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Mengying Lin exerted all her strength after running all the way, the wind whistling in the ear, she did not dare to look at the slightest side. She could only keep running, nothing she could do but running!

She didn't know how long she had been running, the only thing she knew was when she stopped, her whole body had broken up and she could not lift a trace of strength.

The place where she stopped was a broken bridge. She stood at the end of the bridge. Her footsteps could be stopped at the edge. As long as she took a step forward, she would fall into the river.

The river was very fast and turbulent. It was easy to hear the sound of water rushing against the boulders at the bottom of the river.

"There's no way." Mengying Lin sighed, her eyes dimmed for a moment, then she turned back, only she saw two killers coming tumbling in the distance.

It seemed to be a dead end that there was a broken bridge before and a chase after.

However, Mengying Lin, a man of two generations, was never willing to give up easily. If the worst result was only death, it seemed nothing terrible.

In this way, Mengying Lin's mouth suddenly filled with a persistent smile. She raised her head and the sunlight fell on her jade-like cheeks, outlining a round of yellowish marks.

The silk dress without the belt is blown up by the wind of the river. Like the dancing elf, every dance had a decisive beauty.

"If I jump down and I don't die, one day I'll come back to revenge you!"

Mengying Lin turned her head and said to the two assassins who rushed up. However, her eyes crossed them and drifted to a distant place. She would not forget the originator of all this, the general's wife, Miss Wang.

It took only a second or two for her to fall freely from the broken bridge, so she had no time to fear, no time to think about the possible outcome, and she only felt that there was only a blank space in the whole world at that moment.

"Don't jump!"

A roar came from the side of the broken bridge, but unfortunately, Mengying Lin could not hear it.

"Master, we are coming late!" Ding Lei followed the old man and led a dozen strong men to catch up with the broken bridge.

The old man's face had sunk to the bottom of the valley, his fists clenched, and his face was white, but he didn't know it.

"Master..." Ding Lei did not expect that a person who met once would have such a great influence on the master, and for a while he was not suitable for that.

The old man returned to his mind and choked his throat for a while before crying out, "Go to make them cut to pieces!"

"Yes!" Ding Lei knew that the master refers to the fate of the two killers.

The river, still flowing, no trace of people after falling into the water, but the wind on the river seemed to be a little colder than before, so cold, so that people standing on the broken bridge could not help but shiver.

"Master, it's windy here. Otherwise, let's go back. Your body has just recovered. This rush of several hours should not have happened in case of any disease left behind.

"All right, let us come back." The words of Ding Lei were interrupted by the old man before they were finished, but in a twinkling of an hour, the old man's face was calm again, as if the sorrow and regret standing on the edge of the broken bridge were all illusions.

Warm sunshine in winter was most cherished, but finally this rare fine weather was washed away by a heavy rain at night.

On the other hand, a delicate and luxurious painting boat was retrograde on the ancient Moon Lake alone. The ancient Moon Lake was a famous scenic spot with a circle of ten miles. It had never been known how many beautiful and famous poems had been circulated there.

Tonight, it rained heavily, but it did not affect the level of singing and dancing on the painting boat.

The three dancers danced along with the sound of silk bamboo. Each movement and expression was as perfect as possible, because the guests in the picture could not be provoked.

The man sitting in the throne wore Fox Fur. He looked at a few dancing girls wearing only light veils and drank a glass of wine. Then he waved lazily, "Let you go, all are commonplace women "

Several Fear-stricken dancers stopped dancing immediately and bowed out, fearing to upset the noble man.

"Your Highness,tonight is time for your poisonous hair again. Although they are commonplace women, they can somehow relieve the desire for poison." After all the people quit, Tie Lu stood beside the man and opened his mouth.

Liancheng Mo was silent for a while and his eyes were cold. "You needn't remind me!"

"Subordinates dare not, just..." Tie Lu wanted to say something, but he saw that Liancheng Mo had stood up and went out. "Your Highness, it's still raining. Where are you going?"

"Wow, is it your turn to take charge of my whereabouts?" Liancheng Mo's footsteps meant no turning back, but his momentum was enough to make Tie Lu stop his step in terror.

Tie Lu half knelt on the ground, looked up and saw Liancheng Mo coming to the edge of the boat. The raindrops all over him seemed to be stagnant, but they could not stain his robes.

Who could imagine that this man, who was a man of God's general existence in the Nanrong Kingdom,and he had the supreme martial arts, would be besieged by poisons?

"Tie Lu, is Kirin blood still alive?" Liancheng Mo saw Tie Lu with a sad expression on his face. His eyebrows wrinkled and he seemed to guess what Tie Lu thought in his heart.

Tie Lu returned to his mind. He put aside his sad look and changed his face into numbness. "Your Highness, Kirin blood is also a poisonous substance. Although it can temporarily suppress the poison in your body, it will also cause your internal instability. Now the assassins are coming in waves after waves. If you are not stable at this time, the risk is too great. Moreover, the more Kirin blood accumulates in your body, the faster your poisoning will go..."

"Tie Lu" Liancheng Mo's voice was much colder. "You've been too presumptuous lately!"

"Subordinate knows wrong!" Tie Lu dared not say more. He quickly pulled out a small porcelain bottle from his arms. It seemed with great courage that he handed it to Liancheng Mo.

Liancheng Mo's vision was deep for a moment. He reached for the porcelain bottle. Then his toes fell on the edge of the boat. At the next moment, the man was floating on the lake. After several ups and downs, his figure disappeared into the sight of the golden wood.

"Your Highness..." Standing on the boat, Tie Lu watched Liancheng Mo leaving. He had no martial arts, so the rain fell on him for only a moment and drenched him all over, but he did not realize it. He just looked blankly at the direction of Liancheng Mo's disappearance.

He knew that after drinking Kirin's blood, the body's blood were unstable and the meridians were countercurrent, and the itching and pain everywhere in the body was not what ordinary people could endure.

He once saw the master drink Kirin blood. It was during the war between the two countries that Liancheng Mo had no place to avoid, so he could only poison his hair in front of him. He would never forget that scene.

The God of war who frightened the enemy on the battlefield, the prince of Xuanwu who stamped his feet and broke the hearts and minds of the surrounding small countries, the man who had never retreated under any circumstances, was grieved by the pain caused by the poisonous blood of Kirin.

So he could imagine what kind of pain it was.

Tie Lu wanted to keep up with Liancheng Mo to protect his safety, but Tie Lu also knew that such a man, even if he died, did not want to be seen his most awkward side.

So, Tie Lu had to wait. He stood at the bow of the boat and did not go into the cabin to shelter from the rain. He wanted to stand like this until he saw his master come back safely.

The more rain fell, the more rain drops fell on the lake, the more chaotic ripples rippled. No one knew how long it would rain.

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