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When it was dawn, the rain finally stopped. After standing at the bow of the boat all night, Tie Lu did not wait for his master. His eyes were full of red blood. After several hesitations, he conveyed the order of looking for his highness to his subordinates.

In the early morning after the rain, the whole world seemed to be washed away with dust, even in the fresh air there was a subtle fragrance of plum blossoms.

Unfortunately, Mengying Lin, who woke up by the river, was not in the mood enjoying the beautiful scenery at the moment. She blindfolded her eyes and looked up to the sky. In the blue sky, the sunrise glowed over the earth.

She was still alive!

Mengying Lin smiled foolishly and loosened the driftwood in her heart. It was precisely because of this driftwood that she survived.

After a long struggle to hold the driftwood, her hands trembled slightly because of excessive exertion. She clenched her teeth and picked up a branch on the ground. It was difficult but firm to move forward step by step.

After half an hour of cold and hunger, she was somewhat weak. Suddenly, she saw a wild pear tree in the distance. She threw away the branches and rushed to it. She picked two pears at random, regardless of the bitter taste, and she only took pains to eat them.

"Cough", she ate a little urgently, even though she was choked several times, she still wolfed down.

After eating more than a dozen wild pears in one breath, she belched and stopped.

"So bad pear, you can eat it. Are you a pig in the last life?"

Suddenly, a banter voice sounded to frighten Mengying Lin, and she was shocked to find that there was a man behind the pear tree.

She walked around the pear tree and saw the face of the man sitting on the ground. She could not help breathing a cool breath. His face was black and his cheeks were swollen. She could not see the original face at all. It was poisoned at first sight.

But was it her illusion? Did the man's eyes felt familiar to her?

"What are you looking at? Have you ever seen a poisoned person? Liancheng Mo's eyes were like knives, falling on the face of Mengying Lin, and his tone was unparalleled ruthlessness.

At the moment of this woman's appearance, he recognized her. There was so easy for him to go everywhere for it. It took no effort to find her. Tie Lu did not find her many times, but he met her here.

However, this chance encounter was not the right time. He would never let people saw his jokes in such a mess!

Mengying Lin was puzzled by his sudden anger. He was plain angry, and his tone was not good. "You, a poisoned man in the deep mountains and woods, had a hard time meeting me without asking me to rescue you. You were so fierce to me. You really want to die?"

"Can you save me just by yourself?" Liancheng Mo snorted coldly, and even looked scornful at her at the beginning.

Poor people must have hatred, which was true. Mengying Lin shook her head and turned to leave. She was not a saint, and she was not interested in doing anything for him.

But just after two steps, she stopped, and her eyes fell on the jade dress on Liancheng Mo's waist. Her eyes were bright.

"If I saved you, how would you repay me?" Mengying Lin went back and squatted down in front of Liancheng Mo. His face was close to him, and her mouth was full of a fox-like smile.

For a moment, Liancheng Mo's breath stagnated for a moment. Did this woman have to be so close when she spoke?

"Just say what you want, why let me open my mouth?" Her face was full of intentions, and the wise Liancheng Mo could even understand that.

Mengying Lin raised a thumb to him. "It seems that you are not an ordinary person, so you can guess the hearts of the people. In this case, I will not waste time. I want to wear the jade around your waist."

She was penniless, even out of this mountain forest, she might not be able to eat foods, wear clothes and be warm, if there was a good value of jade, it could be change for silver, she would start life from scratch with much easier.

She was not a self-righteous person. In the face of cruel society, meant was never important. The important thing was how to make her life easier and better.

Liancheng Mo's pupils shrank. After a long time, he laughed sarcastically. "Do you know how much the jade jacket on my waist worth?"

"I don't need to know, I just need to know. At least it will not be worthless enough, as for the value by it. I do not lose if less, otherwise it is my luck." Mengying Lin was outspoken, and she was going to pick his waist jadeite.

Although Liancheng Mo lost all his martial arts and most of his strength, it was still easy to stop her, "You haven't saved me yet, so you can't wait to take away my jade pendant?"

His palm was still hot across the cloth. Mengying Lin pulled back his hand and shrugged. "Okay, first tell me what poison you have suffered?"

When Mengying Lin asked this question, Liancheng Mo unconsciously raised a meaningful smile on his face, which became more and more profound in the sunrise afterglow.

Somehow, in an instant, Mengying Lin regretted her decision.

Sure enough, the next second, Liancheng Mo opened his mouth coolly, "Snake venom! Detoxification is also very simple, as long as you suck out most of the poison in my wound, the rest of the poison I can force myself out. "

The man gave Mengying Lin a dark feeling. Instinctively, she was sure that things could never be as simple as he said, "That... Where is your wound?

Liancheng Mo was silent for a while, appreciating her uneasy expression, wearing the first warm light in the cracks of the branches. His smile on the corners of his mouth was deep, and then he spat out three words faintly, "In the buttocks."

"What?" Mengying Lin thought he had misheard, but Liancheng Mo's expression was extremely serious.

"So, I said, you can't save me. Now, you can get out of my sight! "The loss in Liancheng Mo's eyes flashed away, and then his tone was full of cold.

The atmosphere became strange and quiet in an instant. Mengying Lin and Liancheng Mo confronted each other like this. For a long time, nobody spoke a word.

A ray of light fell across the two, leaving only dust to jump and surge, proving the passage of time.

The thought of licking a man's butt, no, is to smoke the venom of the snake buttocks, Mengying Lin 's green tendons on the forehead could not help beating, the snake, was a sperm, where not to bite, but bite such an ambiguous position.

She was not a doctor. She couldn't see that only the patient was not dirty and ambiguous. However, if she was a doctor, no matter where the wound was, she has no choice.

Either watched the stranger die in front of herself, or threw aside her shame and save his life by taking snake poison for him, and then got a valuable piece of jade, two choices, the former seemed to be of no benefit to her.

"Take off your pants!" Finally, Mengying Lin clenched her fist and summoned up courage to shout three words!

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