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In the evening, the snow has stopped and the sky was gray without sunset glow.

Mengying Lin and Ying Tao were driven out of the Qin mansion house with a small parcel. Outside the house, a broken carriage had been waiting for a long time.

The driver was a veteran with slightly white hair. When seeing them coming out, the old man jumped out of the carriage and stuffed the braids in his hand into the hands of Ying Tao. "The lady said it is a long way to go and there is a lot of work to do in the house, so no one will send miss four to the yard any more, and the carriage will stay in other courtyard and no need to return."

"This is just too much," Ying Tao said and noting that the carriage was covered with dust and that there were several holes in the edge. This carriage was clearly abandoned in the mansion house. "How can such a carriage ride? What if Miss Four falls?

"Where is so precious? Do you still think you are general's daughter? Didn't you see I just come out with the carriage? Do you see me fall? That is all right, if you don't want it, you may just walk to there." The old man cursed a few words and turned to walk inside the door.

When Ying Tao saw that the back door was closed, she looked at Mengying Lin wrongly. "Miss, it's almost dark this day. He drove us out at this time and he let us sleep in the wilderness intentionally."

"Shall we camping in the wilderness?" Mengying Lin sneered and touched the head of Ying Tao. "Stupid girl, you are still too simple."

"Miss, you mean..." Ying Tao could not understand what she meant.

Mengying Lin shook her head. "Oh, did you take the things from the pharmacy which I instruct you to do?"

Ying Tao nodded and took a packet of powder from the package. "The doctor said that the powder is specially used to poison rats. It is very medicinal,and a pack of medicine can kill several cows."

Mengying Lin took the powder, and then took a dagger from her package. The dagger was sharp and reflecting bright white light in the evening.

"Miss, you..." Ying Tao stared.

Mengying Lin carefully wiped the powder on the dagger. "Let us go, whether we can get freedom or not, it depends on tonight."

"Miss, I'm a little scared." Ying Tao kept up with the steps of Mengying Lin and unconsciously hugged her package.

Mengying Lin smiled lightly, and her smile was bright in the sunset. She said, "Don't worry, I will protect you."

At that moment, Ying Tao did not know that such a smile was imprinted in her memory until many years later, which relying on this warm memory let her survive years of life rather than death.

When they arrived at the gate, the gate was closed, which was the expected result, so Mengying Lin stayed at the nearby inn together with Ying Tao.

They asked the shopkeeper for a remote cabin. Ying Tao took the broken carriage to settle down in the backyard. Mengying Lin returned to the cabin and changed into a man's clothes.

As two girls went out, women's clothes were always inconvenient.

When Ying Tao returned to the room, she saw Mengying Lin wearing her men's clothes. She stared with shock. "Miss, if I don't look carefully, I can't recognize you are a girl. You've done the right laryngeal connection."

Mengying Lin smiled. "The Japanese cosmetics which I learned before are still a little useful. This is yours. Change it quickly. I'll go to the front hall to order some food first. You can come later."

Ying Tao took the clothes and nodded. She could not help looking at her. She never knew that her lady was good at this thing.

But what did Japan mean?

The sky was already dark. It was time for dinner so that the lobby of the inn was very lively. Mengying Lin found a corner place and sat down. She invited the shop waiter to order some small dishes.

"I heard that the procuress of the Spring Moon Tower died inexplicably last night."

"Behind the Spring Moon Tower, there are many relations between authority and nobility in Yuncheng. I really don't know who dare to kill the people of it."

"No, and after the officials went to check it, they said it was an accident."

"Stop, keep your voice down. We should not talk about things that officials dare not look up."

Several young men who had just entered the shop went to the elegant room on the second floor, and Mengying Lin, who was carrying a cup of tea, heard their conversation and shocked. The man who even the government dared not provoke was the prince of Xuanwu.

The prince of Xuanwu was checking her whereabouts? Didn't it mean that the man turned his face and didn't recognize anyone after he had enjoyed it? She avoided him in far away, didn't it suit for him?

Mengying Lin tightened her eyebrows and put down her cup. Suddenly, she lost her interest in drinking tea.

The waiter served the dishes quickly and after a while a few small dishes were brought up on the desk. Mengying Lin was worried about something. She used chopsticks to tease the dishes, but she really had no appetite of eating.

Suddenly, a crisp silver bell rang from far to near. She was shocked and looked up to see a group of people walking into the inn.

A total of 7 or 8 people, all over the body could be found the smell of medicinal herbs. The first old man seemed to be inconvenient with his legs and feet, sitting in a wheelchair which was pushed by the people behind him.

The sound of bells seemed to be coming from the old man's feet. When Mengying Lin looked carefully, her eyes could not help but shine.

On the old man's feet, there was a pair of ankle rings, which was exquisite carver and set with gems and bells, as long as one move, it could send out a crisp ringing.

In the eyes of others, it might be a pair of bells for decoration, but in the eyes of former weapons design experts, this bell was a work of great value.

For three years, she had been trapped in the cage of the general's residence. She had no chance to touch these things. Now suddenly, such a nearly perfect work appeared in front of her eyes. She could not help but stand up and walk past to it.

"Can I see your ankle ring, old man? Don't worry. I'm just looking at it. I promise I won't break it. "Mengying Lin spoke in the most gentle and sincere voice, and her eyes were attracted by the foot ring from beginning to end.

When two big men standing beside the old man listened, their faces changed slightly, and they were about to open their mouths to refuse. But they saw the old man shake his hands slowly and said. "Okay."

With the permission of their master, Mengying Lin squatted down and gathered at his feet to look at the ring carefully.

In the noisy inn, her movements seemed strange, almost humble at the feet of the old man.

The old man in the wheelchair saw her looking so seriously, his pupils shrank unconsciously for a moment, and the followers standing behind him looked like enemies.

"That's clever." Mengying Lin couldn't help exclaiming, and then raised her hand and stretched out.

At that moment, the old man's subconscious shrank back, but before the reaction came back, only listened to the "click" sound, Mengying Lin had removed his foot ring.

"Uh... I'm really sorry, the design of this foot ring is too clever, the way of installation and removal are very special, I can't help but want to try my own idea will be right or not. Mengying Lin smiled embarrassingly, and the two foot rings in her hands made a pleasant light sound along with her movements.

She did not notice that the old man and his followers were shocked beyond compare at the moment when she took off her ankle ring.

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