Dushi Wang. Today, Dushi Wang send betrothal gifts to us personally."

The general's wife, Miss Wang saw Mengying Lin appear in the doorway. She immediately stood up and greeted her enthusiastically. Her motherly eyes made Mengying Lin having a shake uncontrollably.

Mengying Lin still stood without moving, but looked up at the man sitting on the throne, Aotian Lin, the general stationed in Yuncheng, who was her nominal father.

"This is Miss Qin Four, don't stand at the door. It's snowy. Come in quickly." Sitting on the left side of Aotian Lin was an old man, who looked a little older than Aotian Lin.

Mengying Lin did not move, and could clearly feel the desire in Dushi Wang's eyes.

Such desire, she has seen too many since she became an adult, but every man saw her, would show such a look in their eyes, no wonder, this protruding figure, every time she bathed herself, she could not help exclaiming.

"Dushi Wang has opened his mouth. Why are you still standing here?" Aotian Lin saw her still standing and his face was heavy.

The scene was a little awkward. Mengying Lin smiled faintly. Then she lifted her skirt and walked into the hall. Every step she took was graceful and graceful.

She crossed Miss Wang and went straight to the front of Dushi Wang. Then she smiled and did not speak. She just smoothed up her sleeve slowly, revealing a white and tender arm.

Smooth on the arm, they were spotless.

But it was enough to shock the people who saw it.

In this patriarchal society, when a woman was born, she would be planted with the guardian sand, so the women who had not left the cabinet were all guarding the palace sand.

People could not see the guarding the palace sand on Mengying Lin's smooth arm!

"You, you" Miss Wang took the lead in responding and rushed to grasp her arm repeatedly, but helplessly, the guardian Sand was really gone.

Dushi Wang also made his old face hang up a little. He stood up and arched his hand at Aotian Lin. He wanted to say something, but he did not say it, and finally he could only walk away.

"You are shameless! You kneel for me!" Aotian Lin got angry and gave Mengying Lin a firm slap.

He was a martial general, after a slap slapped down, Mengying Lin's cheeks immediately became red and swollen, five fingerprints left on her face.

"I have to be sold to a dying old man. What do I have to do with my face?"

Mengying Lin smiled, spit out the blood in her mouth, raised his hand and touched the blood left in the corner of her mouth. She stared at Aotian Lin's distorted face instantaneously.

She wanted to remember that face, for the sake of her innocence, and for the daughter who had been strangled by him a few years ago.

Aotian Lin was so angry that he couldn't speak anything. Miss Wang came over immediately. "You are wicked girl, what do you mean by that? Do we have to live by selling our daughters? Your father and I are all kind enough to find a good husband for you. You don't know what's wrong with you. How can you count us like that?

"Good usband?" Mengying Lin sneered, "Three elder sisters are two years older than I am. So far, she has not been intimate. Why don't you ask her marry to him so well?"

"Is the identity of Xin Xin comparable to your concubine's humble maidservant?" When it was about her daughter, Miss Wang finally became angry.

Yes, she was a humble servant born to a concubine, so her life was not life, her life, but a burden left by General Qin's uproar.

Mengying Lin laughed with her pale face, against a brilliant smile, that picture was beautiful sad.

Aotian Lin was so angry that his hand was already stretched out to the sword rack, and the long sword was sheathed out. A single sword could kill this rebellious daughter!

"You want to kill me, why don't you ask me who had taken away my innocence?" Mengying Lin plucked off her cloak and threw it at him.

Fox fur cloak, which was rare in the world, especially with such a pure black colour.

In the rumor, the former emperor once gave the Prince of Xuanwu a cloak. It was also like such a pure black fox, and the Prince of Xuanwu's character was very different and brutal, but all his things, he didn't allow others to touch with fingers.

Therefore, in order to avoid his sharp edge, nobody in Fengqi city has dared to wear a fox ball cape for nearly ten years.

"Wu, The Prince of Xuanwu..." Aotian Lin held his cape and his face sank to the bottom of the valley.

Miss Wang was frightened a lot when she heard the three words of the Prince of Xuanwu. For a moment, her eyes became frightened when she saw Mengying Lin.

The Prince of Xuanwu 's power fell all over the world. Even if the Emperor saw him that day, he should give precedence to the Prince of Xuanwu. Aotian Lin was just a city guard. Don't say that he was facing the Prince of Xuanwu head-on. Even if the Prince of Xuanwu stamped his feet, it would be enough for him to suffer.

"That's all!" Aotian Lin lost his sword and waved his hand to the Miss Wang beside him. "Look for someone to send her to the suburban courtyard. In this life, don't let her go back to the old house."

In a word, it determined the life and death of Mengying Lin.

In this world of imperial power and patriarchal supremacy, women were so insignificant.

At that moment, the snow outside the door became bigger and bigger.

No one saw Mengying Lin with her head bowed and a satisfied smile hanging from her mouth.

She won the bet!

She lost her innocence and almost put her life in the dangerous military tactics. Was it not for the sake of leaving the prison that she had been trapped in for three years?

At the gate of the city, hundreds of knights gathered around a luxury carriage and walked slowly out of the city. The guards respectfully retreated to both sides. No one dared to ask anything.

When the carriage went out of the city gate, a languid voice came from the carriage. "Tie Lu, have you found that woman?"

Tie Lu rode a black horse with a tingling scalp. "Your Highness, the broth in Yuncheng has been searched, but we couldn't find her. Moreover, the procuress of the Spring Moon Tower couldn't stand the criminal law and was died in prison."

"It just disappeared in this way, you say, was she passionate or really admiring me?" Liancheng Mo's voice was quiet and gave nothing away.

Tie Lu was embarrassed for a while and dared not reply. Yesterday, he commented on the woman. He was almost sent to the Northern Xinjiang by his prince. Now, when it came to that woman, he was not willing to talk about her any more.

Liancheng Mo seemed to see through his ideas, and his voice became clearer and clearer. "Tie Lu, that woman is just a plaything. After following me for a long time, do you think I will distribute my subordinates to the Northern Xinjiang because of a plaything?"

"No." Tie Lu breathed a sigh of relief, but he still dared not answer the question what the prince had just asked.

The people in the carriage found Tie Lu answering nothing for a long time. He did not get angry. Instead, he said quietly, "But I have not seen such a plaything for a long time. So, give you a month to bring her to see me, otherwise, you will really go to the Northern Xinjiang to replace Duan Fei."

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