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"If you are still angry, I can compensate to you..." Mengying Lin opened her mouth in embarrassment when she saw no response from the public.

The old man seemed to come back to life at this time. His throat rolled when he spoke again, he was astonished and said calmly, "It doesn't matter."

Mengying Lin nodded and bowed to the old man. "Should this foot ring be reinstalled for you?"

"Re-install it?" The old man had not spoken yet, but the followers behind him were astonished.

The old man glared at the follower, who immediately lowered his head and stopped talking.

"No, just give the ring back to me." The old man reached out his hand and Mengying Lin returned the foot ring to him respectfully.

Ying Tao change into men's clothes and just came out of the backyard. Mengying Lin said goodbye to the old man and then turned around to take Ying Tao back to their seat for dinner.

The old man and his party asked for the most luxurious room in the Inn and went to the backyard. Several people just walked out of the front hall. One of the followers went forward with excitement. "Master, we spent so much energy going through half of the South Vietnam country.We could not find anyone who could open the ring of opportunity. I didn't expect to meet anyone here. It's just god bless you, master! "

The old man was playing with a pair of foot rings in his hands with his deep eyes. This machine ring was just a fantastic thing for ordinary people, but it was something that could restrain him from martial arts. For two years, because of this machine ring, he has been wandering on the edge of life and death several times. He even has no strength to walk especially in the recent months.

Unexpectedly, it took no time at all to get it.

"It was not easy to take off the ring. The man wanted to install it again for you. He really scared me to death just now." The follower was in his twenties years old. He was tall and honest. His happy mood was written on his face with no outsiders.

"Ding Lei, you are still cannot calm down." Even so, the old man couldn't help looking back.

Mengying Lin and Ying Tao sat in the corner place to have dinner. They were quiet as before. They did not seem to have any change because of this episode.

"This is really what I can't help to say. We have been walking from south to north in the past two years, just for the sake of this opportunity ring. How did I think that the little boy's finger was so gently touched that it was untied? We were so excited." Ding Lei then turned to his brother behind him and asked, "You said, I'm right or not, don't you feel excited?"

Everyone nodded, and everyone's face could not help showing both shock and excitement. Until now, they still had a feeling of unreality.

It was really a feeling that something that was supposed to take a lot of effort to do, but it was suddenly solved at random.

"Well, Ding Lei go and check the details of these two men." The old man took back his sight and pushed his wheelchair into the room.


At night, the stars were filled with stars, and the stars and the moon shone together.

When Mengying Lin returned to the backyard after dinner, the sky was completely dark.

Ying Tao lit the candles in the room. In the candlelight flickering, Mengying Lin took a pen and paper began to draw something. Ying Tao looked closer and she was surprised for a moment. "Miss, what are you drawing?"

"I saw a weapon just now. It's rare to see such delicate things. I have to draw it quickly. I'll have the chance to make a play myself in the future." Mengying Lin raised the drawing paper and blew the ink.

"Miss, this was jewelry obviously, why you say it was weapons?" Ying Tao did not understand.

Mengying Lin smiled confidently with mysterious. "There is a bow and crossbow hidden in the foot ring. If it triggers the bow and crossbow, it will shoot a short arrow." She compared it with her thumb again. "Hey, it's about that long."

"Ah..." Ying Tao said with an exaggerated growl. "Miss, are you kidding me?"

Mengying Lin sighed. "You can believe it or not, there's a chance to make a defense for you. However, there's another organ here that I haven't figured out exactly what it was. Unfortunately, it's someone else's stuff, I'm not convenient to study for too long.

She sighed and folded the painting carefully.

"Why is it snowing again?" Ying Tao went to the window and she was going to close the window. Suddenly, she saw a figure in the distance. She said doubtfully, "There are so many strange people these days. The man is still walking in the yard in such heavy snow day."

Mengying Lin took a look in the direction and her eyebrows tightened slightly, then she stood up and went out. "Ying Tao, I'll go out for a while, you could have a rest first."

Ying Tao also wanted to say something, but Mengying Lin went very fast, she had gone out of the room and stepped into the snow in a flash moment.

In the courtyard, there were more than a dozen Chinese plum trees with bright flowers. An old man was standing beside the plum tree. He didn't know what he was looking at. His sight was a little far away. He felt someone close behind him. His body was temporarily stiff, but he soon relaxed.

"Uncle," Mengying Lin approached and stood beside him with smile. " Why don't you stay indoors to avoid the heavy snow?"

The old man turned around and bowed his hand. "Didn't you avoid the heavy snow?"

Mengying Lin was shocked. "Yes, it's just snow."

If the heart was cold, how cold could snow be?

"Snowy days is suitable for drinking warm wine, I just took some good wine here, if you don't mind, how about drink a few cups altogether?" The old man's eyes were burning when he spoke, which was contrary to the wrinkled face.

Mengying Lin nodded and the old man gestured immediately toward the second floor. After a while, Ding Lei took a small square table to the edge of the plum tree.

The old man ignited the charcoal fire in the small stove personally. He put the iron wine pot on the stove and the wine fragrance spread soon.

The fragrance of pure wine was refreshing. Mengying Lin took a sniff and sighed, "Good wine!"

When the weapon test succeeded before, the brothers and sisters of the whole studio would revel in the bar all night to celebrate together, lead a voluptuous life were still visible, but she has become the most humble existence of this feudal society.

"You are a man who knows the goods. This old wine of me has been dusted for ten years."

After waiting for a while, the old man took off the wine jug and poured two glasses of wine. He put a glass in front of her, a plum flower fell down and fell into the glass, bringing up a ripple in the glass.

"It's beautiful." This picture infected Mengying Lin. She couldn't help laughing softly. She picked up the plum in the cup and put it aside. She drank it with both hands.

She did not know how amazing her smile was when it fell into the old man's eyes.

The old man held his glass and forgot to put it down. He frowned and looked at Mengying Lin's throat. His eyes became more doubtful. He was clearly a man. How could he laugh more beautiful than a woman?

"One more cup!" When Mengying Lin finished drinking, she handed the glass forward, but she saw the old man's hand with her eyes.

The hand was long and straight with distinct knuckles, without wrinkles or loose skin.

This was not an old man's hand.

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