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The boy did not show any fear about the unfamiliar environment. Maybe life was miserable enough. Nothing could scare him.

It didn't know why Mengying Lin's heart was a little blocked. Although the child was covered with dirty dirt, she gently raised her hand and gently embraced him in her arms.

At that moment, the boy's cold eyes flashed a trace of surprise.

"Brother, I have finally found you." Mengying Lin held his head, handed his head, and gently patted his back. "No matter how little you has suffered before, it doesn't matter. I will take care of you in the future."

The boy looked up blankly and stared at her instantly, as if he wanted to see her plot in her face. Then he pushed her, as if he wanted to push her away.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." Mengying Lin gently grabbed his hand and led him to the post station. "Let's go to the bathroom first, and then put on your new clothes."

The boy's face was still full of vigilance. From his face, Mengying Lin could see that he had no doubts about his disdain. He did not even hide his indifference to her.

In this world, there was no a free lunch, he would not believe that there would be a stranger who would be good to himself purposelessly.

The boy broke free of her hand and stared straight at her.

"Alas..." Mengying Lin sighed, stubbornly took his hand again, but this time exerted some strength.

This time, the boy did not break free, but Mengying Lin knew that he did not break free, not because he accepted her kindness, but because he recognized the situation at hand here, he did not want to provoke anyone to exchange for another beating, so he was careful.

The room arranged for Mengying Lin was in the corner of the backyard of the post station. The room was not big. There were two clean beds in it. In the middle of the bed was a small round table. There was a bathtub beside the table. The bathtub was full of hot water. The water vapor was confused and the warmth was wanton. It would feel much warmer if you looked at it in winter.

The boy stood at the door in a timid manner, he dare not enter, but he was blown by the winter wind, he could not help but shiver, his body was only wearing a patched cloth.

Mengying Lin tried her best to make herself laugh brilliantly, pulled him into the house, and then closed the door to block the cold wind outside. "Come on, I'll wash for you".

The boy stepped back in terror and leaned back against the doorframe. He lowered his head and poked his hand unconsciously. The mud on his hand dried up and some dust fell from the poke. His eyes grew dimmer and his head buried deeper.

"It's all right. It'll be washed in a minute." Mengying Lin pretended not to see the embarrassing scene, she pushed him to the edge of the barrel and reached out to take off his clothes.

"No..." The boy uttered a hoarse voice, grabbed his collar and did not let go, but his eyes were stubborn.

Mengying Lin could not help laughing when she saw his serious expression. "Okay, I don't look, I turn around. Then you obey me and take off your clothes and go into the bathtub. Otherwise, I will do it myself."

The boy's face was red, and he nodded his head to show his agreement. But when Mengying Lin turned around, the red on his face completely faded away, and the look on his face was still indifferent.

Mengying Lin didn't know that before that, there were several good-hearted ladies who wanted to save him, but women only had no status in this patriarchal society. In the end, the adults and men in the family were angry and would drive him out of the house as well.

Every time he was driven back to that village, his uncle would torture him in a more cruel way. The people in the village would say, look, this is the little bastard of the barbarians. Every big family bought him and he had to return. I heard that the little bastard of the barbarians would bring disaster to those families...

All kinds of words, he heard a lot, about those daughters in big families in order to show their kindness, he also saw a lot, but this one, how long could it last?

Mengying Lin heard the sound of water behind her. After a while, she turned back and saw the boy sitting in the bathtub neatly. She couldn't help laughing. She picked up the white cloth next to him and scrubbed him.

However, a six-year-old child almost covered with scars on his body, the alternation of old and new, reminds Mengying Lin of the social news she had seen before. In the news, many children were beaten all over by their stepmother, and even more, lost their lives directly.

"Alas..." Mengying Lin couldn't help sighing again. The child could only reach her waist so high. She really didn't understand how those people could get this hand.

The little boy's eyes fell on the white cloth in her hands. When the white cloth touched his body, it was stained with dirt, but she firmly grasped it without any intention of abandoning it.

This was something that has never happened to those kind-hearted daughters of big families before. Although they wanted to help him, they all gave him some money or let the people under them took him to live stealthily in the house, but never a person like this, hugged him directly and washed his body directly.

"Do you have a name?" Mengying Lin twisted the white cloth and wiped his hair.

The little boy looked back and was silent for a while. He spit out two words, "Big dog."

"Uh..." Mengying Lin was shocked, and suddenly heard the two words. She wanted to laugh, but when she laughed, she stopped when she wanted to laugh at the corner of her mouth. The child was hated and mistreated by everyone from an early age. Even a name was so insulting. She felt blocked in her heart and suddenly had no funny feeling.

She wiped the boy's hair and saw that the water in the bucket was cold. She hurried and said, "Get up and dress. Cool water soaks easily after a long time. By the way, if you like, I'll change your name and start a new life with a new name in the future?

The boy stared at her in amazement and even forgot to be shy when she pulled him up and changed his clothes. He just looked at her and did not speak.

Mengying Lin took one side of the clothes and changed them for him. "This is from the post steward. I heard that this was his son's old clothes he used to wear. You should wear them for a while. When I become rich in the future, we must buy you a lot of new clothes and toys!"

As she laughed, she tied his belt for him. Her laughter was too bright. For a moment, the boy looked at it in dismay and could not help but stop looking away.

"I have to think about a name for you," Mengying Lin pulled the dressed man to the bedside, she placed him on the bed and covered the quilt for him carefully, and then she sat on the edge of the bed with her head crooked.

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